An Ultimate Buying Guide to Choose the Best Tripod for Live Streaming

An Ultimate Buying Guide to Choose the Best Tripod for Live Streaming

Live streaming can be a passion for a few people and in some cases, it can be their job. But whatever the situation is, live streaming equipment which includes tripod, camera, an encoder, and internet connection is must. So choosing the best tripod is a basic necessity for live streaming.

A tripod is a simple device required to hold the camera steadily. It has a set of legs and a head to give the balance as they are made for convenience and to make the live video streaming easier. For all intents and purposes, live video streaming can be hard without a tripod. The best way would be to use a tripod for your video projects for holding the camera and this should be the basic step.

Tripod can help shoot sharp images with best possible quality and a steady live video streaming. Tripod is an essential live video streaming equipment used for long exposures and for shooting in highly windy locations.

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Live streaming Equipment:

For live video streaming, one requires a few types of equipments such as:

  1. Camera: A camera of a good quality and fully functional camcorder can help to get the job done and it should be easy to use. It should be able to broadcast the video through an internet connection. A camera can be selected based on the budget of the photographer as there are many models available in the market.
  2. Encoding Device: To convert the video input into a digital format, one needs an encoding device. The format should be played back on various devices. There are two options for an encoding device: hardware encoder or a computer with software encoder. The decision depends on the need. The computer with software encoder needs a capture device and an adapter that can go between the computer and the camera.
  3. Internet: Internet used for live broadcasting should of high-speed. Various options include Wi-Fi, a 4G network, Ethernet connection or a MiFi device which again depends on the location.
  4. Tripod: One needs a tripod for live streaming, as it enhances the quality of the video as it can hold the camera at a perfect place and results in prevention of blurry videos. A good tripod is essential for the best live video streaming. 

Types of Tripods:

There are two major kinds of tripods:

  • Camera Tripods
  • Video Tripods

Camera Tripods: Camera Tripods are basically made for still cameras. They consist of a ball head which allows the camera to move at any desired orientation and angle. This can be loosened and locked as required.

Video Camera Tripods: The video camera tripods are different compared to photography tripods as they are heavier and larger. They are made heavy so as to steady the high weights of video cameras. They are provided with a spreader to connect its legs so as to increase the stability.

If Tripod is of good quality, it lasts for more than 30 years if used in a proper way. Therefore, selecting the best tripod depends on the features. As a matter of fact, tripods can affect live streaming. There are lightweight tripods as they are made of carbon fibre which is a new advancement. They have got several advantages as they absorb and dampen the vibrations which make them easier to use in cold conditions. In case the user works on portraits, then aluminium type of tripods can be used with a supportive design. In this way, it can work smoothly with faster adjustments. All these aspects affect the final quality of the video.

Few tripod bestsellers are Gitzo series 4 (long); Manfrotto’s 536, 535; iFootage Wild Bull T7.

In a situation where weight and size do not matter, one can opt for a heavy-duty tripod. These are made of aluminium. Both cheap and expensive tripods are made of aluminium. Heavy duty tripods are also stable.

Spreader attaches the legs of tripod together which helps for adding stiffness. There are two kinds of spreaders.

  • Bottom-level spreaders: They stay still on the ground and offer better stability. In case of filming being done on flat surfaces, this tripod does not suit to the situation.
  • Mid-level spreaders: They are quite versatile, as they can be used on uneven surfaces also.

Twin-leg design is a recent feature developed for tripods, where each leg of this system is composed of two poles. Due to this, there is a higher level of stability and stiffness thereby minimizing vibrations when used in high windy situations or while moving the camera during a shoot.

Manfrotto MVT502AM is a twin leg mount model which is a best-seller and for heavy duty with a bottom spreader, one can opt for Vinten 3821-3 Pozi-Loc.

Many experts have realized that they can get good results by having a good tripod there by avoiding spending their valuable time on workshop to modify and edit the video. A stable tripod helps to capture extraordinary image quality thereby reducing the struggle of photographers.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tripod:

  1. Quality of Tripod Legs: The rubber twist leg locks have to be flexible and they should be secured with extended legs that require a quick push of the thumb to lock them. Most preferably, the tripod should have four telescopic extenders with threaded grips so that setting up and stable shooting will be easier.
  2. Quality of Ball Heads: There needs to be one lever to tighten and loose for convenience, which means with just two turns, the lever can position the camera in the right position. The ball head should allow switching between portrait and landscape aspects. Selecting a high-quality tripod with good ball heads has a great impact on the quality of the videos.
  3. Quick and Easy Release: Cameras should be quickly and easily mounted on the tripod and when selecting the tripod, make sure you get a demonstration such that it is easy and quick to release the camera.
  4. Weight: The weight of the tripod depends on one’s choice and how much one can carry. It should be portable and steady and as well as light. Heavy tripods are convenient to use when shooting in strong winds. Lightweight carbon fibre tripods are convenient at normal shooting portfolios.
  5. Size: The size of the tripod should be selected based on the travel plans. A small tripod cannot withstand heavy winds and extreme weather conditions. In case the photographer is tall, they can opt for a tripod which can extend at the central column.
  6. Cost effectiveness: This is the most important thing to consider while buying a tripod. The durability, quality and the cost effectiveness are the major things to be looked in to.
  7. Speed: The tripod used to hold the camera should be fixed quickly without consuming much time so that the scenes that keep changing quickly can be captured. 

