StreamView – Netflix Clone

Complete white-label solution to launch your own Netflix-like venture.

Streamview provides Netflix clone script that facilitates you to get started with your own video on demand platform. This video on demand script of ours is highly scalable and can be customized to suit your requirements – be it modifying the front-end UI, adding features in the mobile app or anything else.

The video on demand software that you get from us will be a Netflix clone with all the standard features of Netflix, but we will work with you through any changes you need in design, development, deployment, hosting and maintenance.

What is StreamView

Find your own profit-making idea in this  video-on demand trend and piggyback on the enormous success of video on-demand subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu.  One  product  which has evolved in the video streaming business is “StreamView” of Streamhash, which allows you to start your own Video Streaming Venture with multiple monetization channels by providing you with websites and apps.

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Nginx Server

Feel the difference with the streaming server. We convert the http format into RTMP and HLS format for Website, Android and iOS respectively. To play the video without having to wait for loading.


Upload Videos

The intention of every video hosting site is to have a wide collection of videos. An effective idea is to make use of any channel to upload videos. YouTube link, Amazon S3 bucket, Normal uploads, Website link


Monetization channel – Upload a video with a small trailer of it. Allow users to watch those trailers for free and kindle them to watch the full video by subscribing to the platform.

Pay Per View

Monetization channel – A single monetization channel wouldn’t do. Would it? What if a user is hesitant to subscribe and pay you a monthly fee ? Here is the alternative. Get a one-time payment for a video using this pay-per-view feature.


SEO Optimized

Digital Marketing is made easy with this software now. All SEO settings can be dynamically set by the site owner from the admin panel to get ranked in the search engines for the desired keywords.


Banner Video

Here is another monetization channel. Post Featured Videos on the banner to get more clicks and more subscription into the system.

Mobile App Features

Native Android / iOS app

Make it handy for the users to reach you with a tap of their finger on their mobile device. They don’t have to sit before a laptop or desktop anymore to get the work done.

Wish List

Users can add the videos to wish list which they would like to watch later. Wish list encourages users to watch the saved videos and this increases the view count of videos.

Profile Settings

Detailed profile settings to create a good profile which will help you in socializing easily. Familiarity breeds trust of your audience and builds lasting relationships.

Social Login

Eliminating the necessity to remember multiple login credentials and making it easy for your users to login faster using social login. Social logins increase the sign ups too.

Push Notification

Instant notifications to users delivers popular and interesting videos to them and this will increase the click rate of videos. It ultimately leads to more revenue for you.

Banner videos

Banner videos are the first thing your mobile users will see on your website/app. Placing ads using banners on banner videos means more revenue for you.

StreamView Product Architecture

Our Clients

Product version upgrades

version 7.0 Features

Launched : 12-11-2020

Dynamic FAQ’s management was added to the admin panel, which is displayed on the user landing page.

Added unique loaders for all the pages.

Done design changes in Sign in, Sign up, and Forget-password.

MailGun configurations were added to the admin panel settings.

version 6.0 Features

Launched : 26-05-2020
  • HLS with SSL support Added
  • Replaced JW player with REACT player
  • HLS Encryption Added
  • Glide fast image loader
  • App launch time reduced
  • Android X migration completed
  • Restricted screen recording and screenshot
  • GA integrated
  • Dynamic app name change
  • Added PIP mode
  • Apple pay and apple login integrated
  • Removed the PayPal and YouTube Player support from iOS apps due to web-view plugins deprecation

version 5.0 Features

Launched : 21-04-2020

The user can share the referral code to N-number of users. Users can share the referral code via WhatsApp, Facebook message, Twitter, Gmail. When a signup with a referral code, both users will get some credits (this will set by admin). The credits will be stored in the wallet. The referral credits will be used in the subscription payments automatically.

StreamView supports .mkv and mp4 formats. Upload any video format and get it automatically converted in the backend to MP4 format

Now admin can search users and videos in admin panel Admin can use “Username, Email ID & Phone number” to search users and “Title, Category, Subcategory, Genre and Moderator” to search videos

The wallet will store only the referral earnings. User can’t add money to the wallet by other methods

Version 4.0 Features

Beta Android + iOS

Apart from profiles that you create, a separate kids/Children section like you have on Netflix.

