With the rise of video over the past few years, a wide spectrum of video content has become available to marketers to leverage. A growing number of marketers are choosing to include video in their marketing plans to capitalise on the format’s reach, value and proclivity to proliferate the farthest corners of the world wide web. Video is powered tremendously by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which have collectively employed a clever quiver of tools to optimise the video viewing experience in recent years. From auto-play to live video streaming features, a veritable framework for video content has been built across virtual communication sites. Live video streaming has been the latest entrant in the video marketing arena. With a slew of live video streaming frameworks having made their way to the market, the adoption of live video by organisations has only been fuelled for the better. StreamNow, a turnkey live streaming software developed by Streamhash is emblematic of this colossal shift to live video. It has been implemented by myriad technology companies across the world as simply an additional layer to their existing technology stack. Its plug-and-play model is versatile, easy to use and intimate enough to lend every organisation a unique flavour.

If you’ve been scrambling for live streaming ideas, here’s a list that will get you going.

Idea 1. Live Event

Live events

A business event streamed live is an ideal way to bind your stakeholders, even the ones who aren’t there in person. A conference, an exhibition, a seminar; any corporate event is worth streaming as long as you have a sizeable following. Event live streaming can be tailored to the tastes of your audience. If you favour a more formal approach, perhaps a stationary camera could be adequate to cover the goings-on of your event. For more personalised, hands-on coverage, you could wire up an on-the-go live stream that can capture interviews, opinions and thoughts of visitors on the floor. Once you’re seasoned in the live video streaming space, you’ll know what your audience responds to best, and you’ll organically start creating your live video feeds to mesh with their interests.

Idea 2. Keynote Influencer

Keynote Influencer

While you may have influencers and speakers scattered through special events like the ones mentioned above, this idea is more rooted in the projection of the influencer themselves. There could be various ways to select a significant influencer for your live video stream. You could pick someone from your domain or someone who commands authority amongst your followers, not necessarily from your industry at all. A celebrity, invited as a guest speaker, for instance could be a fantastic way to showcase your brand through a live stream. The great thing about a live broadcast is that you can interact with viewers in real-time, making them feel like they are a part of the event. Coverage of a keynote influencer can be a wonderful keyhole to never-seen-before content, in turn, drawing potential users to your brand. Live video streaming software like StreamNow are device-agnostic, which means that you can broadcast to users across a spectrum of devices, making sure that your stream does not get lost somewhere down the road.

Idea 3. Interesting Tête-à-Tête

Broadcasting Live Video

Interesting interactions in the form of interviews and conversations can serve as engaging content for users. Plus, they’re much easier to plan than other formats of content. Tête-à-têtes can generate traction especially when the person you’re interacting with already has a considerable foothold in the digital realm. Of course, if your guest is a coveted invitee, it may be wiser to record, edit and stitch your interview together to highlight the bits that went well. However, for a more authentic approach, a live stream may make more sense. A live broadcast may entail significant planning in advance, so be prepared to put in the extra hours to make sure that everything is laid out for D-day. Interviews needn’t always be in person. They can even be over video conferencing, in which case your viewers will see both parties framed in two separate windows on the screen.

Idea 4. Skill Sharing

live skill sharing

A live stream where you’re talking to your audience can be valuable if you have insights to offer. Perhaps you have a skill that you’d like to share or are well-versed in a specific topic. Whatever it is that you want to talk about, a live stream is perfect because it dispenses information in a more engaging way than text. It’s important to be prepared when you share a skill. Make notes in advance about the key topics that you’d like to cover and flesh out the content under each topic. The beauty of a live stream is that you don’t need a script in order to talk. You can speak as you go along, using your notes as a guide.

Idea 5. Interaction Forum

Interaction Forum

The only form of video that allows real-time interactions is live video streaming. StreamNow facilitates comments during live feeds, making your broadcast a fitting means to host questions. While you can take questions in real-time, it’s worth inviting questions in advance so as to save time scrolling through a live feed.

Idea 6. Live Tour

Live Tour

Whether your offerings are tangible or intangible, a tour of your office or factory is always a fabulous way to share a little bit of your brand with the world. During the feed, you can feature key elements of your office, the best-known faces in your organisation and possibly, the banter that takes place over lunch break. By humanising your brand, you can strike a chord with your users.

Idea 7. Product Demonstrations

Product Demonstrations

If you’ve got a product that requires instruction, a live demonstration can work wonders. A live broadcast can facilitate question-and-answer sessions and allow people to feel more involved in the unveiling of your product. Plus, it can make your product look more genuine as users follow you through the beats of your demo. It’s worthwhile to do a practice demo before you jump into the real thing because you may want to iron out challenges before opening your broadcast to the world. Make your product demo lighthearted, interesting and fun and keep it as natural as possible.

You can use live video streaming for any of the ideas mentioned above and as you dig deeper into its potential, you’ll find specific ways that fit well with your audience. Explore and innovate along the way and unlock a whole world of live streaming opportunities.