Use the Best Live Streaming Software with your Tripod: StreamNow

StreamNow is the best solution to start a live streaming business. StreamNow is one of the highly scalable live streaming software with various revenue channels which includes features to serve as an Ustream clone or Twitch. StreamNow can transmit live video and audio coverage for an event over the internet. It is available to the audience for free of cost or through payment on a monthly or per view basis.

A peer to peer comment or chat system available with StreamNow helps the user to discuss about the videos and can express their view or opinion. This can help the business to increase the brand value in a long run. The quality and continuous live streaming without any kind of technical issues made StreamNow a widely used software for live streaming.

A live streaming viewer or a user can easily follow each other. Even they will receive alerts when any of them update anything or do any activity like attending an event or going for a session. And for viewing a premium live streaming sessions, the user needs to subscribe. StreamNow has got various plans for subscription for its users. StreamNow has a robust and a dynamic admin panel which provides a wide range of features to the users. Such features include deleting videos, flagging or changing the social login configurations.

Some users may not be convenient with the subscription plans. In such a case, StreamNow gives them a feature called pay per view, where they can pay depending on the live streaming videos they watch. Search engine optimization (SEO) has an important role in digital marketing. StreamNow has implemented different strategies of SEO to get more quality visitors or traffic through an organic search. The payments are done easily by using PayPal across the world. Although, it has other convenient payment options too.

StreamNow is available as an app for Android and iOS for the users of streaming business. It helps users to sign up or login through various social media networks such as Google accounts, Facebook or Twitter.

StreamNow is a live streaming platform and a live streaming service for any business which can generate billions of dollars profit every year. This can happen through live streaming ads alone. The platform has a readymade turnkey solution which can launch live streaming solutions. The business can launch their own live streaming videos and get the users subscribed for the same. StreamNow has various social features which makes it the best live streaming solution.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. My best wishes are with you and your venture. Keep watching this space for insights on live video streaming. To learn more about live broadcasting and tripod for video camera, subscribe to our newsletter. My best wishes are with you and your live video streaming venture. Cheers!

A Beginner’s Guide to Start Live Streaming

A Beginner’s Guide to Start Live Streaming

Live streaming videos are quite trendy in today’s time. To start a live stream, one needs an internet connection, a smart phone, and live streaming software. This simple setup is enough for starting a low scale streaming. However, if you are planning for a high quality streaming, then you require a camera, a capturing device, a software encoder or hardware encoder, and a video streaming host.

The process of live streaming which involves broadcasting the video over the internet in real-time, has become seamlessly easy. The technology on which live streaming works is quite easily accessible and anyone can leverage it to the fullest. With best in class reliability and superior internet bandwidth, you can stream the video in HD. StreamNow is a live streaming software, which has made streaming quite easier.

How to Live Stream?

Here is a quick run-down on the equipment required to live stream:

  • Camera:

The most important thing for starting a live stream is a camera. You have various options to choose from: smartphone or a tablet camera to a Digital SLR (DSLR) camera. The best option would be using a USB connected webcam which can produce HD quality videos. USB can also simplify the process of live streaming through the computer on the internet. Irrespective of the camera you use, make sure that it can shoot full HD i.e. 1080p video and can give output through a HDMI.

  • Capture Device:

These are used to take the video input from the camera and transmit it to the computer or to send it directly to the live stream. There is a wide range of choices available in the market for encoding devices. Quite a few are available as cards or as plug-ins between computers and cameras. There are few encoders which can help one do away with computers.

  • Software and Hardware Encoders:

Encoders play an important role in video streaming as the cameras can only record the videos in a format that is suitable only for recording. For live streaming the same, one needs an encoder which can import videos from the capture device or USB and subsequently transcode it.

The price varies to a great extent between open-source options and free ones. Examples of open-source encoders are Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast Pro, and VidBlasterX. After choosing an encoder, the user has to download and install the software to explore the features. Subsequently, he / she is required to set the settings. One can become proficient after the usage progressively. There are various high-end encoders which can be opted if you don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks.

  • Internet Connection:

For live streaming, the internet is an essential requirement. It is easier to connect with a cell phone or a webcam and if a video camera is used, one can connect to the internet using a laptop connected to a transcoding device. A Wi-Fi connection is suggested as video files are large and a slow connection may not be useful.

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  • Video Streaming Host:

Video streaming host is the last but not the least requirement for a live streaming. For all intents and purposes, a video streaming host is an online platform which has enough bandwidth and is configured to take video inputs from all the viewers across the world. The hardware or the encoding software should be connected to the video streaming host. Download the video streaming host and signup to create a hosting account and provide a password or URL provided by the streaming host to the encoder. This way, the streaming host can broadcast the videos.

How to Start Streaming?

