StreamTube – YouTube clone

StreamTube is a video CMS containing standard features of YouTube that enables you to launch your own video sharing website instantly.

This video sharing script has a feature-packed admin panel and offers multiple input formats to support users. It has a powerful and feature-rich CMS, and is designed to handle large volume of data on a daily basis. We back you with all the necessary technology to create a niche video sharing website that can generate traffic from search engines.

StreamTube delivers to you a YouTube clone script which is fully-customizable from video input conversion formats to design to messaging system.

What Is StreamTube?

StreamTube is not only a software with stunning features but it is more than that. We have embedded a business model, monetisation channels and have also made it open sourced enabling you to customize it as you like. Android and iOS apps for your users, push notification to keep them engaged and the ad management are few killer features of StreamTube.

Trending Business Ideas for Video Streaming

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Create and Manage Channel

Your users can easily create and also manage multiple channels. Users can have single or multiple admin to manage channels.


Upload Unlimited Videos

You can upload unlimited videos using Normal uploads.

Subscription Plans

To help you make substantial money, StreamTube has subscription plan feature. Use it to turn casual visitor into paying customer.

Ad Management

Similar to YouTube, you can set ad management settings to defaults or you can also customize it as you want.


SEO Friendly

SEO friendly URLs of all videos, targeting top keywords will help your website to quickly rank in top search results.


Banner Videos

Another guaranteed money making feature. You can post featured videos on the banner, get more clicks and paying customers.

Mobile App Features

Native Android / iOS app

With StreamTube, you get Android and iOS apps that have many features for your users. Similar to YouTube your users will be more engaged.

Subscribe to a Channel

Consumers will be able to subscribe to different channels and they will be notified when any new video is posted on relevant channel.

Profile Settings

Detailed profile settings to create a good profile which will help you in socializing easily. Familiarity breeds trust of your audience and builds lasting relationships.

History Tracking

StreamTube makes it easier for your users to see the history of videos they’ve watched. You can also create personalise experience for users.

Social Login

Giving user an option to quickly choose their identity on your platform, social login feature of the StreamTube is best option for you.

Commenting System

Similar to commenting system on YouTube your users can comment on videos, like or dislike the video. You will have better user engagement.

Push Notifications

Your users will be notified using StreamTube, when a new video is uploaded on channels they are subscribed, so you get more traffic.

Banner Videos

Similar to YouTube, you can put banner for featured videos and it will be automatically played when user visit the website.

StreamTube Product Architecture

Our Clients

Product version upgrades

version 5.0 Features

Coming Soon

A no ‘ad’ upgrade for the user. Subscribe to Youtube Red by paying a small fee and enjoy exclusive video contents with no Ads.

Admin can ad Video Ads from admin panel , that channel owners can enable on their videos. Admin handle with Ad agencies offline to upload Ads.

Videos can be searched based on the hashtags they are associated to.

Search based on channels, videos, categories, hashtags - multiple search options to filter videos.

Signed up users can invite other users with their referral code to get free credits added to their wallet.

Avoid Step-by-step video upload by directly uploading a video from your FTP/Server.

You can use multipart upload to split the video into multiple data blocks (called parts in OSS) and upload them separately to make is hassle free in-case there is an upload limit block.

Admin can create sub-admin accounts and provide them access only to specific features of admin panel to make the site management easier.

Version 4.0 Features

Provisions to easily grab/embed videos from other video sites. Avoiding labor over each video upload, link these sites up to yours and get immediate content published.

Channel owners can create playlists - with auto play of option of videos playing one after the other User can create own playlist with a playlist name, description, etc.

Facebook like Bell notification on each activity on the website. An alternate email notification too will be sent for the same.

Admin can directly pay the provider online from admin panel rather than taking it offline to pay.

Admin can create multiple languages from admin panel for the website and users can change to their own languages in the front end.

Version 3.0 Features

Admin can create multiple categories - Users on uploading videos can tag the videos under a specific category.

All videos are automatically encrypted on uploading to avoid illegal downloads.

Hashtags can be created and each video can be associated to multiple hashtags created.

Export all user data in the form of CSV or PDF from admin panel.

Export all transactions against each video of each user in the form of CSV or PDF from admin panel

User on cancelling a subscription will be asked for a reason and the reason will be displayed to admin as a feedback

User will be notified if a new video is added the channel that he/she has subscribed to.

Videos of Youtube can be directly uploaded by just giving the video/embed URL.

Coupon codes on subscription or payment on videos can be created by admin.

