Online video streaming is now trending in the market as it has become the most sorted solution for any kind of business when it comes to reaching out to customers. Nevertheless, the various social media platforms available today are making video streaming an easy task. Not only are they increasing the interaction with customers but also helping the businesses overcome geographical barriers. And Facebook is among the top most used social media platforms with billions of users from all over the world.

Facebook live streaming is suitable for any industry headline when implemented with a proper marketing strategy. With white label live streaming done through Facebook Live, you have the advantage of easy performance tracking with the highly engaging audience from different parts of the world. Features like commenting on live videos and reacting to them instantly make Facebook Live a lucrative means for businesses to opt in. If you are wondering about the kind of events that can be streamed live on Facebook, here are some suggestions that might help you market your businesses:

Businesses and Firms:

What else can be a better way of launching a new product if it is not through a live video streaming which can be viewed by everyone and everywhere? If you are a business planning to make new releases of products or product versions, Facebook Live can be a great solution for setting up a white label live streaming as you can receive live responses from the audience, also their suggestions that can be implemented in the next releases. Any keynote speeches or press meetings can also be live streamed to grab the viewers’ attention.

News Networks and Broadcasting Channels:

If you are a news network or a broadcasting channel, here is an interesting piece of advice to you. Apart from the coverage of mainstream news, if you can live stream online some ‘behind the scene’ segments with the news readers and the anchors, also sharing their personal stories, you will have high chances of improving your viewer engagement. Moving on further, you might have also heard about the latest buzz in the market: the Satellite Media Tour (SMT). With the live commenting and reacting features of Facebook live, SMT guests will have the flexibility to interact with viewers of all the markets at the same time, not having to invest time separately in different markets.

Sports events:

Well, you might be hosting a very big sports event but not have the rights to broadcast it on any popular television channel. In order not to disappoint yourself or the possible audience, you may choose the option of live streaming. There are so many sports enthusiasts who will be interested in watching the live action, supporting their favourite teams or giving commentary and judging the actions of players.

While white-labelled live streaming solution can be used for many other business purposes like the above-mentioned ones, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of the video being streamed and the ease of accessibility by the audience are to be taken great care of.  To ensure that your target audiences are satisfied with the content of the live video, it is mandatory to take steps necessary to maintain good audio and video quality. Here is the list of hardware you will need to produce professional content:

  • Camera: Depending on the budget you are willing to invest in streaming the video, you have different choices of cameras ranging from consumer camcorders to professional DSLRs with prices peaking up to ten thousand dollars.
  • Lighting and Audio equipment: Basic lighting equipment, tools like tripods for stabilization and external mics can help in professional live streaming of videos.
  • Software or Hardware: If you plan to incorporate on-screen graphics and multi-camera feeds, then it is necessary to use switching equipment – either a software like Wirecast or a hardware like Grass Valley Kayenne production-quality switching system.
  • Encoder: In order to avoid buffering problems and to make a reliable white label live video, you should make use of a software or a hardware encoder to deliver high-quality videos.

Now, instead of using the above-mentioned equipment, if you prefer to make use of a simple medium, as simple as a smartphone, we have something to share with you even in this case.

Yes, you heard it right -a thing which is always in your pocket can be of help for streaming a live video. In fact, a smartphone is the only thing you will require if you are just starting to learn the process of live streaming. You just have to download an app on your mobile to go live in a span of few seconds. If you are someone who hasn’t analyzed the likes and dislikes of your audience and is starting with the video marketing strategy, making use of the smartphone app is the right choice to make. If the question of where to find such smartphone apps is ringing in your mind, let me ensure you that we have a highly recommended and reliable answer.

StreamNow is a one-stop solution to start your live streaming business. StreamNow is highly scalable live streaming software with multiple revenue channels that includes all the features to serve as a Twitch or a Ustream. This app acts as a native communication channel to constantly be in touch with your users and also has interesting features like social login, peer to peer commenting system/chat system, dynamic admin panel, pay per view policy. Another interesting feature of StreamNow is that it allows users to follow each other. For instance, when your friend is going live using Facebook, you get the notification. StreamNow also has a similar notification system. StreamNow is the live streaming app developed by the very popular StreamHash venture. Be it an on-demand business model like Netflix, video streaming like YouTube or Live Video Streaming like Facebook Live – StreamHash provides you with a ready-made solution to launch any business related to video streaming online.

StreamNow can give your user a seamless live streaming experience. When it comes to user subscription, StreamNow enables you to give your users different subscription plans (both paid and free. The pricing plans are categorized into two- Deluxe and Ultimate. While Deluxe plan is available at $499 with certain limitations on features, Ultimate covers all the features at $999. Moreover, StreamNow is constructed and optimized for multiple monetization channels making it easy for both the users and the business owners to make transactions.  It is not only a cost-effective option but is also an easy-to-setup and reliable source for live streaming.

In order to ensure that your white label live streaming goes smoothly as planned, it is important to have knowledge of the factors mentioned above. You may also have to keep a track of the requirements specified while using Facebook Live-such as file formats, advanced audio & video settings and video lengths. Watch out this space to learn more about live streaming. Cheers!