To start live streaming, you need to keep the entire equipment ready. Once you have the equipment, connect to the internet and begin live streaming. The most important step is to get the live stream available for the viewers and for this, copy the URL on your video streaming host website and share it with your viewers. Now, connect all the devices and start live streaming. The video shall be broadcast to all your target audiences.

Live Streaming Guide:

Live streaming is a great option to get the first impression for an organization. Live streaming software is a powerful means to facilitate live streaming. This could be the first point of contact with an organization. First impression is always hard to reserve and hence, a company having live streaming could make a better progress compared to the one without it. Live streaming can also generate revenue, thus making its contribution all the more pivotal for the overall success of your organization. Live streaming software is said to be the best if it provides excellent branding, superior viewing experience and messaging, support and monetization options.

Few important things to consider while live streaming are:

Planning the production

Acquisition of source

Preparing content


Interfacing audience experience

A pre-event page has to be created in advance so as to avoid confusion to the viewers and to make everything clear. Therefore, before planning a live video streaming, you need to create a web page showing the date of the event and through that, you can manage the viewership of the live feed. Another way is to create a template. Through this, you can reduce not only time but also effort. You can even think of pre-event promotions and other creative ways to increase the number of viewers.

The live streaming environment need to be responsive to mobile and it should have a high quality. The best way is to make the video compatible to be broadcasted on iOS, Android devices, and the web. This is because many videos are watched on mobile phones.

A huge amount of effort and time will be spent in making, promoting and executing videos; so one has to make sure that videos garners enough eyeballs both during and after broadcasting.

There are various ways of increasing the number of viewers for live video streaming, such as the following:

  • Blogs: Create blogs and mention the details about the videos. Transcribe the video content and create summaries.
  • Emails: Draft emails having the information and details about the videos or about the speakers in the video. Send the emails to groups and cover as many people as you can.
  • Website: Build a webpage as an event resource and a hub so that the next upcoming videos can also be published monthly, quarterly or annually. People who have an intention to attend can learn through the website.
  • Social Media: Social media is one of the best ways to advertise about the video stream and when correctly targeted, the video can generate a great brand experience. The live video feeds can be clipped on online video platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Multiple sets can be created for multiple usages. 

Video Streaming For Dummies:

For people who have got no experience, video streaming is a big challenge. Here are few ways of video streaming for dummies which can help a beginner to stream a video.

  • Computer: Get a firewire cable which is faster than a normal USB cable. Firewire cables are compatible with MacBook Pros. For a beginner, they are the best options.
  • Camera: A DSLR camera or a webcam fixed laptop can be convenient to use. The firewire can be plugged in to the camera and MacBook for swift streaming.
  • Microphone: A camera microphone can do the job but, using a handy recorder can improve the sound quality to a great extent.
  • Internet: Having Wi-Fi connection helps to upload huge video files faster rather than a mobile data connection.
  • Finding a Platform: StreamNow is a live streaming software which can transmit the live video and audio coverage for an event over the internet. One can download it and it is available to the audience for free of cost or through payment on a monthly or per view basis. It is also available as an app for Android and iOS for streaming the videos. You may sign-up or login through various social media networks such as Google accounts, Facebook or Twitter whichever is convenient to use.
  • Marketing: You can create your own blog or website to create an idea about the video streaming. Using social media can also help in marketing. Social media networks include Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Evangelize: Make simple events to create awareness about the videos and in this way, they can catch up the live streaming when it gets broadcasted.

Use the Best Live Streaming Software – StreamNow:

StreamNow Live Streaming

StreamNow is the best solution to start live streaming of the videos as compared to any other platform. StreamNow is a highly scalable live streaming software. It has many revenue channels, many features and is extremely easy to use. All its features make StreamNow a perfect platform to design either a Ustream clone or a Twitch clone. StreamNow transmits the live video and audio coverage for an event over the internet. It has an inbuilt chat system which helps the users to discuss about the videos and can express their views or opinions. Superior video quality and continuous live streaming without any sort of technical issues make SteamNow the popular global software for live streaming.

StreamNow has got various subscription plans for its users.


StreamNow’s admin panel is robust and dynamic which provides a wide range of options to its users. Some options include deleting videos, flagging or changing the social login configurations, etc.


Viewers and users can follow one another and get alerts whenever any update is made by the person. For viewing a premium live streaming sessions, the users are required to subscribe


Search engine optimization (SEO) has an important role in digital marketing. StreamNow has implemented different strategies of SEO to get more quality visitors or traffic through organic search.


A few users may not be okay with subscription based plans. StreamNow has a feature called pay per view, where they can pay depending on the live streaming videos they watch.


Payments can be done through PayPal. More often than not, payments are facilitated without any chaos and one can also explore other payments options.


StreamNow is a live streaming platform which provides outstanding live streaming services for any firm to help them in generating billions of dollars profit every year. This can happen through live streaming ads alone.


StreamNow is a ready-made turnkey solution where you can launch live streaming events. Thanks to its built-in growth hacking features, you can get users subscribed for your video based events. It has various social features which made it the best live streaming solution.


StreamNow is available as an app for Android and iOS for the users of streaming business. It helps users to sign up or login through various social media networks such as Google accounts, Facebook or Twitter.

