Stop Uploading Your Video on YouTube for Free. Start Connecting with Video-On-Demand Platform

Stop Uploading Your Video on YouTube for Free. Start Connecting with Video-On-Demand Platform

YouTube is a powerful video-sharing platform and the most effective way to showcase your creation as it gives better exposure to your videos. There is no denying the fact. As a google affiliated with over a billion users, YouTube is the largest search engine, second to google. However, is it very helpful in making a profit by uploading your videos? When it comes to making a profit, YouTube lacks a lot of things. In this scenario, uploading your videos on Live streaming platform is a great idea to generate more revenue. Instead of uploading your videos on sites like YouTube, you have to take advantage of technology to establish a professional online presence. If you have a live video streaming platform on your own, you can upload your videos without any restrictions from third-party.

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Video content providers, here is why you have to create your video on demand platform instead of uploading your video on YouTube for free.

Own Your Creative Work


Uploading your videos on YouTube will have restrictions on your creatives. What does a video on demand platform mean to Streaming Video Content providers? It must give the creator adequate freedom to decide how the videos must be showcased to users. On your own video platform, no one will remove your videos without letting you know.

You can also decide whether you want to sell video content online for free or for a price. A video on demand website of your own is just like a platform where you have full control of the feel, design, audio, and behavior completely. This is your place where you can invite your audience to create a brand identity by customizing things from header to footer.

Spread Your Influence

If you wonder how to sell video content online, a video on demand platform is a website that allows your audience to buy your creations. You can also integrate your social media profiles on the website which enable you to spread your influence even further. You can take a step to further spread your influence through forums or your website blog. The video-on-demand platform serves as an opportunity to present your creations and people know about your brand even more in detail.

Offer Exclusive Content

If you are a good Video-on-demand content provider, never do it for free. Because you can actually make good revenue from it and offer exclusive content to entice your target audience. For example, if you are a video creator offering fitness content, you can post a preview video of your new workout series. On YouTube, it is possible to offer the initial session of your workout videos as a free demo.

Whereas, on your website, you can sell the entire workout series for a given price. You can also sync the content from your social media on your website. The best part? You can double the benefits by increasing your website reach and video views on your site and on the Live streaming platform as well. Once you have your content forever on your site, it helps in turning your casual visitors to a devoted audience.

Engage With Your Audience

Even the most popular YouTube celebrities have their own website to keep their audience updated. Use your website to engage your audience as the popular influencers do. On your website, you can interact with your audience by keeping them informed about your upcoming events, ticket sales, exciting discounts, tours, etc.

Grow Your Business Potential

A Live streaming platform is the best place to promote your business. Unlike YouTube, if you have your website, you can create newsletters. Through this, your community can receive the first look of your videos and they would always be updated and informed. Additionally, your video platform will help you grow an email subscription list of valuable contacts by adding the info of every user who signs up.


Leo Laporte has a YouTube channel and now he is a part of the Drupal-powered, an internet podcast network. When you have your own platform, the choices are endless and there are plenty of ways to promote yourself as a brand. No matter what your requirements are- An online portfolio, film trailer site or a production blog, you will have a place to direct your audience too.

How To Implement Video On Demand?

With on-demand platforms, the number of videos and the duration of videos allowed is unlimited. As bandwidth and viewing are unlimited, you don’t have to worry about the costs involved for bandwidth. While the reach of YouTube videos is quite broad considering its popularity, your own video on demand platform allows you to deliver videos to a global market along with a variety of other features. Beyond all, video on demand platforms can allow video content creators to set up their storefront in any language from the landing page to the billing page. It also allows subtitles and closed captioning in any language.

Designing Your Video-On-Demand Platform

Once you have the right foundation, you can start by designing your video-on-demand platform. Consider this as the user experience part of the whole process. You have to design and build all the parts of your website that your customers will come in contact with or see through your marketing strategies. You can add in features like images, layouts, logos and have to stick to the coding framework. Here are some essential features for designing your video-on-demand platform.

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Video Focused Platform

When you design an on-demand platform to showcase your videos, the website has to be well equipped to focus on displaying and categorizing your videos.

Mobile Responsive

Your website has to be mobile friendly with responsive themes which adapts to smartphones and tablets.

Static Landing Pages

Create pages on your website for people to subscribe to your mailing list and purchase your products.

SEO Ready

Your website theme must also allow the pages to be SEO ready.