Now the platform extends support for Android TV and Tablet along with Android App and iOS App.

All Static contents of the website can be converted to any Language (LTR) in a single click from admin panel.

You can use multipart upload to split the video into multiple data blocks (called parts in OSS) and upload them separately to make is hassle free incase there is an upload limit block.

Super-admin can create sub-admins and give them to access to specific functionalities and have them manage only that. Making the site management easy.

Email/web notifications for all activities and new uploads.

Version 3.0 Features

Restrict to access Page source elements and the Console of the software. Keeping them from looking into the files available and making it completely secured.

Not allowing users to download the videos uploaded by any means using blob url encryption method.

Cast and crew information of a movie can be set with description for each movie you upload.

Export all user details from Admin to an Excel or PDF or CSV for any external uses.

Edit the homepage images/texts on your own from admin panel without the help of programmers.

User added card will be taken for automatic subscription renewal every month. Also on cancelling subscription, get feedback from user and record it in admin panel

All URLs are structured to make it SEO friendly for easy marketing.

HD images for videos uploaded will be compressed automatically to load faster and provide seamless experience

Changes in code formats to make it more structured and developer friendly.

Website - Version 2.0 Features


  • Age Display in video section
  • Video Encryption Method
  • Video Like & Dislike count displayed
  • Displayed Spam Videos
  • Email Templates for basic emailing
  • Stripe payment gateway settings
  • Coupon Code Operation
  • Automatic Renewal - Cancel Subscription


  • No changes made


  • No features removed.


  • No issues fixed


  • Displayed age
  • Video Like & dislike Option done
  • Spam /Unspam Videos
  • Integrated Stripe Payment Gateway for both PPV & Subscription
  • Continue Watching Video based on subprofile
  • Apply Coupon code for both PPV & Subscription
  • Email Notification on/off option
  • Automatic renewal with cancel subscription
  • Signout from all devices


  • No changes made


  • No features removed


  • Cookies cleared automatically
  • Stripe PPV Payment - Admin commission saved
  • Subscription Issues fixed
  • Coupon Code Apply for subscription -> Flow issues fixed
  • Coupon Code Apply for PPV -> Flow issue fixed
  • Stripe Card details issue fixed


  • Coupon Code amount added in PPV revenue


  • No features removed


  • No changes made


  • No issue fixed

Android & iOS - Version 1.2 Features


  • Created gernres in Tv Series
  • Added Drop Down List to select a particular Genre (Videos Changes on selection)
  • Added a Drop Down List in the single video page for displaying the Genres
  • Added a List to show the selected Genres in the Single Video Page


  • No changes made


  • No features removed


  • Fixed duplicating values in subscription
  • Checked if youtube videos are working
  • Fixed Genres Spinner empty values. (Visibility)

Website - Version 1.0 Features


  • Sitename settings update and env file changes
  • PPV revenue details added
  • Email Features Added for user
  • User Email verification function added
  • Give frontend url view page in page list.
  • Added seeder for basic pages.
  • Settings - Social media link settings and app url settings added
  • Help sections added for settings and videos list.


  • Settings options realigned based on the module.


  • No features removed.


  • Pages nav bar is not active - issues fixed
  • Moderator welcome email - Moderator login link added
  • Add Page -> If page already created - remove from select box except others
  • Admin can create "n" of "other" pages.
  • Revenue settings are not updating issue fixed.
  • Changed heading "User commission" to "Moderator commission"
  • Body Scripts is not updating and its not affecting in angular as well - The issue fixed
  • Subscription create/edit - Allow amount in float value
  • Subscription Payment missing from menu bar - Fixed
  • Displayed banner image while admin edit
  • Hided Languages - Because in front end , we don't have multi language option
  • Moved "Spam Videos" into Videos section
  • Videos -> Give link to view the single video page
  • Videos -> PPV -> Without selecting user type and subscription type also PPV applying for user - Fixed by selected default value for both fields
  • Banner Video - Frontend Image validation Done.
  • Video Upload - Frontend Image validation done.
  • Edit video - Remove unwanted subtitle field
  • Fixed moderator commission split issue in admin and user api.
  • Give validations for other urls while admin/moderator upload video
  • Subscription expiry date - add issue fixed
  • Profile - email exists issue fixed


  • Dashboard - added PPV revenue, View Count Revenue and Total
  • Revenue dashboard added based on each video
  • Videos - PPV and view count revenue added for each video
  • View Video - PPV commission split and PPV details added
  • Help sections added videos list and revenue system.


