StreamTube Video CMS Features

1. Channel Creation and Subscription

Your users can create multiple channels and viewers can watch videos by subscribing to channels. If they subscribed to channels they will be notified upon a new video upload.

2. Image Ads Management

Image ad management enables your users to decide where and how ads will be displayed. They can also change various settings of their advertising campaign.

3. Dynamic Admin Panel

Robust and dynamic admin panel of StreamTube gives your users an option to add, edit as well as delete uploaded videos and individual user profile.

4. SEO Friendly

StreamTube has built-in capability to grab organic traffic by implementing a very cost effective strategy—Search Engine Optimisation. This will also help you create brand awareness.

5. Payment Gateway

When using StreamTube, you don’t have to worry about scaling your business. StreamTube already supports payment collection through PayPal. You can accept payment from all across the globe.

6. Unlimited Users/Videos/Categories

You can upload unlimited videos and create unlimited categories on your platform. StreamTube has powerful technology and scalable architecture that can handle unlimited users at the same time.

7. Native Android and iOS App

More than 50% of YouTube videos are watched using Smartphone. StreamTube gives you an opportunity to leverage this huge potential of app users by providing you Android and iOS apps.

8. Converting Video Resolution

Upon uploading a high definition video, admin can set the auto resolution feature to convert them into multiple versions of lower quality resolution. Users can watch videos of any resolution.

9. Flag/Report Abuse

Any video or user can be flagged or reported as abusing laws of your website. You can ban, delete these flags/reports through admin panel.

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