Video on demand is expanding from a marketing strategy and evolving into a business model. Popular video-on-demand platforms like YouTube has a built-in audience, but if you want to generate good income selling videos online, hosting your video on demand platform is the ideal way. Having a video platform facilitates Streaming Video Content providers to keep the viewers informed about the new updates and additions, which is an excellent selling point. On-demand streaming platforms are not only evolving as a significant part of business models, but they are also actually the foundations of most businesses. It is a great way to create a solid user base while making a good ROI by sharing your video creations.

How to Make Money on Twitch – Tips for All the Gamers

How to Make Money on Twitch – Tips for All the Gamers

Being a professional game streamer is no less than a real job. There is nothing more satisfying and exciting than to be able to do what you like the most for a living. If you are someone who is addicted to gaming, can’t live without your hobby, have a combination of business knacks, and communication skills, you are eligible to make money with Twitch.

What Is Twitch

To start with, Twitch is a popular video game streaming service by Amazon. In 2011, Twitch was launched with a sole focus on video games, but later it was expanded to include streams dedicated to music, shows, artworks, and occasional TV series. The streaming service boasts over 2 million unique streamers each month and thousands of these users make money through the Twitch partner program.

Later in 2014,  Twitch was purchased by Amazon. Twitch partner program is nothing but a service which offers streamers with additional features like ad placements and paid subscriptions. While not all streamers on Twitch has quit their job, it is true that an impressive number of people make a full time living out of it by live streaming games. Users make money through different ways like micro-donations (Bits), recurring paid subscriptions, sponsorships, affiliate sales, and ads. However, achieving impressive financial success on Twitch involves hard work and dedication as the most popular Twitch partners stream 5-7 days every week to stabilize their user base.

Different Ways To Earn With Twitch

Twitch Bits


In Twitch, accepting donations from viewers is a common way to earn while streaming. The official donation system of Twitch is Bits, which is available only for Twitch partners and affiliates. However, it is not the ones that enable sending money to a streamer with just the push of a button, it is more complicated. Bits are a type of digital currency, which can be purchased from Twitch with real cash using amazon payments.

Twitch bits can be used within Twitch’s chat box to trigger audio and video alerts onscreen. Streamers can earn special badged for using their bits. The more bits they use, the higher the rank of badges they can earn. A Twitch streamer earns $1 for every 100 bits used during the stream.

Ask for Donations

Once you sign up to the stream, you can add a donation button in your channel to allow viewers to send in their contributions. Donations can range from $1 to thousands of dollars. Another easy way to accept donations is via PayPal. You can also set up a PayPal link to receive donations. Accepting donations on Twitch is a common practice. When you grow your channel and have millions of followers, you can opt to become a Twitch partner.


Subscription Programs

Twitch affiliates and partners can accept monthly subscriptions from the audience. One subscription costs around $4.99 each month. For every subscription, the streamer receives 50% of that revenue. So most streamers receive $2.50 for each monthly subscription from viewers. With subscriptions, viewers gain access to badges and emoticons which shows up in the chat. Subscriptions are just like a token of appreciation and loyalty from viewers.


For example, TSM_Hamlinz is a top twitch streamer with over 1 million (1973352) subscribers who has multiple brand partnership with brands like Lenovo, GrubHub, GFuel,, Logitech, etc. All the brands which he is a part of being featured in his twitch profile too. He also offers a 3 tier subscription plan for his followers with many perks. He is a part of Team Solo Mid or TSM Premiere ESports team based in the US.

A newer benefit to the Twitch subscription is the addition of Twitch prime. When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get a free Twitch subscription per month. In 2019, almost everyone has an amazon prime membership and Twitch primes have considerably increased the incomes streamers receive.

Ad Revenue

Revenue earned from advertisements is a monetization tool available only to Twitch partners. When a stream activates their commercial button, viewers receive a video ad. Twitch monitors the number of views for each ad and keep track of the same. Streamers are paid a fixed amount per 1000 views. That figure is referred to as Cost per Mile or CPM.

CPM rate changes are not just based on the quantity, but also on the quality of advertisers bidding to Twitch. Generally, the CPM rate varies between $1-$10. The duration between each can be adjusted by streamers accordingly. While the CPM range seems small, when you break it down it becomes more impressive. For example, a streamer earns 1000 views for an 8-hour stream display ad that displays three times per hour with a CPM rate of $3. This means that the streamer receives $3 per and $9 per hour.

In total, that day they will receive $72 as ad revenue. However, not every user allows advertisements between streams, most of them use ad-block. But don’t get discouraged, ads are still a significant component to earn money with live streaming on Twitch.

How to Become a Twitch Affiliate and Partner?


To become a Twitch affiliate and partner, you got to know the statistical requirements. Here are some of the requirements to qualify as a Twitch affiliate.

