Videos are taking over the internet and staking their claim on popular social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo. A brand’s image is not complete without having an inclusive place to display your videos and other aspects of your awesome business. When it comes to the choice of a video sharing website, the obvious choice for most businesses is YouTube. 

YouTube has changed the way an average internet user searches and finds their favorite videos.  It’s free, facilitates powerful and intelligent search, offers solid analytical features for brands to track their viewership and ROI. However, all free video hosting services like YouTube are powered by advertisements and sponsorships. 

Benefits of Using YouTube Videos for Businesses


The new marketing strategy is moving towards videos over static content and YouTube is emerging as a significant video streaming player. However, there are a lot of pitfalls on YouTube platform that contribute to the requirement to look for a better option-launch your OTT platform. However, being a video streaming powerhouse, YouTube has a lot of benefits and strong reasons why businesses prefer using it. Here are some of the benefits for brands to use YouTube to grow their business. 

Better Explore and Viewership

When it comes to the number of users, there is no real competition for YouTube in the industry. YouTube leads the industry with over 2 billion users constituting a major share of the entire internet users. For maximum reach and increased viewership for videos, businesses choose YouTube to promote their videos. 

Your Users Want to Find You on YouTube

Given the vast number of users leveraging YouTube to watch their favorite videos, brands need to establish their presence on YouTube. Make it easy for your target audience to find your business on YouTube which helps you gain a competitive advantage over other brands. 

People Prefer to Watch Videos

It is predicted that online videos will constitute over 82% of the entire internet traffic. One reason for increasing engagement in YouTube is that people prefer to watch videos than reading a blog post. Video platforms like YouTube make it easy for your content to be shared with your friends through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other sites.

Search Optimization

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet after Google. If you want to create videos crafted to suit a specific search query, it is great if you could upload your videos on YouTube. This will make sure your videos appear in search results on YouTube.  Ever since Google has acquired YouTube, the search engine seems to favor videos from YouTube compared to videos on other video websites. 

Running Advertisement Campaigns


As YouTube primarily work on advertisements, the platform allows you to run ads on your videos to promote them. YouTube is easy to use and advanced ad platform that offers personalized support from an expert when you spend some money per day on advertisements.

Powerful Analytics Tools

YouTube is a winner due to its powerful analytics and reporting tools including statistics like the number of video views to advancement analytics features. Other video platforms like Vimeo also offer analytics, but you need to pay additional money to access the feature. Whereas YouTube offers analytics and reporting tools, both basic and advanced for free.

Why is YouTube Not the Best Bet for Enterprise Video Hosting?

Now that we have explored the benefits of YouTube as a video sharing platform for enterprises, let’s look into some of the major reasons why YouTube is not suited for enterprise video hosting. Even though these video sharing platforms benefit brands under some circumstances, some limitations make them short for your business goals. 

Content Ownership 

When you upload your videos to video hosting services like YouTube, you grant a non-exclusive global transferable license to the video giant where they hold the right to leverage, recreate, or distribute the derivational works of that video. 

Lack of Branding Opportunities

YouTube platform has a video player that is identical for all kinds of videos. While this particular feature is a strong foundation that strengthens YouTube’s branding, it is of no use for businesses trying to promote their brand to their audience. 

When embedded on your business website, YouTube videos will have its logo and a clear visible link to the platform would be an integral part of your video. This is why YouTube is not an ideal enterprise video hosting solution. A video solution that is suited for businesses must allow them to customize the style of players avoiding the type and content of the videos. 

Ads from Competitors in the Same Platform

Free video hosting services like YouTube are powered by ads, but one downfall is that the platform will also host ads from competitors to the same target market. Another advantage is that related videos are automatically suggested by Youtube’s algorithm when each video ends. Though this is not as recognizable as ads, it is also a result of paid advertising. It can lead to a competitor’s video getting more exposure and views. 

Lack of Transparency

YouTube clearly lacks the term of service that lacks transparency. The platform holds the exclusive right to stop providing services to your users without any prior notices. For example, if any copyright infringement happens from your side, this is sufficient to have your videos terminated. Before learning how to create a video platform like YouTube, it is important to incorporate these features into your video platform. 

YouTube is Public

While YouTube allows brands to share videos to a wide audience base, the major pitfall is that it is a public platform. By exposing enterprise videos on a global public platform like YouTube you are giving permission for everyone to download and use it the way they want. That is why you need to think about building your own video platform that allows you to share videos to a restricted user base and hold control over how you can access and download your videos. 

If you are thinking about how to create a video platform like YouTube from a business perspective, consider adding advanced security options for your users that allows them to protect their videos.

Lack of Collaboration Mechanism

YouTube doesn’t allow users to collaborate on videos. A video can be accessed from a single user account that has a specific set of credentials. Everyone who needs to work on that video has to access those credentials to edit it or preview it. The platform doesn’t allow users to have separate access to different videos in a particular YouTube account. For example, if a user has access to a single video, he/she will get access to all other videos in that account.


Producing, managing, and distributing enterprise videos involves a lot of significant aspects. YouTube doesn’t offer any valuable support which is an important feature any enterprise video hosting platform must feature.

Building Your Own Video Platform- Best Alternative for Enterprise Video Hosting

Enterprise video websites must be fully functional platforms that support the unique requirements of every business. Building your video platform is the best bet for business video hosting if you are looking for a powerful, flexible, and customizable video platform. Launch your OTT platform the easiest and affordable way using a white label solution that helps you to start your branded video streaming business and earn revenue from the first day. With your own video platform, you can assure a simple process of uploading, customizing, managing, and delivering videos to your users across the globe. In this way, you can focus on your core business objects and send time on creating engaging videos for your audience base. 

Which One Should You Choose for Enterprise Video Streaming?

It greatly depends on what exactly you want to achieve with your videos. If you are looking to establish a powerful presence for your business online from the start, where you can connect with your target market and other video creators in a specific niche, YouTube would be a great option. However, if you have a business goal that revolves around heavy customization and monetizing your content, video hosting services like YouTube have their own shortcomings to fulfill your goals. That is when building your own video website is the best bet.

If you are serious about meeting your business goals and generating leads, you can start hosting your videos with our solutions, the best way. Get in touch with us to know more about our video streaming solutions.