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StreamNow is a one-stop solution to start your live streaming business. Highly scalable live streaming software with multiple revenue channels that includes all the features to serve as a Twitch or a Ustream clone.

Stream live videos now with low latency using this live video streaming software. 

What Is StreamNow?

Transmitting live audio and video coverage of an event over the internet is live video streaming. It can be made available to an open audience for free of cost, or, paid on a monthly or per view basis. Just like Periscope/Facebook Live, have peer to peer LIVE commenting system as a subscribed user broadcasts a video.


AntMedia Streaming Engine

When you make a change to your page, everything is updated instantly right before your eyes. Design instantly!


Chat /Comment Against Each Streamed Video

Your users can comment and chat against every live streaming video similar to periscope. Greater number of comments increases Google ranking of website.

Follow Users

StreamNow allows users to follow each other. When your friend is going LIVE using Facebook, you get the notification. StreamNow has similar notification system.

Social Login

Social Logins makes user’s life easier. With StreamNow, your users can sign up or login through their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.

Subscription For Streamers

If anyone wants to stream LIVE videos through your platform, they will pay you a subscription fee and you will make substantial income.

Pay To Watch LIVE Streaming

Streaming broadcaster can allow viewers to watch streaming either for free or for fixed price and you will get commission for every video.

Live Streaming for X

Fitness Trainers

Yoga Instructors





Mobile App Features

Native Android / iOS app

Having your own communication channel is an important strategy. Using Android and iOS apps, you will always be in touch with your users.

Subscribe To Stream

Broadcaster who wants access to your platform will have to subscribe and pay monthly, yearly or as per session fees.

Profile Settings

StreamNow gives your users option to change their profile settings. They can change their password, user id and many other aspects.

Pay Per View

You can also charge live stream broadcaster to pay you a fixed sum of money every time user watches a video.

Social Login

Social logins will make login faster and you can also collect user data through their social media accounts to serve them better.

Commenting System

Users/participants of live streaming can comment or chat. This will increase engagement of users on your live streaming platform.

Push Notification

StreamNow provides push notification feature for both mobile and web application giving you better and consistent conversion rates.

Paypal Integration

Using StreamNow you can effortlessly collect payments all across the globe as it gives you built-in Paypal and Stripe integration.

Streamnow – Constructed and Optimized with Multiple Monetization Channels.

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StreamNow Product Architecture

Our Clients

Product version upgrades

version 5.0 Features

Coming Soon

Streamer level priorities for consistent/frequent streamers and give them privileges and offers over other streamers.

User can send gifts to streamers that streamers can convert to credits to use.

All users and streamers can maintain a wallet and have credits added to their wallet for easy transactions.

OBS API integration to stream the desktop like we have on Twitch/Bigo kind of online Streaming platforms.

Site owner can operate site on any desired currency and payment gateways will automatically be configured to handle transactions in that selected currency.

Signed up users can invite other users with their referral code to get free credits added to their wallet.

Admin can create sub-admin accounts and provide them access only to specific features of admin panel to make the site management easier.

Version 4.0 Features

Streamer, apart from broadcasting through cam , can also provide direct RTMP or HLS url of Tv channels to stream a TV directly.

Admin can create groups and have users added to the group for a group to have their dedicated streaming.

Users can search for saved broadcasts, Live Tvs, users directly using their username.

Facebook like Bell notification on each activity on the website. An alternate email notification too will be sent for the same.

Admin can directly pay the provider online from admin panel rather than taking it offline to pay.

Admin can create multiple languages from admin panel for the website and users can change to their own languages in the front end.

Version 3.0 Features

A completely reva,ped theme matching the theme of Facebook to make it look more socially engaging.

A separate account for the user and streamer. Sign up separately as user or streamer. User can only watch. Streamer can watch and Stream.

User can follow only Streamers. Streamer can follow both users and other streamers.

Export all user data in the form of CSV or PDF from admin panel.

Export all transactions against each video of each user in the form of CSV or PDF from admin panel.

User on cancelling a subscription will be asked for a reason and the reason will be displayed to admin as a feedback.

Coupon codes on subscription or payment on videos can be created by admin.

Streamer can upload the videos.

