Great matches are often played in big fields or stadiums, great players are seen and surrounded by thousands of viewers. That being said, there are millions of untold stories and unseen players who perform quite well but never get noticed. But with technology, one can now easily showcase their talents by streaming live sports online. With time, online sports streaming has become quite popular and it is quite simple to implement.

It increases the traffic towards your site and provides a medium to all the users to cherish their favourite game or player.

Why Should One Start Live Sports Streaming?

With the advancement of internet, most of the work is done online; people prefer using the internet for fun, networking, entertainment, etc. In the same way, they prefer watching matches and other sports online, rather than watching it at home on TV. They get the flexibility of watching their favorite shows anywhere, anytime using their smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets. It’s simple to create a live streaming app, to allure and cater the online viewers and increase the traffic on your site.

1. Live Streaming your Sports Attract More Audience:

The Internet has broken down all the geographical boundaries and now, people are easily connected with each other irrespective of where they live. Live sports streaming can help you gain more audience worldwide which brings more recognition and viewership to your website.

2. Live Sports Streaming Let you Earn more Revenue:

An interesting live streaming content from your website can bring you new business opportunities and new clients, letting you earn more revenue from your website. In the same way, live stream sports website provides greater revenue than any other website. Sports has its own fan following and people are crazy about one or more sports, which they never want to miss. Start live streaming to provide them a platform where they can enjoy their favorite sports and can see their favorite player. You can also charge the users and clients for watching online or can have a subscription fee or per view system to earn more.

3. Live Sports Streaming Provides a Great Exposure:

Start live streaming to get the exposure as well as to great way for amateur sports to get acknowledgment. Professional sports get a lot of lime light but there are other sports as well which need to be showcased to get the attention and recognization. People are more interested in seeing things live than in seeing the recorded ones when it comes to sports.

There are several websites which are providing users a platform to view their favorite sports and with time, they have included a lot of sports in their list. The viewer can enjoy watching the live match of tennis, basketball, hockey, UFC, rugby, baseball, etc. One can also enjoy other sports like racing including the NASCAR, MotoGP, Formula 1, etc.

With the ever increasing viewer base, several video hosting platforms are being developed so that one can easily build live sports streaming website or can create a live streaming app. But not all of them are good and provide best results; sometimes a user might face buffering issues, reconnecting issue, quality issues, etc. But with the aid of StreamNow, one can overcome all such issues and provide the user the best quality live streaming video. Now you might be interested in knowing how to do so. Keep reading and you will get your answer.

StreamNow – Live Streaming Software:


Conventional live streaming software are quite big in size, have a lot of complex code, very expensive and may require special knowledge to deal with. But now you can easily live stream even the local tournaments or matches played in your schools or localities. For this, you only require a camera and flexible streaming software which allows you to live stream all your sports activities and various stuff. For this StreamNow is the best Video Hosting Platform available in the market. It allows you to live stream sports or events on your website.

StreamNow is an excellent solution to start Live Sports streaming that allows you to create your own live streaming app or even plug it into your website to allow live streaming. It is easy to use and one can start live streaming with it in the simplest manner. StreamNow software allows you to transmit good quality video and audio to the viewers. You can choose various subscription plans from the available ones as per your need either on monthly basis or pay per view basis.

If you want to know exactly how it works, here is a complete guide to live-streaming.

Important Live Streaming Elements:

If you are looking for a live streaming connection, you would need following elements:

  • Recording Camera

For connecting through live streaming, firstly you will need a camera. You can select a camera as per your budget. However, if you are looking for full-time live streaming than a good quality camera would be the perfect one. The video camera will allow you to capture all details, various moments and game factors like focusing on some particular video part or interviewing a player.

  • Internet Connection

Internet connection is the key element that connects your all data i.e. video and transfers or allows the live stream to other users across different parts of the world. For this, you need a good quality high-speed internet connection. A wireless connection is a great option that allows you to connect to the internet with the help of portable hotspot which you can purchase from any mobile store.

  • Encoding Device

To deliver a live streaming video, now you need some encoder that converts data into another format. For this, you can use either hardware encoder or software encoder. Live content must be formatted correctly and streamed so that it is available at another end in same quality and therefore for this, good quality encoder with codecs is required. A hardware encoder might cost you more than the software encoder and Flash Media Live Encoder is a nice option which is absolutely free.

  • Streaming Service

Now for live streaming your video, you need a streaming service and StreamNow is the best option that you can avail as it allows you to create your profile, save and edit the live streaming video as per your requirements. You can also monetize your stream through banner ads and earn some decent money.

Features of StreamNow:

StreamNow Live Streaming

  • Better communication. StreamNow live streaming software allows the viewers to connect with the video or live streaming stuff and provides them with a platform to express their views and opinions. It also helps in increasing the brand value and website recognition.
  • Good Audio Visual quality. StreamNow software delivers continuous live streaming along with great audio visual quality. You will never face any technical issue while streaming or any other problem while the transmission of the content to the users, which in turn give you satisfied viewership base.
  • Easy subscription plans and Payment options. You can choose and subscribe from the available subscription plans that suits your budget and requirements. You can either go with monthly subscriptions or per view plan. Along with this, you can also pay easily through StreamNow.
  • Scalability. StreamNow live streaming software is very easy to use and can be accessed easily through the internet for watching live contents and various sports activities.
  • Android/iOS support. StreamNow support both Android and iOS operating system and therefore allows viewers of both categories to access the live streaming contents and online order or subscription to the channel.
  • Dynamic Subscription and Themes. StreamNow live streaming software allow you to go with dynamic subscription through which you can monetize your window and if any user wishes to watch your video or live streaming content, he has to first subscribe your channel through the required amount.
  • Customization. StreamNow also allows you to enhance your window through various skins and themes through which you can attract your viewers. With the help of various customization options, you can control and design your brand while live streaming through StreamNow.
  • Analytics. With the help of analytics provided on the StreamNow user Dashboard, you can analyse and manipulate the most preferred or least liked contents. You can also sponsor your live streaming video or any other content based on the analytics.

Benefits of Using StreamNow:

StreamNow is a live streaming framework that allows streaming services for every type of sports and business activities. From small chess competition to live football streaming, StreamNow provides you live streaming along with earning money and generating huge profit every year and brand recognition to your website. This can happen through live streaming ads alone.

StreamNow continuous streamed contents allow advance buffering due to which the video never breaks. You can connect your website with StreamNow software and start live streaming without any hassle. It allows you to promote your website and video contents in more productive manner, which can be appreciated by the users worldwide.

You can also create a blog and write few contents on it and have some logo which will also help you in gaining brand exposure. You can also manage various recorded files as per their content quality. StreamNow allows you to manage everything through its available tools and options. But, it’s quite obvious that streaming meaningful and right contents always draw more audience to your website.

StreamNow lets you send the highest quality video streaming and automatically creates lower video qualities as per the user or viewer requirements and internet connectivity. Along with this it also allows you to control the audio and video equipment, sources and encoding.

StreamNow also let you create a shorter, edited video clip of the live stream event which enables the user to see the highlights of a video and create an interest to see the whole. You can select the best part of the whole live streaming event and design your own highlight clip. StreamNow automatically detects the encoder settings and the required bitrate itself.

StreamNow is the best software for your website to connect with live streaming and gain worldwide exposure and audience. It allows you live stream sports and video as long as you want, there are no restrictions at all. Along with this you can also earn more revenue through Ads and users subscription, through your website and brand it and make it worth. 

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for insights on live sports streaming. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of video hosting platforms and live streaming software. My best wishes are with you and your live streaming venture. Cheers!