StreamNow is an easy live streaming platform and it doesn’t require much technical knowledge. This makes it readily available for all the users to engage in live streaming.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space to learn more about live streaming and live streaming software. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of live streaming best practices. Our best wishes are with you and your live streaming venture. Cheers!


Start Live Sports Streaming Business using StreamNow

Start Live Sports Streaming Business using StreamNow

Great matches are often played in big fields or stadiums, great players are seen and surrounded by thousands of viewers. That being said, there are millions of untold stories and unseen players who perform quite well but never get noticed. But with technology, one can now easily showcase their talents by streaming live sports online. With time, online sports streaming has become quite popular and it is quite simple to implement.

It increases the traffic towards your site and provides a medium to all the users to cherish their favourite game or player.

Why Should One Start Live Sports Streaming?

With the advancement of internet, most of the work is done online; people prefer using the internet for fun, networking, entertainment, etc. In the same way, they prefer watching matches and other sports online, rather than watching it at home on TV. They get the flexibility of watching their favorite shows anywhere, anytime using their smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets. It’s simple to create a live streaming app, to allure and cater the online viewers and increase the traffic on your site.

1. Live Streaming your Sports Attract More Audience:

The Internet has broken down all the geographical boundaries and now, people are easily connected with each other irrespective of where they live. Live sports streaming can help you gain more audience worldwide which brings more recognition and viewership to your website.

2. Live Sports Streaming Let you Earn more Revenue:

An interesting live streaming content from your website can bring you new business opportunities and new clients, letting you earn more revenue from your website. In the same way, live stream sports website provides greater revenue than any other website. Sports has its own fan following and people are crazy about one or more sports, which they never want to miss. Start live streaming to provide them a platform where they can enjoy their favorite sports and can see their favorite player. You can also charge the users and clients for watching online or can have a subscription fee or per view system to earn more.

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3. Live Sports Streaming Provides a Great Exposure:

Start live streaming to get the exposure as well as to great way for amateur sports to get acknowledgment. Professional sports get a lot of lime light but there are other sports as well which need to be showcased to get the attention and recognization. People are more interested in seeing things live than in seeing the recorded ones when it comes to sports.

There are several websites which are providing users a platform to view their favorite sports and with time, they have included a lot of sports in their list. The viewer can enjoy watching the live match of tennis, basketball, hockey, UFC, rugby, baseball, etc. One can also enjoy other sports like racing including the NASCAR, MotoGP, Formula 1, etc.

With the ever increasing viewer base, several video hosting platforms are being developed so that one can easily build live sports streaming website or can create a live streaming app. But not all of them are good and provide best results; sometimes a user might face buffering issues, reconnecting issue, quality issues, etc. But with the aid of StreamNow, one can overcome all such issues and provide the user the best quality live streaming video. Now you might be interested in knowing how to do so. Keep reading and you will get your answer.

StreamNow – Live Streaming Software:


Conventional live streaming software are quite big in size, have a lot of complex code, very expensive and may require special knowledge to deal with. But now you can easily live stream even the local tournaments or matches played in your schools or localities. For this, you only require a camera and flexible streaming software which allows you to live stream all your sports activities and various stuff. For this StreamNow is the best Video Hosting Platform available in the market. It allows you to live stream sports or events on your website.

StreamNow is an excellent solution to start Live Sports streaming that allows you to create your own live streaming app or even plug it into your website to allow live streaming. It is easy to use and one can start live streaming with it in the simplest manner. StreamNow software allows you to transmit good quality video and audio to the viewers. You can choose various subscription plans from the available ones as per your need either on monthly basis or pay per view basis.

If you want to know exactly how it works, here is a complete guide to live-streaming.

Important Live Streaming Elements:

If you are looking for a live streaming connection, you would need following elements:

  • Recording Camera

For connecting through live streaming, firstly you will need a camera. You can select a camera as per your budget. However, if you are looking for full-time live streaming than a good quality camera would be the perfect one. The video camera will allow you to capture all details, various moments and game factors like focusing on some particular video part or interviewing a player.

  • Internet Connection

Internet connection is the key element that connects your all data i.e. video and transfers or allows the live stream to other users across different parts of the world. For this, you need a good quality high-speed internet connection. A wireless connection is a great option that allows you to connect to the internet with the help of portable hotspot which you can purchase from any mobile store.

  • Encoding Device

To deliver a live streaming video, now you need some encoder that converts data into another format. For this, you can use either hardware encoder or software encoder. Live content must be formatted correctly and streamed so that it is available at another end in same quality and therefore for this, good quality encoder with codecs is required. A hardware encoder might cost you more than the software encoder and Flash Media Live Encoder is a nice option which is absolutely free.

  • Streaming Service

Now for live streaming your video, you need a streaming service and StreamNow is the best option that you can avail as it allows you to create your profile, save and edit the live streaming video as per your requirements. You can also monetize your stream through banner ads and earn some decent money.

