Video on demand is a system that allows viewers to request immediate access to video content on their PCs or TVs. Video On Demand provides a wide selection of video programming including sports, entertainment, educational programs and feature films. In general, TV is based on broadcast technology, while video on demand is provided as a unicast transmission.

This term has become a revolution in the global market. You can watch your favourite TV Shows and movies online , through subscribing to any of the services , and the most important thing is that you can find your own profit-making idea in this trend and piggyback on the enormous success of video on-demand subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu.

One product which has evolved in the video streaming business is “StreamHash”, which allows you to start your own Video Streaming Venture by providing you the websites or the apps .

Advantages of Video on Demand

  • Simpler Content Delivery:

In many cases, it is easier to deliver on-demand content through the network because users can access it whenever they want, not just during a streaming event or period when the stream is available.

  • Convenience:

When video is kept on-demand, it is more convenient for everybody involved. While it is definitely easier for viewers, individuals uploading content also benefit because they do not have to deal with any parameters for setting up streaming events or live viewing.

What is the difference between Video on demand and Video Streaming Site ?

Video on demand such as Netflix is a subscription-based service that streams licensed content. Customers pay flat monthly fees for streaming and may stream or rent an unlimited amount of content.

YouTube, on the other hand is an advertising-supported site which hosts videos uploaded by registered users. Anyone, registered or not, may view them. When they do, they are exposed to ads. The rules, require that the uploaders  should not violate copyright.

So YouTube gets free content and sells ads, while Video on demand service distributes and creates licensed content and sells subscriptions.Any time you use a web site for free you aren’t the customer, you’re the product.

What is StreamHash ?

StreamHash is a new age video streaming business suite, a product for all the entrepreneurs who wants to start their own video streaming venture.

StreamHash provides you with the best Video Streaming Scripts which lets you post high quality videos with amazing graphics or themes with customisation and other features. You can watch the high quality (hd) videos with minimum buffering time.

By Using this software, you have got the minimum chances of server crash and you can let the user watch ample amount of videos without having to loose your bandwidth.

So , if you buy this product you get to access the most exciting features which streamhash has build to it’s consumers. The most cost effective and efficient way to start your video streaming venture.

Streamhash uses the nginx server , a high performance streaming server engine which saves your RAM to boost up the video streaming for Windows , Android as well as IOS devices.

So, by purchasing this software, it will let the entrepreneurs make their video streaming business reach to the enormous heights, due to its splendid features.

How StreamHash Works ?

StreamHash has a powerful admin panel, which is automated whenever the admin uploads videos for the users or allowing users to make payments. It process the whole flow or the architecture without any flaws or errors.

The user flow allows the users to login into their profile to browse or search into different video categories . It also lets them to change their profile settings or to pay for any services.

As an Entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur , who wants to start his own venture , can install the streamhash software and then he needs to register to the admin panel to access all the features but with some provisions. He will have the rights to change his website name and upload ample amount of videos with assigned subscriptions to the videos.

As a Customer:

The customer gets to access thousands of videos (whether subscription based or free) from different categories provided by the owner.

The customer can watch high streaming and high quality videos without any buffering , through the website or Android, iOS devices. He/she needs to login to the website to have access to the videos.

Advantages –

  1. The most convenient and the cheapest way to start your own business.
  2. It doesn’t need any other expense to run the business.
  3. It can be the best marketing platform.

StreamHash as Video On Demand:

StreamHash can be used as video on demand in which the users can stream lots of movies through subscription.

In this digital era, the video on demand and video streaming business has crossed more than 20$ billion as in 2017, and it will continue its expansion.

All you have to do is to purchase the streamhash software for the immense growth into your video streaming business.

The global revenue of the video streaming venture is increasing day by day has become the hot property in the industry, as it is the most perfect and the efficient way to start your own business, and take it to the new level.

Popular Video on Demand Startup:

“Eyethere” a mobile application platform enabling the user to create short form video requests, on demand, and receive specific and personalised content back from a pool of crowd sourced video shooters, within a specified deadline. There are 2 sides to the app.Requesters pay to get specified video on-demand, Shooters get paid to produce content.

There is lot of video content online now but the vast majority is generated for consumers by other people, media companies or corporates. Eyethere turns this process on its head, allowing the user to specifically request his or her own content to suit their personal wishes, at the time they want and in the precise location that they want it. The app uses Geolocation, a map feature and push notifications to coordinate, locate and alert users of video requests in their area.

Eyethere operates within several fast growing sectors of the internet, namely Mobile, Video, P2P networks and On-Demand services.

The company is based in United kingdom and it is started by Sunny Pal(Co-founder) and Angel Oritz(CPO)

Conclusion –

So , at last , the video on demand business is conquering the world , and with the softwares like streamhash which has shown an immense growth in the recent years, you can startup your own video streaming business in the easiest way.

Streamhash has helped many entrepreneurs in the recent years to generate higher revenue and growth into their business through their video streaming venture product.

That’s what makes streamhash so attractive because the entrepreneur can build their own startup and the consumers , through video on demand subscription, have the power to choose what they want to see and when they want to see.