  • You must stream for over 500 minutes in the last 30 days.
  • You must stream on 7 separate days in the last 30 days.
  • You must have had the latest 3 viewers for every time you streamed in the last 30 days.
  • You need to have at least 50 followers.

Now that you know these requirements, how do you get there? Don’t worry. Though it seems a tough task, you can achieve the goal if you follow these.

  • Small goals
  • Community building
  • Quality of your stream

To gain more followers, play games you like and enjoy. Then you will earn viewers who have a similar liking and you can build a community. Ensure that you have a consistent brand name across your social media channels. Interact with the community you build so it makes people follow you.

Twitch Partner Requirements

  • Become a Twitch affiliate
  • You must have streamed above 25 in the last month.
  • You must have streamed on 12 separate days it the last month.
  • You must have at least 75 consistent viewers for every streamed content in the last month.

Twitch has a very consistent system to track these achievements. It is called “Path to partner: If you have achieved Twitch affiliate status, then the next task is to earn 75+ viewers on every stream. Out of all, this might be the most difficult one to achieve. The length and the number of the stream can be easily controlled, but not the number of views. The only way to achieve this is to improve your viewing experience so that viewers come back to you every time. Start with less popular games and even after earning Twitch affiliate, follow the same. Play less famous games until you form a foundation of consistent viewership. The audience will follow you no matter what game is played.

Tips to Become a Twitch Affiliate and Partner

Keep Improving Your Stream Quality

The key to earning a consistent viewer base would be to keep improving the quality of your stream. Do not let audio issues, overlays, donations not showing up, etc. get on your way to Twitch partnership. To keep it going you can even use any great live streaming platforms where you can manage chatbots, loyalty, themes, overlays, etc. Make use of the tools available to offer stunning graphics, overlays and improve the quality of presentation to your community.

Be Social

When you have a community, it becomes important to interact with them on a consistent basis. Keep expanding your audience by interacting and collaborating with other streamers.


Melipastel is a popular partnered variety streamer for Twitch.TV who streams on almost every genre including action, role play, platform, shooter or anything that perks her fancy. She joined Twitch in October 2014 and going strong with 1,82,326 followers in her list. She offers subscriptions for an affordable fee which include perks like subscriber badges, chat, ad-free, private group access, song requests, subscription-only games, and giveaways. She streams mainly between PS4 and PC. She is quite active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Check what do other streamers overlays look like. What about their panels below the stream? What they do on their website and social media. Never copy others, but to learn from them, and develop your personal style which sets you apart from other streamers. Make efforts to welcome new viewers by calling out their user names. Put your chat ahead of anything else.

Find a Schedule and Stick To It

To be consistent with your streams, you must create a schedule that works for you and your audience. Once you define a schedule, make sure that you stick on to it. Some slots might be more accessible than others. Maybe you can stream only during the morning or in events. Try different streaming slots throughout the day to choose the one comfortable for you and what yield more average viewers.


Jenna is a true passionate streamer who started gaming on XBOX at the age of 5. Being a full-time streamer she has got a follower base of 1,92,960 with just 46 videos. She currently plays Fortnite, Apex Legends, Oldschool Runescape, Stronghold Crusader, and Stronghold 2. Her twitch channel is growing fast and she is an active streamer who streams randomly but almost every day of the week she will be active.

Develop Your Personal Brand

Streamers behave and look entirely different from what they really are while they stream. If you decide to change your getup or wear a particular outfit to create a character while streaming, you are free to do whatever that makes you confident. There is no limit to what you can come up with as long as it adheres to the terms of service of Twitch. The way you present yourself to your viewers helps you develop a unique brand that your audience will identify. When you start with, think about creating your personal brand.

Set up a Perfect Stream with Advanced Visuals

The most popular streamers on Twitch not only has a great sound set up, but they also use lots of advanced video and visual setups. A combination of audio effects, transitions and stunning graphics throughout the streaming sessions will make your viewers happy. These days, with all the access to modern technology, it is quite simple to create different scenarios around your stream. You just have to be creative with overlays and animations. Try using images and graphics to customize your channel for a theme and pretty look and feel.


The key to making the most money out of your streaming in Twitch is to gain viewership. As views of your stream increase, the money you earn will also go up. What you need to understand is, making money on Twitch is not as easy as it sounds. Like anything else in your life, building a community on Twitch from the ground needs a lot of dedication and hard work. Behind every success story you see on Twitch, there are thousands of streamers who tried to recreate it and failed. Most of the times streamers fail because they were just copying others and couldn’t build their own brand with consistency. Hard work, consistency, passion, and dedications are what will help you to make money as a Twitch streamer. Most Twitch affiliate partnerships are for video games or video game-related merchandise. With these tips and tricks, you can make an insane amount of money by streaming your favorite games through Twitch.

