StreamView Features

1. Multiple Monetization Channel

StreamView has multiple profitable monetisation channels built-in. You can use the one that is most suitable to your audience and market. Subscription plans, pay-per-view and banners ads are major revenue generating channels that we provide.

2. Multiple Upload Channel

StreamView enables you to upload videos using an array of options such as YouTube link, Amazon S3 bucket, normal uploads and website link.

3. Dynamic Admin Panel

Dynamic Admin Panel gives you a master control over your business. Control your Account, Content and User in a single click.

4. SEO Friendly

For any online business to succeed, the core software must be SEO friendly. We have designed StreamView to be SEO friendly to get more traffic to your website.

5. PayPal Payment Gateway

Collecting payments from your users is simpler with StreamView’s built-in PayPal payment gateway. Your users from over 200 countries can pay you through PayPal.

6. Unlimited Users/Videos/Categories

You can grow your business as fast as you want to, without having to worry about technological constraints. StreamView can handle unlimited users, videos and categories. It is highly scalable.

7. Native Android and iOS App

According to Forbes, app downloads will rise to over almost 270 billion by the end of 2017. To leverage the power of apps, we have built both Android and iOS apps for you.

8. Converting Video Resolution

Admin panel offers you an option to convert high resolution video to a lower resolution while uploading the video, thereby saving your time.

9. Flag/Report Abuse Any Video

If users find any video offensive or abusive, they can flag it. Admin will be notified and has the rights to delete a video or delete a flag. 

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