All website URLs are made SEO friendly for the business Owners to have an added advantage on Digital Marketin.

Website - Version 1.2 & 2.0 Features


  • Subscribed plans details in users management
  • Paid videos management
  • Redeems payout to user
  • Revenue dashboard
  • User followers and followings list
  • User login status added
  • User clear login option
  • Coupon code feature added
  • Billing information for user ( for redeems payout option )
  • Cronjob function to close all the exists streaming videos based on admin given time.
  • Cronjob function for payment notification. Every Midnight it will run
  • Redeem minimum amount - send request issue


  • No changes made


  • Removed mobile number field from user creation.


  • View live video - broadcasting issues fixed
  • Email Template issue fixed
  • Page counter issue fixed


  • Subscribed plans info
  • If the user blocked any one of the user, Both of them won't get any notification. Example : In search they won't appear, live streaming videos wont display and etc.
  • Live Streaming support in safari. Streaming By safari, and you can view by all other browsers.
  • User login restriction added.
  • Billing information for user ( for redeems payout option )
  • Added redeem request option with cancel option
  • On Broadcast , Getting warning toast (Datetime issue) fixed
  • Close the streaming video automatically ( Tap / Browser closed by the user, shutdown the system by user / automatic power off and User Navigate one option to another option )
  • Send Payment Reminder for every users before 1 day.


  • UI was changed (Background color, loader and etc)
  • In profile page, Blocked users list displayed with Unblock option
  • Added status for streaming - Video Call Initiated, Video Call Ended and Video call started
  • Update Profile -> changed heading and removed top space
  • Change password - Changed cancel button into Reset Button
  • Delete Account - Changed cancel button into Reset Button
  • Change password - On entering the current password wrong - Showed proper message Instead of "Please match the requested format”
  • Chat Socket url settings changed from angular into backend service


  • Removed kurento & Wowza


  • Profile page - Followers & followings profile given profile link if they click on image
  • Search results show randomly all profiles and not the one searched - If that's not available - It should show "Search results not found" and then below the random profiles for user to look through
  • Footer My Account - Should take to Profile page - the issue fixed. In Profile page, you can’t see the my account in footer, other pages you can see the account
  • User Subscription date expired.

Product Demo

Check our product demo to try all the business functionalities integrated

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Admin Demo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Demo login

Admin Demo : Link

Username –

Password – 123456

User Demo : Link


Username –

Password -123456


Username –

Password -123456

Android App Demo: Link

iOS App Demo:  Link

6 Months free support

All our products come with lifetime support – if there is any defect, bugs – you can raise a ticket – our team will solve the issues in less than 6 hours. All the bugs and issues on the product will be fixed free of cost. Our support team works round the clock. 24×7 available on eMail and Phone.

Who owns the source code

You will be owning 100% source code of your product and you have the complete rights to customize and modify the product. It will be hosted on your server.

Can I have my own brand and logo

Yes, once you purchase the software – you’re eligible to re-brand it with your own logo, company/business name etc.

Product upgrades

$79 per upgrade without existing website data.

Refund policy

We sell digitally downloadable software all of which come with a demo. Please make you view the demo of the product to understand the functionalities before purchasing. Because of the nature of digitally downloadable goods, refunds aren’t possible once the files have been delivered to you immediately after your purchase, except under extraordinary situations.

Tech stack
  1. AntMedia 
  2. Node js
  3. Backend – Laravel 5.2
  4. Converting WebRTC into RTP protocol by using Kurento server
  5. Converting RTP protocol into RTMP by using wowza (Conversion –  webRTC will not support safari and IE. To run the video all platform. We need this conversion)
  6. UI – Bootstrap – responsive design.
  7. For chatting – node js
Recommended hosting companies

Digital Ocean – Link


Hourly cost for customizations

The cost for customization/modification – depends upon the requirement. Kindly contact us to get customized prices for your price

Server requirements
  • PHP >= 5.6.4
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ubuntu 18
  • Mcrypt enabled
  • Node js – v6.1.0
  • Npm – v 3.8.6
  • AntMedia Enterprise version

Streamnow – Constructed and Optimized with Multiple Monetization Channels.

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