What Type of Video Streaming Business Should I Start? How Much Money Can I Make with Streaming Business?

What Type of Video Streaming Business Should I Start? How Much Money Can I Make with Streaming Business?

Are you here to know what type of video streaming business to start with?

But where do you start? 

With so many options available out there, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities…

While you are jumping through hoops to start a video streaming service…

It’s important to narrow down what exactly you want to streamline and achieve.

And it’s really not about finding the cheapest source or best platform in the market. It’s all about choosing the right platform that possesses the greatest number of attributes that could benefit you or your business. 

Here at StreamHash, over the years we’ve witnessed all the video streaming business models that cite the benefits of reaching the broad audience worldwide and generating revenue.

And based on our keen research and analysis we have made a product for video streaming and live streaming businesses…

This blog outlines you a comparison chart of the video streaming product and its features to help you out choose the best for your business requirement.

Our product helps businesses bridge the gap between offline and online when it comes to Video Streaming (Live and On-Demand) by providing an end-to-end video streaming platform in one-time investment.

Now try to identify for yourself which product and associated features are most necessary for your streaming goals. What are the non-negotiables? On which features could you compromise?

If you’re already a customer of one of the video streaming platforms, why did you choose it? Are you satisfied with the services you’ve received so far?

The answer to the above question will bring your brand a unique identity and thus stand out from the crowd…

So if you are thinking about venturing into on-demand or Live Streaming anytime soon, our comparison chart can help you get some sense into the way forward.

However, it’s quite difficult to keep up with every detail as an aspiring entrepreneur you might come with something different sight… In that case, send us an email or leave us a comment below and we’ll get it fixed!

How a movie gets released on Netflix video streaming site

How a movie gets released on Netflix video streaming site

A limited number of people during the mid-stages of the year 2017 have shifted their attention to video streaming services for Netflix. They have certainly discarded the DVD subscription which is not in trend anymore.

Want your concocted movie or short film to be a part of Netflix movie releases? Netflix offers you a hand to do so. Movies like “War Machine” which have exclusively been released on Netflix by Plan B have acquired a lot of fame and insurmountable revenue during the past few months. Why not give your venture a shot?

The current generation has labeled Netflix as the top-notch platform for the streaming of movies, documentaries as well as TV-series. They call it the “Golden Goose” of this batch of people. A notion has been created that if your movie is not on Netflix then your endeavor is unsuccessful.

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There are some crucial specks which will help you to get your movie released on Netflix:



There are a couple of approaches to add video streaming services to your line, which now works more like an indication of motion pictures you need to watch and less like a conveyance framework.

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To begin with, in the event that you hold your mouse cursor over a motion picture poster you will notice that a little window will fly up. You can either tap on the “+ Instant Queue” button to quickly spare the motion picture for later use, or you can tap on the motion picture title to be taken to the film’s fundamental data page where you can take in more about the flick and maybe add it to your line.


Many people favored the previous home page to the new “Exhibition View”. It used to be simpler to add movies to your archive and when you tapped on a movie poster, you went directly to the film’s data page as opposed to the media player for moment playback. On the off chance that you truly need the old design, “The old homepage” link will come to your aid.


One of the fundamental cons about Netflix Instant is its assumed “absence of segregation.”

“There aren’t sufficient great films gushing on Netflix” is the consistent complain that is going on for some time now about the administration.

It has been discovered that with the help of rating heaps of films truly enables Netflix or other video streaming sites to decide the nature of movies or TV-shows it prescribes. It is also crucial to state that it has a ton of valued movies, only if you are able to extend your points of view a bit.

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Tap on the “Suggestions for you” page on the prime label and afterward “Rate Shows and Movies” on the toolbar underneath and go to work. It is additionally useful to sort in your most loved titles into the hunt bar, go to their pages, and rate them with a 5-star with the goal that Netflix recognizes what you like.

The organization has put a great deal of exertion and cash into its suggestion calculation, and with the end goal for Netflix to work to its maximum capacity; it needs all of your contributions as could be expected.


You might very well realize that Netflix does not require a tumult procedure in order to work upon a request made by a movie maker. Rather, upon emailing Netflix personnel, your content can be popped up on Netflix. A well-concocted email is what your utmost priority must be.

 You must understand and acknowledge the fact that uploading your flick over Netflix would require you to step on the Netflix database itself which is actually a tough asks. You might as well have a very scanty access to its database.

