With advancement in technology, innovative, as well as time efficient ways for communication both externally and internally in an organization, are required. Corporates are leveraging live video streaming techniques in innovative ways to effectively communicate the message.

For instance, Dunkin Donuts is using live streaming ideas to involve their on-field employees to be connected with all the events and information happening at their center. Also, the senior management is able to communicate about the performance of the company in the video. In this way,people feel connected and updated about the performance. Similarly, Buzzfeed is using live streaming for business. They earn money through advertisements, as there is no product, service or commodity to sell. Their famous watermelon video, being 45-minute-long, attracted a lot of viewers because it kept them curious and engaged till the end.

Another example is of Tough Muddler. They use live streaming ideas to promote their events and even post videos as testimonials from their existing employees on their website. This helps them in attracting future employees and the prospects one can enjoy while working with them.

There are many ways Corporate can use Live Streaming video, such as the following:

  • For Conducting Meetings:

There is no better way to conduct a meeting other than live streaming it. The benefit of conducting corporate live streaming through live streaming software is that people feel more engaged and connected and get to know about their team-mates and other involved people in a better way. It also rules out the possibility of misunderstandings and communication gap.

The team leads introduce their respective team members and then acknowledge their contribution in the team with other team members as well as with the management. This allows people to have genuine and honest opinions about the nature of work each employee does. The agenda is more clearly listed out, therefore confusion is minimized and the time involved in exchanging mails to get the work done is considerably reduced, resulting in better productivity.

There are situations where discussions over topics require people to be physically present, but to make sure this would require people to travel exclusively. Therefore, live streaming idea through streaming software can be a very effective and well sought out idea. It makes the environment as if everyone is in the same room, which makes people respond better, with clearer picture in mind to achieve the main goal. Various teams can comfortably sort out any form of communication gaps arising from inadequate ways of communication, which will result in more productivity and synchrony among the teams.

  • Communication to Employees:

In large organizations, it is not possible to engage and communicate with each of your employees, but you require them to be connected to the organization. Also you want them to be aware of the latest happenings of the market and how company is responding to it, its performance in previous quarter and how the shift in strategy (if at all is there) would benefit employees etc. In these situations, and others, top executive leadership takes the route of corporate live streaming.

They try to communicate their message in a video via live streaming software and make sure they cover all the major points they wish to communicate to their employees. Executives take into account that people often prefer visual content than written content, therefore they use the corporate live streaming route for effective communication with their employees.

The data shows that, in general, the top performers in the company hold the most viewership of these kinds of videos, which clearly shows how beneficial the live streaming idea can be for the company. These people align their personal objectives with the corporate objective to produce maximum efficiency, and these live streaming videos via streaming software help them to be updated.

  • Recruiting candidates :

The Human resource department has to shell out significant amount in organizing infrastructures to recruit people. Corporate live streaming through streaming software can allow HR people to recruit people over a live streaming video in the similar fashion as they would do otherwise. All that is required is a good live streaming software, good internet connectivity and Laptop or Computer at respective ends. This live streaming idea saves time and effort of both the employees and employers since one is not required to travel extensively for the recruitment process.

Going further, the live streaming idea can be also used in on-boarding the new employees, all the necessary details and procedures can be communicated to them through live streaming videos. Live streaming idea can also be further utilized by communicating people about the Do’s and Don’ts of the company, and various events and policies initiated by the organization.

  • Proactive Sales Team :

Sales teams which are required to be on-field can largely benefit from the live streaming videos, as it allows them to respond to the queries posted by the buyers more efficiently and convincingly. The on demand live streaming video allows people to post their comment about the product or service instantly as a result of which, there is an immediate feedback available to the sales team about the reaction of the people on the product and service. This makes them use their business acumen and align their potential and strategies to communicate to the buyers, with much more ease and commitment.

It also allows them to have a better coordination with the executive management team, as to suggest any improvements. If necessary, improvements can be incorporated in the product or service. Thus, corporate live streaming video allows the sales team to take proactive steps, and contribute to the organization well.

  • Covering Events :

live video streaming

Covering events through live streaming videos allow brands to have a better engagement with the audience. They may host interviews, can show the backstage activities live and can plan and produce anything which would attract audiences’ interest. This can also be used as a platform to acquire new sponsors.

At many places, many of the company’s employees work on field, so in order to make them feel connected and also allow them to experience the event happening at the workplace live on their screens can be a great booster in employee productivity as it will communicate the intentions of the company that it cares for each and every employee.