Android & iOS - Version 2.0 Features


  • Category in Single Video page.
  • Tags in single Video page.
  • Click on category(Single Video Page) - Particular category.
  • Category related Videos, Channels, About.
  • Click on Tags(Single Video Page) - Particular Tags related videos.
  • Subscription Auto Renewal and cancel subscription.
  • Apply coupon code (subscription and PPV)
  • YouTube Integration (Single Video Page)


  • UI of single video page.
  • Subscription UI.
  • Invoice UI.


  • No feature has been removed in this release.


  • Fixed Comments and rating (1st time rating) - Single Video Page.
  • Confirmation for spam, History, Wishlist.
  • Handled PPV for search, History, Wish list, Spam-videos.
  • Channel pages PPV and Crash issue on clicking video.
  • Handled adding and removing wish list feature.
  • Adding Video to history in both normal and YouTube videos.

Website - Version 1.2 Features


  • Added background image for login page
  • Revenues dashboard and PPV payments sections added
  • Redeems Request Payment - handled the status change based on the admin payout.
  • View user details redeems help added
  • Banner ads - usage note added
  • User type added in users list and view page
  • User wishlist and history - username added
  • View Videos - Channel link added
  • Master user login added


  • Dashboard - total revenue changes based on the subscription and ppv payments.
  • Nav bar options - realigned.
  • Language "Stream Hash" text replaced with Setting "site_name”.


  • No feature has been removed in this release.


  • Channel user_id and channel_id save issue fixed
  • Profile - email exists issue fixed
  • Banner ads delete issue fixed
  • Reviews can't be sorted by rating in admin panel - reviews section
  • More info link not working for revenues in admin panel


  • Added Subscriptions history
  • Added PPV history
  • Cards - card name added
  • Added Payment status page based on the user payment status
  • Email configure error page redirection fixed


  • Restricted - From Embedded link other users can't see ppv video
  • Embed Link UI Changes
  • Language "Stream Hash" text replaced with Setting "site_name”


  • No feature has been removed in this release.


  • Restricted the comment & rating option for owner of the video.
  • Subscription - Expiry date issue fixed
  • Video having recurring payment. Once the user seen the page will reload
  • Social login - cancel button error fixed
  • Twitter login issue fixed.
  • PPV - commission split fixed in stripe and PayPal
  • Age restricted videos are showing up on the channels page, when you click on that it shows
  • "Something went wrong! please try again later".
  • Publish video are listed and searchable before the publish time.
  • Declined video are displaying in the channel page home section.

Product Demo

Check our product demo to try all the business functionalities integrated

Admin Demo

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Password : 123456



User Demo


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Android / iOS App

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Frequently Asked Questions

Demo Login

YouTube Clone

User Demo : Link

Username –

Password – 123456

Admin Demo : Link

Username –

Password -123456

Android Demo : Link

iOS Demo : Link


YouTube + LiveStreaming

User Demo : Link

Username –

Password -123456

Admin Demo : Link

Username –

Password – 123456

Android Demo : Link

iOS Demo : Link

6 Months Free Support

All our products come with lifetime support – if there is any defect, bugs – you can raise a ticket – our team will solve the issues in less than 6 hours. All the bugs and issues on the product will be fixed free of cost. Our support team works round the clock. 24×7 available on eMail and Phone.

Who Owns the Source Code

You will be owning 100% source code of your product and you have the complete rights to customize and modify the product. It will be hosted on your server.

Can I have my own Brand and Logo

Yes, once you purchase the software – you’re eligible to re-brand it with your own logo, company/business name etc.

Product upgrades

$79 per upgrade without existing website data.

Refund Policy

We sell digitally downloadable software all of which come with a demo. Please make you view the demo of the product to understand the functionalities before purchasing. Because of the nature of digitally downloadable goods, refunds aren’t possible once the files have been delivered to you immediately after your purchase, except under extraordinary situations.

Tech Stack
  1. Bootstrap – Responsive Design
  2. Backend laravel 5.2
  3. For streaming video – Ngnix server – RTMP format for android and website. HLS format for iOS
  4. For Compressing and converting video resolution – Using REDIS server and queue concept.
Recommended Hosting Companies

Digital Ocean – Link


Hourly Cost for Customizations

The cost for customization/modification – depends upon the requirement. Kindly contact us to get customized prices for your project.

Server Requirements
  • PHP >= 5.6.4
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ubuntu 18
  • Mcrypt enabled
  • Nginx version: nginx/1.4.6
  • Redis server for compressing the video from server side

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