The database of Netflix can be described as an archive of numerous movie and TV-shows that can be taken into account for a Netflix release. Now there must be several questions formulated in your mind which includes the query of how would get an access to the database? In the immediate next speck we are going to dig into this.


Such a proposition is impractical and impassable. Netflix would never give access to its database since the encryption is stronger than ever. Streamview is one such software which concocts a solid platform with the vision of movie compression and encryption.

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However, if you have top level contacts in the Netflix neighborhood it might still be a detrimental venture but some middle agents or third parties might formulate encroachment.

Getting one of these wholesalers on board, be that as it may, presents its own challenges and, to some degree amusingly, video streaming services itself is executing your shot of getting on Netflix, with DVD deals through the floor, merchants are hesitant to go up against autonomous motion pictures in this market since the profits from Netflix are so low.

Currently, this is the only disheartening news off the path. There is a non-mainstream independent organization with the name of “Distribber” that can help get your indie project streaming over Netflix and the greater part of the other real video streaming services.

Even if “Distribber” charges an expense of up to $1,600, you still get to keep all rights to your movie and in addition 100% of the income it goes ahead to make.


Let us make an assumption that you have already paved a path for yourself to get into the Netflix network. The immediate next step advises you to create a relationship based on the trust between the admin and the one uploading it.

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 Your movies will only be certified if the content is impeccable and has the capability to engage an abundant audience to it. How you will be able to prove this is your concern. You have to show that your movie would allure a huge number of audiences and with that confidence; Netflix will stream your venture on their channel.

An archive also known as “queue demand” is introduced where individuals should ask or request Netflix to upload their content.

It will befit you to do a major showcasing push and ask everybody you know to do this. Such an initiative exclusively will not only enhance your odds of getting your independent film streaming on Netflix, however, it’ll additionally expand the sum you’ll get for it if while they make you an offer.


Unlike most video streaming services, Netflix does not incorporate a pay-per-view model since it is not dependent on the revenue generated by endorsements. In place of that, it makes you eligible for a one –time fee in order to generate a license which will give you the access to stream your flick to abundant audience.

Do you have an estimate of what amount will this be? Such a conclusion is impossible to draw since it depends colossally on the request; however, it’s typically less than what you had expected it to be. Forecast a four-figure arrangement, and acclaim the stars on the off chance that you get five figures.


As the sequence claim has all the earmarks of being the greatest factor for the accomplishment in Netflix’s ambiguous choice process, there is some proof to propose different contemplations are made.

A foolproof IMDB posting, an extraordinary score on Rotten Tomatoes, and gigantic press release may help get your autonomous film on Netflix, and ought to be on your schedule in any case.

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An intelligent way to deal with film circulation is to expel any and each boundary in the passage between your movie and a potential watcher as could be allowed, and you require a justifiable reason not. Break the shackles for your viewers as well as start exploring other video streaming services.


Your content once pitched to Netflix, will require some weeks to get a feedback or to go live. Your benefactor will directly be responsible and will bargain with Netflix once your video content is approved.

Once approved, your marketing team will blend with numerous whole-sellers and retailers to endorse your movie. Your administrator must have all the necessary artwork and streaming files for distribution reasons.

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You might not get a lot of positive feedback once your flick is uploaded on Netflix. But, there is nothing to worry about it since there is a probability that Netflix might have chosen a similar motion picture recently.

In case you are looking for a Netflix clone and you are sure that this will suffice your needs then you can certainly look out for a white-label solution branded as “Streamview” allowing you to create a website with features similar to Netflix.

“Streamview” comes up with a delicate Netflix clone developing script that encourages you to commence your own video-on-demand platform. This video-on-demand content of our own is very versatile and can be redone to suit your necessities which will involve adjusting the front-end UI, including highlights in any portable applications such as mobile apps.

The video on request programming that you get from “Streamview” will be a clone with all the standard highlights of Netflix, yet this enterprise will work with you through any progressions you require in monetizing, outlining, customizing, arrangement, facilitating and upgrading issues.

It is crucial to state that Netflix movie releases depend on factors which are certainly not a forte for slow thinkers. Your content needs to be out-of-the-box and impeccable which would drive ample traffic to your venture. Remember your movie will be rated depending on the actors you have appointed, the cinematography, the direction and the marketing strategies Incorporated.

