Live video streaming is quite trendy in today’s time and it has the power of changing the future of social contents. The essential things required to start a live video streaming includes a camera or a cell phone along with a free account with a reliable live streaming provider. The whole process has become quite easy and convenient because of the advanced technology.

With the advanced features available, one may broadcast the videos live for the viewers worldwide. The video of high definition and quality can be streamed as per the speed and reliability of the internet connection. StreamNow is a live streaming software which is quite useful in providing live video streaming in an easier way.

Future of Video Streaming

Until now, we have come across new advancements in live video streaming using VR (virtual reality) device and 360° live streaming. One can easily stream live videos at 360° if the streaming device supports this format. Of course, 360-degree streaming devices have become more new variants and models hitting markets every second day. A door to the new world has opened and future of video streaming can further change the social content.

4K video streaming is becoming the Norm

4K is a logical advancement in the technology, thanks to the ever-improving internet speed and powerful video compression. The 4k resolution will be used for all the live video streaming and in near future. Many pundits vouch for the fact that 4K resolution shall soon become the de-facto standard. YouTube, the largest video platform, is already distributing 4K videos. Some of the best live streaming websites are Justin TV, Livestream, Ustream, YouNow, Feedocast, etc.

The world of video streaming is changing at a fast rate and it is crucial that one has to stay ahead of the curve.

Live Streaming OTT

Live streaming OTT (Over the Top) videos are the next trend of broadcasting video content. One can watch live video content by means of internet in OTT and Amazon TV, Netflix provides this video streaming feature. The video industry has developed in regards to live video and is going to come up with some major changes in near future.

Live video streaming can change the future in few ways:

  • There would be number of video streaming services
  • More original content would be available for its viewers as they will be no time to edit the live broadcast
  • Video streaming services will get more personalized for their users worldwide
  • People would prefer video streams rather than cable connection
  • Video streaming rentals would not be applicable
  • Live video streaming of sports would become highly viewed

Live Streaming For Business

Live video streaming can be considered a boon for business. These days, companies are launching their new products through live video streams. The launch of Apple products is a scintillating example. Products can be advertised in a better way and videos infuse enthusiasm in audiences. Live video streaming helps organizations gain the first impressions. For all intents and purposes, live videos can be the first point of contact with the organization. Those firms which are using live streaming have a better progress rate as compared to those who are not using it.

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Live streaming for business can lead to profit generation and help in the overall success of the organization. Those live video streaming providers are considered the best which have the feature of the excellent viewing experience, branding, messaging, support and monetization.

Live streaming plays an important role in your business in the following ways:

  • Engages audience: Social media websites are very keen on making live streaming a significant option for their business. Facebook gives live stream content a boost on its live streaming platform. Videos generate more reach to the audience than any other content type. Videos need not be highly produced or scripted. Live streaming is a great chance for brands, to promote their usage.
  • Online videos demand: Videos are the best ways to communicate within the technical limitations. Users expect more content in videos. Social media websites like Facebook expects their platform would be all video for the next five years. Live video streaming improves the communication medium that enables to capture the experience of the viewers.
  • Television & Cable network at great risk: Television and cable network are being replaced with online contents. The higher the people start tuning in to live streaming, the higher are the opportunities open for brands to reach the targeted audience.

Use Most Popular Live Streaming Software: StreamNow:

The live streaming software can transmit live video and audio coverage of an event over the internet. Users can avail the benefits for free, per view basis, monthly basis. StreamNow is a widely used live streaming software which has several revenue channels. This reliable live streaming solution offers several features to serve as Ustream or Twitch clone. This has become the best solution for initiating live streaming events.


  • Communication: StreamNow has a systematic communication network. It is enabled with a chat system so as to help the users to discuss videos. This kind of network can help the businesses to enhance their brand value.


  • Best Service for Live streaming: StreamNow is endowed with continuous live streaming sans any technical issues. It streams every event in high definition quality and hence, it is said to be the best service. Many businesses are using SteamNow for better results.


  • Notifications: Viewers and users shall be notified of the latest and recent video events of the people they follow. In addition, they shall get updates about any activity such as events, sessions, webinars etc.


  • Administration: It has an efficient admin panel that gives a wide range of options to the users. Administration allows the users to delete a videos, flag or change the social login configurations.


  • Flexible Subscription Plans: To view a premium live streaming sessions, a user needs to subscribe. StreamNow has various flexible subscription plans for its users.


  • Transactions: Not all users may be convenient with the subscription plans. StreamNow offers a feature called pay per view which provides the user with the flexibility to pay for the videos which he/she watch. The payments are through PayPal which seamlessly facilitates payments from all over the globe. StreamNow offers other payment options too.


  • SEO friendly: StreamNow uses various strategies of SEO to attract potential and paying visitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) has an important role in digital marketing.


  • Compatible with Android/iOS App: Most of the online orders are from mobile devices. StreamNow is compatible with Android and iOS for the users of streaming business. It is available in the app stores.

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Live streaming has become ubiquitous and most of the tech companies are using live video streaming for creating new ways to improve their business. From social campaigns to product launches, live streaming provides opportunities to connect with an audience in real time.

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