Features of StreamNow:

StreamNow Live Streaming

  • Better communication. StreamNow live streaming software allows the viewers to connect with the video or live streaming stuff and provides them with a platform to express their views and opinions. It also helps in increasing the brand value and website recognition.
  • Good Audio Visual quality. StreamNow software delivers continuous live streaming along with great audio visual quality. You will never face any technical issue while streaming or any other problem while the transmission of the content to the users, which in turn give you satisfied viewership base.
  • Easy subscription plans and Payment options. You can choose and subscribe from the available subscription plans that suits your budget and requirements. You can either go with monthly subscriptions or per view plan. Along with this, you can also pay easily through StreamNow.
  • Scalability. StreamNow live streaming software is very easy to use and can be accessed easily through the internet for watching live contents and various sports activities.
  • Android/iOS support. StreamNow support both Android and iOS operating system and therefore allows viewers of both categories to access the live streaming contents and online order or subscription to the channel.
  • Dynamic Subscription and Themes. StreamNow live streaming software allow you to go with dynamic subscription through which you can monetize your window and if any user wishes to watch your video or live streaming content, he has to first subscribe your channel through the required amount.
  • Customization. StreamNow also allows you to enhance your window through various skins and themes through which you can attract your viewers. With the help of various customization options, you can control and design your brand while live streaming through StreamNow.
  • Analytics. With the help of analytics provided on the StreamNow user Dashboard, you can analyse and manipulate the most preferred or least liked contents. You can also sponsor your live streaming video or any other content based on the analytics.

Benefits of Using StreamNow:

StreamNow is a live streaming framework that allows streaming services for every type of sports and business activities. From small chess competition to live football streaming, StreamNow provides you live streaming along with earning money and generating huge profit every year and brand recognition to your website. This can happen through live streaming ads alone.

StreamNow continuous streamed contents allow advance buffering due to which the video never breaks. You can connect your website with StreamNow software and start live streaming without any hassle. It allows you to promote your website and video contents in more productive manner, which can be appreciated by the users worldwide.

You can also create a blog and write few contents on it and have some logo which will also help you in gaining brand exposure. You can also manage various recorded files as per their content quality. StreamNow allows you to manage everything through its available tools and options. But, it’s quite obvious that streaming meaningful and right contents always draw more audience to your website.

StreamNow lets you send the highest quality video streaming and automatically creates lower video qualities as per the user or viewer requirements and internet connectivity. Along with this it also allows you to control the audio and video equipment, sources and encoding.

StreamNow also let you create a shorter, edited video clip of the live stream event which enables the user to see the highlights of a video and create an interest to see the whole. You can select the best part of the whole live streaming event and design your own highlight clip. StreamNow automatically detects the encoder settings and the required bitrate itself.

StreamNow is the best software for your website to connect with live streaming and gain worldwide exposure and audience. It allows you live stream sports and video as long as you want, there are no restrictions at all. Along with this you can also earn more revenue through Ads and users subscription, through your website and brand it and make it worth. 

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for insights on live sports streaming. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of video hosting platforms and live streaming software. My best wishes are with you and your live streaming venture. Cheers!


How to Setup Live Video Streaming Website and Mobile App

How to Setup Live Video Streaming Website and Mobile App

Live video streaming websites have become very popular in today’s time. Anyone can use a live video streaming service and live stream any video he/she wants to rake in the views of public. Artists use it to showcase their talent, vbloggers can come up with any idea, one can also upload home videos, etc. Live video streaming websites are created using an advanced technology and require bandwidth with more disk space and plugins. Required utilities should be installed before the videos are uploaded or rendered.

How to make a live streaming website?

The most essential thing to start a live streaming website is a Web Host. A user cannot share videos with a normal web host. He / She requires a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which can host the video sharing and all the operations without letting the server down for not even a single minute. Another thing to keep in mind while creating the live streaming website is video sharing script. They can be installed on the server to create a YouTube Clone.

The scripts are available as paid scripts and free scripts. For all intents and purposes, paid scripts are highly favourable as they can provide support and help if needed later. Hosting server is needed to make a video streaming script work. It is worth mentioning that the video streaming script does not work unless some plugins are installed. Moreover, it is mandatory to set certain PHP configurations. Various plugins such as MP4 Box, PHP CLI etc.,are available.

HD videos can be created using video streaming script that is available in premium and free versions. The script can be customizable and the videos streamed through the CMS can be hosted on cloud as soon as the customization is complete. These are also available in free and premium version; you can choose as per your convenience.

Ready-made video streaming scripts are similar to the HD video streaming platforms that hold the same functionalities and features to build a live video streaming website.

How to setup live stream?

Live streaming can be a great option for getting the first impression for your projects. It is one of the best ways to showcase your business in public and to create better awareness. Live streaming can also help you in generating revenue. The live streams are supported bylive streaming platform providers which will help you in starting your own live stream. A live streaming provider can be the best, if it has got viewing experience, excellent branding, messaging, and support with monetization options.

Things Required for Live Stream Setup

People may ask how to start a live streaming website? The answer is quite simple; you might require several things for a live stream setup. Audio or video mixing software is required for which you have several options in the market. A video source, preferably HD camera which outputs, HDMI or HD-SDI and some people use DSLR camera, but using a proper video camera is very important. Capture devices are used to take the video input from the camera and transmit to the computer or can send it directly to the live stream. There are cameras that can directly stream to upstream and offers many services. The video output from camera can be captured through a Mac with USB capture devices. Open source encoders are Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast Pro and VidBlasterX. The user has to download and install the software to explore the settings. One can be proficient after the usage progressively. There needs to be a Wi-Fi preferably of high speed to upload high quality and bigger video clips. By using StreamNow software, live streaming can be broadcasted to various devices throughout the world.