  • Revenues dashboard with proper commission split detail


  • No features removed


  • Moderator - View video - Not displayed video. - Issue fixed
  • Give validations for other urls while admin/moderator upload video


  • Payment failure detect and redirect to failure page
  • Demo user can log in "n" of browser windows. But other registered user can login their account based on their sub accounts count.
  • Social Icons like Pinterest, Linkedin, facebook, twitter and so on displayed in footer.
  • App & Playstore icons placed in footer page.
  • Pay per view videos list displayed based on logged in user. If he paid any of the videos


  • Based on sub profiles displayed wishlist & History.


  • Embedded link feature partially removed (Only user panel)


  • Twitter login - oauth issue fixed.
  • Social login - cancel button redirection error fixed
  • API Youtube link issue fixed
  • PPV and Redeems split function issues fixed with proper commission split based on the admin settings.
  • Changed Error message "Admin disabled the account" as "Please verify your email", While login the unverified user.
  • In PPV option, if the user already paid for the video, even though if he entered the PPV pay page url directly, again its asking the payment. - The issue fixed and redirect into the particular paid video.
  • Forgot Password Email - While clicking "visit our website" , it will redirect into admin panel. It was fixed and redirect into user page.
  • Changed "Join free for month" into "Join Free for a month"
  • Fixed the issue - The video doesn't play on desktops. Flash is enabled both on Safari and Chrome - tested in both the browsers. Video is not playing in both desktop browser. Same video plays in Android app
  • In categories page mylist icon is not working - Fixed the issue
  • After search cleared the input field
  • If user logged in through social login, in edit account hided his email id
  • In Edit profile, done mobile number validation
  • Billing Details - Integrated with backend code and displayed.
  • Fixed Issue in Get wish lists based on logged in user sub account
  • Mobile - Banner videos -> Spam videos also displaying. The issue is fixed by restricted spam videos from the banner videos
  • Youtube Videos link not played. - Issue fixed
  • In Mobile view - Site logo will change into site icon
  • Payment History - Paid video details displayed.
  • User side Wishlist issue fixed
  • Give validations for other urls while admin/moderator upload video
  • Changed Error message "Admin disabled the account" as "Please verify your email", While login the unverified user.

Android & iOS - Version 1.0 Features


  • Like Video and likes count
  • Report Spam and spam collections
  • Embed Link share added
  • Subscription features added
  • Multiple account management like Netflix
  • Pay per View for Single Video
  • Paid videos list
  • Added type restricted video watching experience


  • Changed Player UI
  • App icon and splash screen changed


  • Removed subtitle toggle functionality
  • Comments for single video


  • Delete Account implies internal logout with social logins

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All our products come with lifetime support – if there is any defect, bugs – you can raise a ticket – our team will solve the issues in less than 6 hours.All the bugs and issues on the product will be fixed free of cost. Our support team works round the clock. 24×7 available on eMail and Phone

Who Owns the Source Code

You will be owning 100% source code of your product and you have the complete rights to customize and modify the product. It will be hosted on your server.

Can I have my own Brand and Logo

Yes, once you purchase the software – you’re eligible to re-brand it with your own logo, company/business name etc.

Product upgrades

$79 per upgrade without existing website data

Refund Policy

We sell digitally downloadable software all of which come with a demo. Please make you view the demo of the product to understand the functionalities before purchasing. Because of the nature of digitally downloadable goods, refunds aren’t possible once the files have been delivered to you immediately after your purchase, except under extraordinary situations.

Tech Stack
  1. Bootstrap – Responsive Design
  2. Backend laravel 5.2
  3. For streaming video – Ngnix server – RTMP format for android and website. HLS format for iOS
  4. For Compressing and converting video resolution – Using REDIS server and queue concept.
Recommended Hosting Companies

M3Server – Link


Digital ocean – Link

Hourly Cost for Customizations

The cost for customization/modification – depends upon the requirement. Kindly contact us to get customized prices for your project.

Server Requirements
  • Linux Operating System with SSH Access
  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • MySQL => 5.5
  • Ngnix Streaming server
  • Ubuntu 18

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