Therefore, corporate live streaming can be a great booster in covering events and reporting them live to employees, customers and etc.  Live coverage of the event organized by the organization also instigates interest among the people about the style of working of the organization, thus paving way for future employees as some of them might see their interests well aligned with the kind of work company is doing and how its employees are participating in full throttle to make the event a success.

Live Streaming of Corporate Social Responsibility events spreads the image of the company in the concerned people’s mind and they accept the brand in an empathetic way. They support their initiatives.

  • Live Customer Support :

There is no better alternative than communicating with the customer live as it is the most personalized version of providing support to the customer. This solves many purposes; first of all, it allows the support staff person to acknowledge the problem well.

The support person can understand the problem faced by the customer live; there will be no delay in coming to the point. This will save a lot of time both at customer end and at support end. If the support person is well competent, he or she will not be going to take much of the time of the customer to zero in on the problem and provide an appropriate solution through corporate live streaming video via streaming software.

The customer, on the other hand, will have a much more satisfying service and will definitely go to speak good words about the company’s support system, which in turn will benefit the company in the long run.

  • Live Video for Investor Meetings :

Many companies are relying on live streaming ideas to hold their shareholder meetings. The prime purpose for this is that it rules out the time and effort people have to make to travel and be physically present at the decided venue for the meeting. This, in turn, helps them to compensate for the cost involved in traveling.

Further, in order to have a clear understanding of things, they can have the recording of the live streaming video and replay it after to fetch any kind of report or chart to map out any strategy later with accurate data and information. Thus, corporate live streaming video benefits greatly to the shareholders from every direction. Also, if at all they require physical meeting to be conducted, they can conduct small live streaming meetings for the bigger physical meeting, so as to fetch maximum benefit from the physical meeting.

Corporate live streaming video thus will solve many purposes of shareholder’s meetings and will allow them to organize their strategies well.

  • Training Videos :

Live Stream training videos can be used very effectively in training videos in corporate organizations. This concept will help employees in grasping the training with better ease and receptivity. Corporate live streaming training videos will help the organization to impart training to thousands of employees at the same time. It will allow a great amount of data to be given to the employees more quickly and efficiently.

The live streaming training will allow employees to have direct interaction with the instructor, thus clearing all sorts of doubts, if they arise. It is clearly better than the passive form of training, which employees term as useless and don’t often pay much attention to it. The active form of training video can instill their interest in knowing about the subject, which is being taught in their training. They will understand its seriousness in a better way, thus will respond in a better way.

Therefore, using live streaming idea to convey a message or training will greatly benefit the employee as well as the organization.

  • Communicating to Franchises :

It is often a great challenge to communicate to franchises about the organization policies, updates and style of working. The live streaming ideas can greatly benefit the organization in this front. It is often observed that many franchises of the same organization don’t contribute in the same amount or do not operate in the similar fashion.

The subtle differences owing to the geography or region are anyway good, but large deviation from the organization style can result in a loss of the brand image. In order to have a certain sense of uniformity and have a sense of engagement with franchises, live video conferencing can make a great difference.

Corporate live streaming videos will help franchises feel that they belong to the organization, and in turn, they will work with more motivation to achieve quality results in respective services or products. This will also allow business leaders to be connected toa large number of franchises at the same time, thus reducing time and effort to visit each one of them and explain the updates of the organization.

  • Marketing :

This is a section where organizations can make use of corporate live streaming videos in a variety of ways. Marketing is all about putting the product or service in the market, in such a way that it reaches the intended audience in a way company desires. Therefore, it lays out the possibility of using live streaming ideas to communicate with the consumers, buyers, distributers, franchise owners and others.

Organizing an event and conducting a live streaming video interview in order to engage audiences about the product or service is one of many ways company can use live streaming in marketing. People greatly connect with celebrities and their lifestyle, therefore celebrity brand ambassadors’ interviews can be live streamed using streaming software to make people engage with the brand or product or service in the most exciting of ways.

StreamNow: For Live Streaming


StreamNow app is available for both iPhone and Android phones. It will allow the user to view 4 cameras at the same time, and will also capture the live stream video which can then be played after the streaming is over. It has the facility of panning, zooming and it also allows the user to take the still images, which will be stored in the phone device. All you require is a stable internet connection to make it work seamlessly.

It is a great app for streaming live videos and use as per one’s requirement and need. All the corporate live streaming videos can be streamed on this software, as it provides a great live streaming platform for corporates to solve their requirements. It comes with many monetization features.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for insights on live streaming video. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about corporate live streaming. My best wishes are with you and your live streaming venture. Cheers!


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