How to do live streaming on a website?

Most people wanted to know how to create a live streaming website? The answer is simple; To do live streaming on website, keep all the equipment ready, that are mentioned above. Once the equipment is ready, connect to the internet which has a good speed and begin the live streaming. The most important step is to get the live stream available for the viewers and for this, copy the URL on your video streaming host website and share it with the viewers. Connect all the devices and start live streaming which will be broadcasted through the website.

How to add live streaming video to a website?

For adding live streaming video to website, it should be user friendly, well optimized and technically sound video sharing website. For developing such a sharing website, it requires many coding hours, design creativity, user interface intelligence and experience to understand how to begin and many more. StreamNow provides a video sharing YouTube clone script which can help you create the best live video sharing for your users. Video sharing clone script is fully customizable. From video input conversion to the design of messaging system, almost every aspect can be customized. After using the proper configurations in the server, the video script can work through which the videos can be uploaded by the user and can be played by others.

Some web hosting companies may provide the built-in settings to start a video sharing mobile app after getting the web hosting. Later, the user can install the video sharing script and the app can work instantaneously and learn how to setup live streaming.

StreamNow : The best live Streaming software for your website and mobile app

StreamNow Mobile AppStreamNow is one of the best solutions to start a live streaming business. This live streaming software can transmit live streaming video and audio coverage for an event over the internet. It is available to audience for free of cost or through payment on a monthly or per view basis. StreamNow is a highly used live streaming software with various revenue channels which includes features to serve as Twitch or Ustream clone. One can use StreamNow and easily learn how to do live streaming on website.


Communication system:

An efficient and easy to use chat system is available. This communication system helps the users discuss about videos, and can subsequently express their view with the customer service. This kind of communication system can help the business to increase the brand value in the long run.

Unbeatable Live streaming through website:

The availability of choice for high definition and standard definition qualities and a continuous live streaming without any kind of technical issues makes SteamNow a widely used live streaming platform.

Follow-up of the interested channel:

A live streaming viewer or user can follow another user / viewer and the users shall receive notifications when the person they follow updates activities such as attending an event or a session.

Subscription with Various Plans:

To view a premium live streaming sessions, the user needs to subscribe to the channel. StreamNow has various plans for subscription such as premium and free for its users.

Robust Administration:

StreamNow offers a wide range of options to the users through its admin panel. Options that include deleting a videos, flagging and changing the social login configurations etc.

Payment per View:

Some users may not be convenient with the subscription plans. In such a case, StreamNow gives them a feature called payment per view. The viewer can pay depending on the live streaming videos they watch.

Convenient Payment Options:

It has several payment options, amongst which PayPal is the widely used one.

SEO Friendly:

Search engine optimization (SEO) has an important role in digital marketing field. StreamNow has implemented different strategies of SEO to get more quality visitors or traffic through an organic search.

Suitable for Android/iOS App:

Most of the online orders are from mobile devices. StreamNow is available as an app for Android and iOS for the users of streaming business. The app is compatible with both the operating systems.

Social login:

StreamNow helps users to sign up or login through many social media networks such as Google accounts, Facebook or Twitter.

Live streaming of videos on website and mobile apps is a present trend. For making a live video streaming, one needs a cell phone and a free account with a live stream provider. The process has become easier due to the advancement in technology. With availability of features, one can broadcast their videos live to the viewers through the world. The process involves broadcasting the video over internet in real-time. Live streaming is an easily accessible technology that everyone can use. Because of the reliability and speed of the internet connection, one can stream the video of high quality. StreamNow helps to live stream the videos and live streaming has become easier. Hope now you get the answer for how to make live streaming website.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space to learn more about live streams and live stream setup. To keep yourself abreast of how to make live streaming websites, subscribe to our newsletter. My best wishes are with you and your live streaming website. Cheers!


Why Zuckerberg Believes that Live Streaming is the Future?

Why Zuckerberg Believes that Live Streaming is the Future?

In the current scenario, one of the most sought after live video streaming platforms is Facebook live video streaming. There is no doubt that live video streaming is the future and Facebook saw its potential and invested heavily to tap on its billion user base. Mark Zuckerberg is a pioneer in analyzing its utility and future and put forward his thoughts on live video streaming in the most logical way possible. Facebook invested a great amount in 2015 to give its user base the taste of live streaming videos. They launched live streaming for the public on April 2016, where it was first opened only to the celebrities. The future of video streaming is clearly evident in the below-mentioned points:

Video is the new Information Medium

Compared to the 8-10 yesteryear trends, when text was more prominent in the communication sphere, every social media platform was based on the text communication. It then gradually translated to photos. Facebook too hosted large number of photos till date and is continuously doing so. People expressed their emotions and thoughts through photographs. Facebook purchased Instagram to extend its user base in this zone. The internet trend now shows that at present, the maximum demand of communication among people is through videos. The video is easy to comprehend and one can quickly grasp things which are said in videos as compared to text. Analytic data shows that in the newer future, video will far supersede any other form of communication on internet. Keeping this trend in mind, Mark Zuckerberg and his team invested heavily in Facebook Live streaming.


