Live streaming is now booming with the rapidly growing number of people and platforms looking to get into in the trend. Did you know the research says that video streaming market will eventually be a $70.5 billion industry by the year 2021? Live streaming has been widely adopted by the social platform like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat as video continues to dominate in these platforms.

Live Streaming will get wider acceptance not only in the social platforms and even in the television industry. In 2018, the expansion of live streaming in all sectors of business is inevitable; we will see more brands and businesses to make use of live video in the future. BUT as with all live streaming is any broadcast in real-time to an audience on the internet. Live streaming spaces the real-time engagement and experience with the audience and the brands which are likely preferred by the modern consumers. Live streams are perceived as more transparent and authentic by the consumers.

Aside from the benefits of growing engagement real-time experience, brand awareness live streaming provides a sense of excitement to your audience especially if they are allowed to interact. It makes your consumer feel inclusive and exclusive of the brands which would be more appealing to make a decision. Final takeaway for opting live streaming is more of cost-effective. Reduced cost means an increase in the revenues. In turn, the time and money saved allows you to spend even more on resources on the live streaming and grow your brand and promoting your products.

The infographic below gives a quick insight on why you should consider live video for your business or brand, which platforms to use, and what formats to explore.

How to live stream

How to live stream


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