The current decade has started to stream video content over smart phones, PCs and IP TVs. This has brought a halt to the TV industry for quite some time. Since the advent of on-demand services, a huge number of audiences have left the Cable TV platform to commence way where they would be able to watch their favorite flicks without any trouble. Of course, one would like to watch content which is not repeated over and over again like that in Cable or Satellite TV.

Mobile video streaming has become so prominent due to its dynamic nature that the whole world is shifting its attention towards such a venture.

We are witnessing the change of the TV viewing background from just watching conventional link or satellite TV from your home seat to streaming on-demand videos over various applications, gadgets and sites.


Video streaming services have been excused from the family space to the train stations, cafés, shopping centers, departmental stores and so forth. Individuals are actually streaming video content from all over.

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These adjustments in customer conduct can be credited to new technology upgrades like IPTV, AR/VR which are intensely reshaping the TV and video functioning system.

Progressively customers are watching video on a wide range of brilliant gadgets like cell phones, iPads and different tablets which can in all likelihood be the main catalyst for the purpose of video-related use and incomes in the future years.

According to Cisco’s Annual Mobile Ready Forecast, the quantity of mobile phone users has increased five times since the mid 2000’s. There are more cell phones on the planet today than the aggregate human population.

According to GSMA’s continuous tracker, the quantity of cell phones is at 7.22 billion while the US Census Bureau information uncovers that the quantity of individuals is somewhere close to 7.19 and 7.2 billion.

Tablets, cell phones and smart phones are increasing 5 times hastier than the growth of human population; the human population on earth is developing at a rate of around 2 individuals for every second or 1.2% yearly.

By 2020, the number of individuals who will possess cell phones is believed to surpass the quantity of individuals approaching running water or even power.


There will be 5.5 billion million mobile users by 2020 out of which more than 70% of the mobile users will depend on mobile video streaming. Half a million cell phones and networks were included in the year 2015 itself.

If we segregate the smart devices, then smart phones are the ones which are about to play a pivotal role in video streaming services in the future. A mobile phone would be the best platform to watch a video of short length.

In any case, it takes you into a deep thought about how cell phones could characterize the fate of video streaming services for long frame content like a full-length motion picture or TV arrangement given that the screen is little and to add to that, video exchanges excessively crucial information.

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All things considered, every one of the prospects has changed now with the appearance of cell phones that are speedier, all the more effective, and those that are worked with vast screens which are fit for portraying lovely, superior quality video.

Mobile phones where LTE benefit is enabled can deal with flawless and great streams. Benefiting from certain information is currently being made reasonable. In addition, content that is being created and conveyed is additionally streamlined in order to cope with versatility and has turned out to be more accessible.

Cell phones are set to take full control over Cable and Satellite TV’s since the mobile phone based applications will allow purchasers to watch their most loved shows whenever and wherever they would want to.

Additionally, a considerable measure of organizations have been embracing “the versatile first approach” as far as having the portable application or portable form of the site created and executed first before discharging the web adaptation.

With the greater part of all web movement originating from a cell phone, it is critical to make and streamline the versatile form first on the off chance that you are hoping to begin your own particular video streaming business. Thus you have to make sure that it obliges top notch mobile video streaming services.


According to the research commenced by high level developers:

  • A total of 56% viewers stick to viewing video content on their mobile phones every day.
  • 42% of the total number of spectators watches video content which is less than 5 minutes or so.
  • A total number of 65% consumers’ stream live videos over their smart phones.

A current report by eMarketer uncovers that the normal time customers spend on the live streaming apps for mobile has ascended by almost a moment for each day in the course of recent years, though the measure of time they spend viewing conventional TV sets has declined by over 30 seconds in a similar day and age.

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Some different investigations uncover that:

  • Mobile video streaming is expected to develop by 25% with a normal survey of 29 minutes per day. By 2019, it is relied upon to develop by 29%.
  • 72% of all online video survey will be on cell phones by 2019.
  • There will be 947 million portable gadgets by 2020 in U.S.A with number of wearable gadgets set to achieve 163.2 million by 2020 and the quantity of wearable gadgets with cellular associations achieving 14.3 million by 2020.
  • 6% of the aggregate cellular traffic movement is to be spoken to by 4G activity.
  • By 2020, normal 4G speed is to be 36,363 kbps. A 4G association creates six times more movement than a non 4G association.
  • By 2018, almost 70% of all information navigating the Internet will be video. That is five million years of video crossing the Internet consistently!

There has been an incredible advancement in cellular systems and cell phone abilities. While 4G or LTE network has turned out to be across the board in numerous nations, telecom administrators are trying things out for 5G associations in a few developed nations.

With the expanded infiltration of versatile and convenient gadgets, there is an incredible requirement for systems to let these gadgets to be associated consistently with the system empowering review of improved continuous video streaming services.


On the off chance that you are considering beginning your own video streaming services then it’s advisable to look at StreamNow which is a one-stop end to end SaaS based OTT stage that gives you a chance to dispatch your own particular branded OTT sound or video streaming administration over various gadgets.

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StreamNow deals with it all; from IT foundation, CDN, cloud-based servers and capacity. Security, installment door coordination, subscriber charging by means of various payment gateways and models like Subscription video on demand, Pay per View and Ad based video on demand are also different other noteworthy specks of this business.

Considering all these points you can very well be sure that mobile video streaming is set to rule the TV industry in the near future.

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