StreamNow – Features

1. Seamless Live Streaming

Continuous live streaming without frequent technical issues is the most important requirement of any live streaming business. StreamNow can give your user a seamless live streaming experience.

2. Peer to Peer Comment/ Chat System

Peer to Peer comment/chat system feature helps your user to discuss about videos, express their opinion etc. It will increase your brand value in the long run.

3. Follow Users

Live streaming user/viewer can follow each other and they will be notified when the person they are following does any activity such as attending live session.

4. User Subscription

User has to subscribe to attend premium live streaming sessions. StreamNow enables you to give your users different subscription plans (both paid and free).

5. Pay Per View

Sometime users are not comfortable with subscription commitment. So pay per view gives them a way out at the same time keeping them as user.

6. Dynamic Admin Panel

Dynamic Admin Panel can change many settings, delete video or flag, change social login configurations. This will help admin to control overall business properly.

7. SEO Friendly:

SEO has key role in digital marketing. We have implemented various strategies of SEO in StreamNow to get you more quality traffic/visitors through organic search.

8. PayPal Payment Gateway

StreamNow enables your users to pay through PayPal. As this is highly trusted and secure method of accepting payments. You can collect payments from 200+ countries.

9. Native Android/iOS App

Mobile devices now account for more than 52 percent of online orders. Inevitably, we provide both Android and iOS app for users of your streaming business.

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Product Demo

  Check  our product demo to try all the business functionalities integrated

Admin Demo

Username :

Password : 123456

Viewer Demo

Username :

Password : 12345678

Streamer Demo

Username :

Password : 12345678

Android App Demo

iOS App Demo

Our Pricing Plans – One Time Cost, Lifetime Upgrades


  • 100% source code
  • Web Script
  • Social Login
  • Unlimited Live Streaming
  • Chat Module
  • Unlimited Users
  • Dynamic Admin Panel
  • Responsive Frontend
  • Track number of users
  • Track number of views
  • Paypal payment gateway
  • Add / Edit pages
  • Google Analytics
  • Report Abuse User
  • Follow / Following users
  • Subscription model
  • Pay Per View
  • Free Upgrades
  • Free Support
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