Many To Many Live Streaming

Many to Many Live Streaming


StreamHash provides the best live streaming software services for many to many live streaming.   The StreamHash live video streaming software is widely scalable for many to many live streaming broadcasts and so on.  With Skype, Whatsapp, and  Gtalk, many to many live streaming are not that easy.  If you and your team are having a professional conference with another team, then we provide the best live streaming software to enable that.  As an entrepreneur, this is a niche requirement, and we at StreamHash can provide powerful live stream software as a turnkey solution for such requirements.  Whatever your business ideas on many to many live streaming, we will come up with the best live streaming software for that.

Best Live Streaming Software:

Setup in record time:   Our powerful, dynamic and best live streaming software can be set up in record time.  It takes less than 2 hours to set up our live stream software.   Earlier, potential entrepreneurs who wanted to enter the live video streaming business had to hunt for very good software engineers.   This could take months upon months.  Also, the coding used was also quite cumbersome.  Now, all this can be set up in record time as StreamHash is always on top of the game and uses the best live streaming software.

Know-how on the live stream software:  The live stream software service that StreamHash provides is powerful, dynamic and allows crystal clear video streaming.  The live video streaming software is derived from WebRTC (web real-time communication) which are communication protocols and application programming interfaces that enable peer to peer connections such as video conferencing and so on.   WebRTC is converted into RTP (real time protocol) by using Kurento server.  This is then converted into RTMP (real time messaging protocol) with Wowza technology.  Wowza is a powerful live stream software deployed by StreamHash.   The deployment of Wowza live stream software enables video communication not only in Google Chrome browser but also Apple’s Safari browser and Internet Explorer.   For chatting, the script used is and NodeJS.  The Lavarel 5.2 software in place at the backend ensures no buffering among various other back-end support features.  The whole live stream software package is complete with Bootstrap UI that makes the website robust and responsive.  The dedicated servers deployed are NGINX1 for video streaming and Apache 1 for webpages.

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