Video gives the Sense of Reality

future of live streaming

People have a liking and inclination towards things which give them the feeling of reality. Video has that capacity over any other form of communication. You can almost sense the person sitting in front of you in the video. The emotional connect over video is far more than one can expect on a live chat. It greatly rules out the communication gap. It gives room to have a clear understanding of things as they are. Facebook live streaming allows people to be connected with their friends and family live. All you require is your smartphone with a good internet connection.  What we generally see in TV shows and events, is a scripted show.  Facebook live streaming allows seeing the event or showing live, without any script or planning. It is raw and immediate.

Accessible to All

Gone are the days when live video was believed to be a hefty task. The internet bandwidth available to normal users and companies was also low. The cost of instruments involved was high. There were less number of people exposed to this technology. But now, it is available to every person on the planet who has a smartphone and decent internet connectivity. The Facebook live streaming video just requires few taps on your phone to be connected live. People enjoy face to face conversations more. Also, it allows them to connect with people whom they seldom meet physically. Facebook Live streaming gives people the feeling that they are going places with their friends and family. The future of video streaming is bright, with many opportunities to unfold. Technology has actually taken out the inertia from the system. It has disrupted the concentration of power in limited hands. Anyone can post their live video. Anyone can post their views on the content being offered.

Two Way Communication

One of the most advanced features of live streaming is that people are allowed to comment. There is a two-way communication. Seldom, in a TV show, you see what is being recorded or pre-planned. Audience comments sent through phone or the internet are separately received. In Facebook live streaming, people can comment their views instantly. This also allows the presenter of the video to interact with the audience at the same time. In training videos, this helps to clear the doubts. In conversation video, this makes the room to answer the questions posted by viewers instantly. There is also a trend analytics that live video garners 10 times more comments than a TV show or a recorded talk show. The instant reactions seem more realistic to millennials. It gives an opportunity for celebrities to have a live conversation with their fans. Also, it gives fans an opportunity to pose their questions to their favorite movie star, soccer star etc.

New Platform for Television Content

Thanks to major television shows, content is also moving online. People no longer want to restrict themselves to any single device. They want to watch the latest season of their favorite series on mobile. Some prefer to watch them on Laptops and the choice goes on. There are many events, matches which people wish to see moment by moment. Live streaming allows them to have this opportunity at their disposal. There are many TV channels which pose their content live on internet. It is unlike past where the choice of content was limited. Producers of the content are on their toes to produce the best possible content. If they don’t produce quality content, audience is empowered enough today to give them live feedback.


Ideal for Business Enterprises

live video stream

Corporates can benefit greatly with the live streaming facility. They can have better work dynamics in the office. Live meetings allow people to have better communication with their respective teams. They can have good emotional connect with each other. Communication gap can reduce to a great extent. The text communication largely misses out the true emotion behind the message. Live video meetings can fill the gap. It can also reduce the time for action considerably. Facebook live streaming can allow them to showcase the event to a large number of people. They can benefit with the live feedback, which can give them opportunity to improve. They can use live streaming to conduct training and recruiting programs. The product launches, interviews, backstage activities all can be showcased on Facebook live streaming.

Emotional Connect

People in the world wish to say a lot of things to the world from their own personal space. Some would like to share his or her happiness. Many would seek accolades, appreciation for their recent achievements. Some people would like to share their knowledge. There are people who wish to seek help. Social media is connecting all these people on one platform to fulfill their wishes. The Facebook live streaming allows them to be acknowledged in more accepting way. People can directly communicate to the huge user base of Facebook and can spread their message and thoughts instantly. The emotional connect with the real person speaking, exceeds far than somebody posting a photo or expressing in text.

Use the Latest Innovative Solution for Live Streaming: StreamNow


StreamNow provides you a platform to live-stream any of your activity just like Facebook live streaming or periscope. It provides ample features to choose from. You can live stream the video from web, android or ios. It has the notification system similar to Facebook. When you follow any of your friends and he is live streaming than you get the notification in StreamNow.

One can login in StreamNow through Facbook, Twitter or Google account. It provides many live streaming, like sports live streaming, one to many live streaming, one to one live streaming and etc. You can also charge the user who will going to use live streaming through your set up platform. Users viewing anything of StreamNow can comment or be a part of the chat instantly. It is a good platform to have answers to all your live streaming session needs.


If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. To learn more about Facebook live streaming and live video streaming, keep watching this space. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of Elon Musk’s opinions on Artificial Intelligence and how AI impacts live video streaming. Our best wishes are with you and your live video streaming venture. Cheers!


