There couldn’t be a better time to start your membership website! Of course, you already know this and that’s probably the reason why you’re looking for membership site ideas to start with!

Great! Because when it comes to membership website ideas, the options are endless. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing because you literally would have to surf through options the entire day.

In order to make things easy (and to save you some time), we’ve done the hard work ourselves! This read is all about the best membership site ideas (along with a few membership website examples) you should go for in 2021. But before we start discussing that, let’s take a quick look at the basics like we always do.

What Is a Membership Site?

A membership site is a website where you’d be offering your users private/exclusive content for a reasonable price. The payments are carried out on a monthly or an annual basis depending on your pricing model. Interested users can simply signup for your service, pay the amount upfront, and start enjoying your services.

All you need is a good membership site idea and a foundation (membership site platform) to start with. 

P.S. Speaking of a good foundation, here is a membership site platform you should start with!

How Should Your Chosen Membership Website Idea Be?

Your membership site idea is going to take off if it, 

  • Has a strong audience base
  • Is a skill that’s needed in the future
  • Is a narrow niche

By saying narrow niche, we mean cutting down the big picture. For example, instead of providing extensive movies & tv shows like Netflix, you can cut down to provide language-specific movie streaming services!

That doesn’t mean a Netflix-like membership site idea is bad – anything is scalable provided you have the right marketing strategy and a few bucks to propel the engine!

Since you’re kind of new to this, we wanted to start off with the most profitable & scalable ones. Once done with the read and knowing the possibilities, you’ll be able to figure out what your membership site idea is going to be!

So, let’s get started, shall we? 

5 Best Membership Website Ideas To Make Money

No more small talk – to the big picture straight away! 

1. Fitness Enthusiasts

The reason why we came up with the fitness as a membership site idea is because of the huge demand the fitness industry has now!

Let’s be a bit frank here! You might have looked for fitness tips at least once in your lifetime. And you would have ended up reading an article or watching a video on YouTube. But what if there is a dedicated platform for this? 

You’d at least visit once to take a look! And that there is a lead that you’ll be converting later! 

Now speaking of fitness, this is quite a huge niche. Take a look at this membership website example here, 

Fitness Streaming

Carb Manager is a membership website that lets users to signup for premium membership. The goal is to help people lose weight by following the Keto Diet plan. There are lots of competitors as well! 

Similarly, you can come up with a membership site idea where you’ll be teaching your audience to build muscle from home using simple workouts. Also, relevant diet food recipes and cooking videos can help you cover more audiences. 

Quick Stat: The average amount an individual would spend for fitness in 2021 is an estimated USD 18.30!

And that indeed shows how lucrative this particular industry is! Find out your super special niche under the fitness and see how much you can deliver to your audience under the same. 

2. Sports Streaming

Sports! Who wouldn’t love it? We do! You do! And so do the billions of people around the world. Building a sports streaming website with a membership model is an opportunity that’ll help you make huge revenue. And a perfect example of this is Dazn Boxing. 

Sports Streaming

As you can see, Dazn Boxing streams matches of popular boxers around. In fact, during the year 2019. Dazn Boxing witnessed a 121% increase in revenue (from $277.6 million to $614.6 million). Users have to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to view the matches. 

Quick Stat: Dazn Boxing witnessed a 25% increase in users when they streamed the Alvarez-Saunders fight.

Similarly, you can stream multiple live sporting events and grow your business. With live streaming software onboard, you can start your sports streaming website in no time!

So, to the next membership website idea!

3. Community Streaming 

Another super cool membership website idea is community streaming! A community streaming website is which streams videos and documentaries to a specific community of people. And Alchemiya is a website that does the same!

Community Streaming Websites

The website streams movies and dramas about the Muslim world. Users have to pay a specific amount monthly to gain access to the videos. 

Do you see how lucrative that is? You can also come up with a monthly subscription-based community streaming website in minutes. Since websites like these use a Netflix-like model, all you need is a Netflix clone streaming solution to start off with!

Let’s move on to the next best membership site idea in our read!

4. Music Streaming

Like video streaming, music streaming is another profitable membership website idea. There’s Spotify, there’s SoundCloud and yours could be next! If you think this stream isn’t lucrative enough, hear this! 

“During the year 2020, music streaming revenue crossed over 10 billion US dollars!”

Also, you don’t have to compete with the giants! You can simply start by streaming a particular set of artists or create something like what we saw above – relevant audios for a set of community people with a membership subscription model! 

The ideas are limitless! You’ve just got to push boundaries to find your ideal membership website idea! 

5. Pet Management & Animals Related Streaming

Before we start to speak about this, if you think this membership site idea is crazy, then you’ve got to take a look at this! 

Pet Management Animals Related Streaming

Pet Management Animals Related Streaming

This membership site is purely for horses – training, documentaries, riding, etc. And they’re doing pretty much well already! Also, the popular Discovery TV channel is already offering its audience a paid membership service called Discovery Plus! 

So, why not you? 

You can create a membership site that teaches about how to handle pets (not only dogs but all animals), how to deal with the most common problems, sickness treatment, food preparation, and more.

During the year 2020 alone, Americans spent approximately $99 billion on their pets. They wouldn’t mind the few extra bucks provided your membership site has really good stuff! 

What say😉?

The Bottom Line

So, yes! As we said, we just gave you the 5 most profitable membership site ideas for you to start with! And if you’re looking for a membership site platform, you should probably get in touch with our experts for a product walkthrough

Membership site businesses are sustainable today, thanks to the recurring payment model and the strong OTT direction the world is moving towards. If you’re thinking about it twice, drop it because it’s going to be glory down the road! 

Now that you have a handful of membership site ideas and a platform to start with as well, why don’t you start acting on it? 

Cheers to revenue from membership websites!