A Guide to use StreamView to Simulate Netflix Business Model

A Guide to use StreamView to Simulate Netflix Business Model

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a well known American Entertainment Company. It is a leading company in the field of providing streaming and video on demand services- both online and DVD by mail. On 29th August, 1997, Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in California. Though it started its business with DVD sales and Blu-ray rental services, it ventured into vod services in 2007. In 2017, this vod platform explored into the content-producing industry with “House of Cards” being its debut series. Since then, it has released more than 126 original movies and television series under its banner “Netflix Original”.

Netflix has emerged as the largest video on demand platform in the entertainment industry. Streaming on Netflix is available in 190 countries, which clearly shows its wide reach. As of July 2017, Netflix had a whopping subscriber base of 103.95 million worldwide, which includes 51.92 million in the United States only. As of 2016, revenue generated by Netflix is around $8.83 billion, and its net income is at $187 million.

Netflix Business Model:

The highlight of Netflix Business Model is that it categorizes its users based on psychographics and not on demographics.

Users have been segmented into 3 basic groups in terms of psychographics:

Users who are busy and don’t want to go out for movies

Users who love watching movies and rent them to watch

Users who want to save their money and want to have the best

The Netflix Business Model is based on the following points:

  • The initial step is to purchase the commercial rights or acquire a license of the streaming content from their original production houses.
  • Managing and maintaining a smooth platform which can be used to broadcast the acquired content seamlessly.
  • Offering various kinds of attractive offers such as a free one-month subscription to lure new users to join.
  • Providing satisfying service to the users so that the new users convert into paid subscribers, and existing users become recurring subscribers.
  • Updating the platform with new and exciting content regularly so as to maintain the subscriber base.

How Netflix makes Money:

For the video on demand business, Netflix offers 3 different membership plans for the subscription which is based on streaming quality and screen count for accessing the content concurrently:

Standard Definition Plan: It allows streaming of content in standard definition quality on a single screen at a time.

High Definition Plan: It allows streaming of content in High Definition quality on two screens concurrently.

Ultra-high Definition Plan: It allows streaming of content in Ultra High Definition quality on four screens concurrently.

The subscription fee for these plans varies from country to country.

In the DVD rental services, the membership plans differ by the number of DVDs a subscriber possess during a specific time and number of discs per month. In order to enjoy streaming on high definition Blu-ray discs, in addition to the standard definition, subscribers have to pay additional amount.

Cost incurred by Netflix:

The profit generated by Netflix cannot solely be assessed by considering the membership plans. For that, various expenses incurred by Netflix have to be considered. These are explained below:

  • Licensing Cost:

In order to achieve a legalized platform for streaming series and movies, Netflix has to invest to acquire license and content which varies for different content.

  • Content Acquisition Cost:

Content Acquisition is an essential component for vod business in case of Netflix. This involves procuring streaming and DVD content from distributors, studios, and other mediums, which are done through direct purchases, revenue sharing agreements, and license agreements. For delivery of streaming content, Netflix takes the help of its own content delivery network (known as Open Connect) and third party content delivery networks. For delivery of Discs in the United States, there is a network of shipping centers for delivery and returns of DVDs which are also managed by Netflix.

  • Production Cost:

In 2013, Netflix started its own online library of films and television series under the brand name “Netflix Originals”. This strategy not only helped Netflix to promote its own exclusive streaming content but also helped it to evade licensing costs. However, the production cost for the Netflix Originals content requires very high expenditure.

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  • Marketing Cost:

With the emergence and acceptance of vod services, many more video streaming players have joined the bandwagon. This has increased the competition and there are major players as well as new players who are giving Netflix a tough competition, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. To get the edge over its competitors, Netflix has to invest a huge amount for its marketing. The marketing cost involves payments to affiliates, expense on advertisements and expense incurred on device partners. Besides that, the company has to also bear the first month expenses for every new subscriber as the first-month subscription is free for new users.

  • Research and Development Cost:

Research and development sector is an essential sector of any industry, and this is applicable to Netflix also. This department is responsible for determining the growth of an industry in the future. Netflix invests a high amount of money in ‘Netflix Inc. Research and Development’ department.  Netflix Inc.’s research and development for the three months ended in Jun. 2017 was $267 million. Its research and development for the trailing twelve months (TTM) ended in Jun. 2017 which was $965 million.

  • Technology and development Cost:

Netflix has a huge subscriber base of millions and they may stream content on Netflix at the same time, which will increase the traffic on its server. So, in order to provide hassle-free and smooth streaming experience, Netflix has collaboration with many ISPs to reduce the load on its own server, by using the embedded deployments of Open Connect Appliance. The company has to bear heavy costs for the collaboration. Technology and development costs also include expenses involved in designing the application for all the latest devices or updating the application for the existing devices, streaming delivery technology costs, and other infrastructural costs.

