It’s the age of live music, live food, and live entertainment. It’s the age of instant gratification and on-demand everything. It’s no surprise really that more and more corporate organizations are stitching real-time communication into their promotional strategies, given that a rising legion of technologies is propelling live streaming software to mainstream marketing models. You may have seen a plethora of live streaming software and tools in the global live streaming ecosystem, and yet 2017 holds out more opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses than ever before. What was once considered niche and exclusive have now become an integral piece of the promotional puzzle of even a fledgling business? All this, thanks to an exciting turnkey live webcasting software called StreamNow.

What Is StreamNow?

Conventional forms of live streaming software entail a huge amount of coding, using raw languages such as PHP and NodeJS. However, this could involve significant capital and labor investment, with the bulk of your time and money being directed towards hiring, payroll, training, infrastructure and technology refinement. But there’s always a better way. Imagine if you could create your own Periscope, fitted with your own exclusive brand name, content, contributors and customized appearance, at a fraction of the cost. The good news is that you can. StreamNow lets you create a live streaming software of your own, and even plug it into a website to facilitate a seamless double-barrelled communication approach.

Why Would I Need StreamNow?

The advent of live streaming has ruffled the feathers of traditional marketing mediums. Where conventional vehicles like hoardings, word of mouth, posters, and flyers were once adequate as part of a marketing roster, the digital ecosystem has transformed the way that people and brands communicate. StreamNow fills the chasm that small and mid-sized businesses have typically faced in the communication sphere, by offering live video streaming software at an affordable rate.

What Are the Key Features of StreamNow?

StreamNow meshes into your primary communication platform all too easily. Here’s how it makes your life easier:

Superior Coding:

It’s possible to code your own live streaming software, but you’ll likely sprout some grey hair by the end of it. Coding your own live webcasting software requires expertise and skill to put you on par with some of the best live video streaming software in the world. StreamNow, however, offers you a high-quality, Periscope-esque interface underpinned by intricately coded scripts. It also comes equipped with myriad themes and plugins and provides a fluid experience across devices.

Themes and Dynamic Membership:

StreamNow isn’t just known for its superlative performance; it’s equally recognized as one of the most aesthetically designed live streaming software in the world. With an array of skins and themes housed in its customization section, it allows you to enhance the user experience by several notches. But that’s not all. StreamNow’s dynamic subscription plan provides you with a monetization window. This means that if any user wants to stream a video planted on your site, they have to first opt for a subscription.


Your audience will inevitably be fragmented across devices and internet speeds. To ensure that your users’ streams are delivered intact, transcoding is necessary. Transcoding allows user content to fit a variety of sizes and parameters for streaming. However, transcoding can take up a sizeable amount of CPU capacity and you should consider acquiring a third-party transcoding tool. StreamNow has an integrated transcoding solution that saves you the hassle of provisioning for the same.


Personalize your look with a range of customization options on StreamNow. There is a wide assortment of themes, colors and controls that you can tweak to breathe life into your brand while live streaming.

Analytics Reports:

StreamNow offers an analytics dashboard that lets you delve into usage patterns and popular content formats. It can also provide inroads into new monetization methods by revealing popular broadcasters who can be selected for sponsored content.


Monetization tools abound under the StreamNow umbrella. There are three primary ways that a user can monetize their brand. First, is a dynamic subscription plan. This implies that if a viewer wants to stream a video, a subscription plan, created by you, must first be opted for. Another way to price content is per piece. By pricing individual videos, you can charge purely for the stream. Say $10 for a single video. Or $20; whatever you feel a single video is worth. The entire money, in turn, comes to you. The final way to rake in revenue is through banner advertisements. By inviting advertisers on your live streaming software, you can set aside prime space for their ads, giving advertisers coveted digital real estate and you, a valuable revenue source.

Auxiliary Features:

In the absence of a content distribution network, you’re likely sceptical about the endurance of live streaming. But don’t be. StreamNow has a storage bank for live videos, safely tucking each stream that users share a space of perpetuity. In some ways, the platform is a hybrid between a social media platform and a superlative live webcasting software. For instance, StreamNow features a status bar, allowing users to share their thoughts with others. It also offers users the opportunity to stream video without creating a specific event.

How Does StreamNow Work?

StreamNow provides an easy, breezy user experience. Here’s how it works:

  • User logs into your website.

  • User creates a profile.

  • User creates an event; either private or public.

  • A private event is notified only to the user’s followers, whereas a public event is notified to all users.

  • Other users are free to accept or reject the event notification.

  • Upon acceptance, a viewer will be reminded of the event at the scheduled time.

  • StreamNow allows viewers to comment in real-time.

  • Users can follow and unfollow others as they please.

  • Questionable or abusive content can be reported.

  • Compromising users can be blocked.

The best live streaming software of 2017 is finally here. Don’t wait for tomorrow, StreamNow instead.


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