If you prefer curling up with your laptop to catch some entertaining live streams at the end of a long, hard day, raise your hand. If your hand went all the way up, your television set is most likely relegated to a corner of your living room, a sheath of dust covering its sleepy surface. Like you, myriad millennials favour streaming live content over antiquated content broadcast on television. Livestreams are making their way into the devices and hearts of entertainment seekers world over. And while there are enough takers, there is still tremendous opportunity for broadcasters. Contrary to perception, live streaming isn’t complicated; in fact, it is fairly simple and straightforward. With some basic hardware and a nimble video streaming service like StreamNow, you’ll be good to go in no time. Keep this little guide in your pocket as you set out to venture into the live video streaming realm. Today, we show you how to stream live video over the internet.

The Basics of How to Stream Live Online:

Live streaming has become a catchphrase that has caught on across the world. But what does it really mean? Let’s break it down to understand it better. Streaming implies the real-time transmission of content over the web. Think Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. While these platforms are on-demand content services, there is another brand of streaming that is rising in popularity. Live streaming enables broadcasters and viewers to communicate in real-time, with a broadcast being received by a user almost immediately after it has been created. A broadcaster may stream a variety of content, ranging from fashion shows and lifestyle exhibitions to sports matches and worship services. Education is a sector where live streaming is becoming increasingly relevant. By learning how to stream live online, schools can source remote teachers, collaborate with other schools and create inter-school collaborations. Live streaming can also be useful for creative folk who can channel their skills through virtual classes and workshops online. With live streaming, anything is possible. Yet, how to stream videos is the big question that many aspiring broadcasters have. Here, we lift the lid.

A Guide on How to Stream Live Video Over the Internet:

If you were to ask us how to live telecast on the internet, we would tell you that you only need a basic camera and a sturdy internet connection, to begin with. And it’s true. With just these two in place, you can build a robust foundation for your live stream. You’ll need a few more things to ensure that your stream is smooth, though. Leave it to us to walk you through some easy steps that encapsulate how to live stream a video.

Internet Connectivity:

Needless to say, an effective internet connection can transform the quality of a live stream.  It’s always a good idea to maintain two internet lines to provision for redundancy. While your primary connection could be wireless, we suggest that you select a wireline service as a backup. Fixed line connections almost always offer a more consistent bandwidth, ensuring that a live stream remains smooth and undisturbed. Opt for a connection that features a bandwidth north of 1 Mbps.

Personal Computer:

Now that you have your internet sorted, focus on acquiring a computer that features an effective processor. Also, make sure that your system houses at least 10 GB of RAM. Although you’ll find a host of computers in the market that may match your criteria, many of these may overheat, preventing you from live streaming for long periods. You can broadcast just as well from a tablet or a smartphone, but this way, your device will drain sooner, and a computer will prove far more useful.

Microphone and Video Camera:

When you live stream, you may want to add a commentary to your broadcast and so, it is imperative that your microphone is high-quality. As far as your visual broadcasting goes, invest in an entry-level professional video camera. You will need to pair this with a capture card and you’ll be all set to stream.


How to Stream Videos

An encoder is a clever tool that transforms content from your camera into consumable, palatable nuggets that can be live streamed to users. Flash Media Live Encoder is a top encoder favored by many budding broadcasters.

Live Streaming Platform:

When you have your stream mix in place, you have one final step to go before you cross the threshold of creating a live stream. At this stage, you need to procure a live streaming platform. StreamNow is a multi-faceted, sophisticated live streaming framework that allows you to customize your stream, monetise it through sponsorships and subscription plans, and create live streams on the go. A streaming platform is an interface between you and your viewers, and with a versatile framework like StreamNow, you can reach a plethora of viewers across a range of devices.

Merits of Online Live Streaming:

Live streaming allows you to capture and broadcast content in real-time, meaning that streams are always relevant, in keeping with the season and relatable. Plus, it saves you the trouble of manually converting your video through a separate hardware and transferring it to a specific destination online. It’s a good idea to plug your live streams to social media by displaying sneak peeks and previews through live streaming tools on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The biggest advantage of live streaming, however, is that it is extremely light in your pocket. By investing a tiny amount, you can reach a global audience. Just imagine your monetization potential!

Demerits of Online Live Streaming:

The quality of a video broadcast, whether live or not, rests on the effectiveness of your internet connection. The same holds true for your viewers, whose streams must buffer successfully to be consumed.

How to Live Stream a Video, Your Way:

You can stream almost anything to users across the globe if your basic infrastructure is in place. Ask yourself what you want to share with the world, how you can add value and how you can monetize your platform. With StreamNow by your side, you’ll be covered from the get go. Go live, today.

How to Live Stream Video Over the Internet Using StreamNow


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