  • General and Administrative Cost

These costs include payroll and other expenses for the corporate personnel. These also include professional and partnership fees related to administration of the company.

  • Miscellaneous Cost

Besides the above-mentioned costs, Netflix has to bear other costs such as payment processing fees, the cost for dispatching of discs, and distribution of costs for the streaming content library, etc.

How StreamView can be used to replicate Netflix

StreamView Netflix

Streamview is one of the best movie streaming softwares. With the help of Streamview, one can easily launch a Netflix-like venture. You will get Netflix clone script which will help you in starting your own video streaming site. Streamview will provide you video on demand platform which is highly scalable and can easily be customized as per your needs and requirements. You can modify the UI, add features to the mobile app, and modify its front end and do much more. Apart from this, you will get all the features you are getting from Netflix and the executives will work with you so that you can make all the changes you want in the design, development, hosting, deployment, and maintenance.

Features of StreamView:

Have a look at its amazing features

  • Nginx Server: Stremview will convert the HTTP format into RTMP and HLS format for your website, iOS, and Android. This will enable the user to watch the video without waiting for the buffer time. You will feel the difference yourself.
  • Upload Videos: You can easily upload unlimited number of videos and can use any channel to do so. Some of the channels supported are Amazon S3 Bucket, YouTube link, Website Link or Normal uploads. Steamview supports all.
  • Subscription: You can upload trailers for your videos. Allow users to watch them without any fee but to watch the whole video let them subscribe to your platform or let them pay for it. It is the best way to earn.
  • Pay Per View: Some users might not be willing to pay for the whole month as they are surfing other channels as well. So, with Streamview, you can allow them to pay one time for the video. Use the Pay per view feature of Streamview, which you won’t get anywhere else.
  • SEO Optimized: Streamview provides the best digital marketing features. You will get all SEO settings which you can set as per your need from the admin panel. It will help you in getting higher ranking in the search results.
  • Banner Videos: You can use featured videos on the banners to get more clicks and to make more money. You will get more subscriptions via this feature.

Streamview has some of the amazing features which you won’t get anywhere else. That is the reason it’s getting such a high demand in such a short time. Use it to witness the difference yourself.

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Top 8 Best Video Streaming Services 2017

Top 8 Best Video Streaming Services 2017

Live streaming is a process of sending multimedia encoded content, especially video or audio across the network so that users and followers can view it immediately as per as their requirement. Users can download the entire media file if they feel the need of it. The process is simple, first the video buffers for a while and as soon as the buffering gets completed, it is played by the media player. The video streaming apps help to play this content as per as the user’s convenience. There are various live streaming services available today. Here is a list of the top 8 video streaming services of 2017:


Netflix is one of the leading networks of internet television which is accessed by more than 189 countries and 103 million users around the world. Netflix provides its users unlimited streaming of feature films, TV shows, movies, original programs, comedy specials and documentaries on a subscription basis. The subscription fee for one month for one standard definition streaming is $7.99, and for the new members, the subscription charge is $9.99 for two concurrent HD streams. And guess what, users get four parallel streams with a single subscription. Users can create up to five different profiles. Netflix is accessible on various devices such as PC and tablet. Now users can also download content for watching it later in offline mode. This is one of the best video streaming services available and is well-known for its good quality and performance. On almost any Internet connected screen, the user can watch as much as he/she wants anytime from any given place.




If the users want to stay updated with the latest TV shows, but they do not want to invest in HD antenna or cable subscription, then Hulu is the best video streaming solution for them. This is one of the video Streaming Platforms which offers popular as well as latest shows. For Classic and current TV series, along with the full season of original content, the user needs to pay $ 7.99 as a monthly subscription fee. The user can also get Show timings for the whole month at $8.99 charges through Hulu bundle and thus save $2 per month. An advertisement free tier costs $11.99 per month. It is supported on various devices, but they can stream only from one device at a particular session. At present Hulu has 12 million users. Recently Hulu released live TV for their user and simply named it Hulu with Live TV and its monthly subscription fee plans starts from $39.99.

Amazon Video:

Amazon Prime - Netflix Alternatives

Amazon Video is an on demand internet video service which is operated, developed and owned by This Video Streaming service provides movies, television shows and much more. For $ 99 per year, the user also gets two days shipping on each purchase. Kindle book is free every month, using which a user can access Amazon Prime Unlimited Instant Video and Amazon Music both. Video streaming labels are around 40,000 trophies in Amazon stream, but only a fraction of Prime Streaming is included. Amazon also allows offline downloads. If someone has not finished watching all the HBO shows, then they can access and download the unseen videos whenever they want. Amazon launched their streaming partners program in the year 2015. At present Amazon has nearly 66 million Prime members. This streaming service does not work on Google Chrome, but it is accessible on Roku along with Amazon’s smart TVs, Fire TV devices and much more.

PlayStation Vue:

PlayStation Vue

If someone likes to have wireless devices along with living TV at the same place, then PlayStation Vue is the best option for them. PlayStation started its journey as a primarily designed service for gaming consoles in the month of March 2015. But since, then there were many changes in the service offered by this organization. They have more than 1 million users. New channels were introduced, the prices have changed, the list of features got bigger, and supported streaming devices have also increased. To help customers choose among Vue and its competitors such as DirecTV and Sueley TV Now, they have made a full guide of Internet TV service. This outlines Vue’s numerous channel pricing and packages, as well as observing the supporting devices and reviews according to various users. This online video platform is available on a variety of systems; this is Sony’s first initiative to deliver live TV to its customers. They provide primary channels to their customers at a subscription rate of $50/ month and also $55, $75 and $65 subscriptions fee are available for various other packages.

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the most popular online video platform which provides live TV streaming, but it is still limited to New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. If anyone stays in these cities, then they can get cloud DVR storage which is unlimited. YouTube TV will save the recording for nine months, and users can stream their content from any place in the US if they are connected to the internet. Monthly subscription charges are $35 along with the facility to cancel the subscription anytime. One subscription supports more than six accounts so that the members can share their subscription with friends or family. The users can operate from three accounts at the same time. YouTube TV provides live streaming from most popular cable networks and ABC, NBC CBS, FOX. Per day more than 30 million visitors visit YouTube. The total number of YouTube users stands at 1,300,000,000. For your information, this number is bound to become bigger.

Sling TV:

Sling TV

If someone prefers the idea of a cable subscription which gives access to numerous genres of content but is still hesitant to go for anything expensive, then Sling TV is the best option that he/she can get. Get thirty real-time channels with a monthly subscription fee which is way cheaper than other services available. Also, there is no fee for set-top box and there is no contract either. Sling Tv is mainly for sports lovers as it offers a variety of sports channels. And to everybody’s delight, it enables sports lovers to go wireless. Apart from sports channels, it also has Food Network, CNN, BBC America, TBS and Cartoon Network. The user will get the multi-stream option if he or she signs up in Sling Blue. The combo subscription fee is $40 per month. The user can record from this live streaming services and will be able to watch on Android, Roku, Amazon and Xbox One devices.

HBO Now:

The content of this online video platform is available online through HBO GO, but a user needs to pay for logging in and watch HBO TV. For many years, HBO did not agree to tie up with cable partners, but upon many requests from its fans, they have launched this Video Streaming Platforms named HBO NOW. The user can get a free trial via Google Play, App Store, and Amazon and also can add HBO NOW channel with their Roku player. Users may add their HBO NOW on their web package if they have internet service from Google Fiber, Frontier, Optimum, Liberty, Verizon and Service Electric. The live shows telecasted on HBO channel, are also shown on the HBO NOW at the same time. More than 2 million subscribers have subscribed for this app, and once users complete their subscription, they can watch it from their desktops, tablets, etc. The subscription fee of HBO NOW is $14.99 per month.


CBS All Access is one of the best user-friendly online video platforms that users can use to watch “The Good Wife” which is a spin-off of the popular show “The Good Fight”. Its users can also watch NFL games including the Football match that telecast on every Thursday night. In comparison to Hulu, $9.99 is the subscription fee for CBS All Access which is free from commercials. In addition, the user can select from an array of live shows. The user can watch this live streaming service on their mobile device, Android TV, and PC or via Apple TV, Xbox One Amazon Fire TV or PS4. Till date, about 1.5 million subscribers have subscribed to this apps.

If you have enough video content which can impress audiences in large numbers, you should definitely start your own on-demand video streaming business. Rather than building a site like Netflix or Amazon Prime from scratch, you should leverage turnkey software like StreamView. StreamView has multiple monetization channels, ranging from subscription plans, banner ads to pay –per-view schemes. Very often, video enthusiasts face trouble uploading videos. StreamView addresses this problem through a measure of multiple upload channels: Amazon S3 buckets, YouTube link, normal uploads and website link. This platform is search engine friendly. Admins can ban users if users do not adhere to your rules and guidelines. Users can report videos for abuse/violence and admin has the full authority to delete videos. To know more about its features, head on to StreamView now.