7 Best Live Streaming Services For Your Church

7 Best Live Streaming Services For Your Church

For hundreds of years, Sunday mornings have been synonymous with church gatherings for many families across the world. Churches have drawn believers in their vicinity into a central commune to share stories and wisdom and faith. As the world shrinks however, cross-border pollination and exchanges are becoming more and more common, pulling people away from their home ground for months or even years at a time. The threads that bind families and congregations however remain tight across many church fraternities, thanks to the merits of technology. One turnkey framework in particular has gained relevance for many churches. StreamNow, a turnkey, lightweight technology has led many church communities to broadcast live streaming services to viewers in various corners of the globe. Distances have shrunk and faith is being carried across the internet in the most amazing ways.

Merits of Live Streaming Services

Church services can cement communities together, but more often, the most inclined are unable to visit and participate in sermons in person. The elderly, mothers with young babies, the ill and indisposed, and those living in other cities make up just part of this subset. By introducing live streaming services, you can open the doors of your church to those who would like to watch at home. Live streams can be converted to recorded content that you can save in a permanent library for future reference.

If you’ve been scouring the internet for effective church live streaming solutions to host your church service, here are seven options you can choose from.

Option 1. StreamNow

StreamNow is a cutting-edge technology that combines aesthetics and functionality to give you a fluid, interactive interface. The framework works seamlessly across devices and pairs with state-of-the-art cameras and hardware. With a host of personalisation features, you can tailor your interface to align with your brand’s outlook. StreamNow also comes with an archived content store called StreamView, which can serve as a perfect repository for all your content.

Key Features

StreamNow allows users to live stream in a variety of formats. For instance, an event that is privately live streamed is broadcast only to select users, specifically those following the broadcaster. A public event on the other hand, is notified to all users. Further, StreamNow is stocked with user discretion features. Users have the option of accepting or rejecting an event. If they choose to accept, another notification will be sent to them at the time of the event. The framework also offers a real-time commenting feature and doubles up as a social media platform, with users able to follow and unfollow each other at will, and share statuses. StreamNow is equipped with excellent monetisation features, with administrators free to design their own dynamic subscription plan. This means that you can create differentiated premium content, charging users a fee to unlock content. Banner advertisements are a brilliant monetisation technique that come inbuilt with StreamNow. StreamNow comes with a technology stack that matches up to some of the best live streaming frameworks in the world. Crafted with layers such as WebRTC, Node.js, Laravel 5.2, Bootstrap and Wowza, StreamNow houses superlative software rings in its technology stack.

Option 2. is a tailor-made platform for church live streaming services. It comes with a range of features that make it ideal for sharing your stream across social networks. is a church-centric platform that offers exclusive features like sermon notes and virtual visitor maps. Sermon notes provide notes to those watching remotely, so that they can follow the flow of a service without any problem.

Key Features is armed with a double-barreled carriage of features that span live streaming and video on demand. The platform can be embedded onto your own website and streams can be shared fluidly across devices, both mobile and desktop. The service also features a map of virtual visitors who are attending a service. Moreover, can be plugged into social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Option 3. Sunday Streams

Sunday Streams is a service meant exclusively for church streaming services. It comes in two differentiated price plans, each one with its own set of offerings. The plans vary in terms of maximum upload limit, advertisement displays, domain allotment, mobile compatibility and Roku customisation, amongst other attributes.

Key Features

Sunday Streams is a simple, effective platform that is easy to install and use. This makes it especially useful for newbies who are still learning the ropes of live streaming. Sunday Streams does not rely on a content delivery network, raising the risk of compromised content quality. The service offers excellent customer support, and is known for its 24-hour response policy.

Option 4. ChristianWorldMedia

ChristianWorldMedia is ideal for church streaming services. It comes in three differentiated price plans, each one with its own set of benefits and features. The plans stand apart from each other in terms of storage space, online bible integration and Roku channel configuration, amongst other features.

Key Features

ChristianWorldMedia offers rungs of pricing that sit in the budgets of churches big and small. The platform is flexible, fluid and customisable. Plus, because its pricing model starts from the very bottom, more churches are encouraged to pick live streaming as a means of communication. ChristianWorldMedia offers a content delivery network with all its packages.

Option 5. TruthCasting

TruthCasting offers a flexi-price model that pivots on the number of members in your church. Alternatively, the number of visitors that attend Sunday mass is used as a yardstick. Interestingly, the features offered in every tier of the TruthCasting pricing model are the same; only the fees differ according to the number of on-site members. The platform is hosted on Amazon Web Server.

Key Features

TruthCasting offers an ad-free experience to viewers while providing unlimited storage to broadcasters. The service also provisions for code sharing for website integration and is device-agnostic.

Option 6. was originally established as a boutique website development company. Over the years, it has evolved its offerings and has now come to provide church live streaming services. The brand offers a vanilla price point of $49, which contains 250 GB of storage space and an ad-free interface. The platform is not underpinned by a content delivery network, making it susceptible to quality issues.

Key Features

The service provides 250 GB of bandwidth, mobile compatibility, an ad-free interface and social media plugins.

Option 7. Livestream

Livestream is a bigwig in the live streaming services space and this is reflected in its cost structure. Contrary to perception, Livestream does not offer the best features for its price. Live embedding for instance, isn’t supported on its basic plan, meaning that you cannot host your live stream on your own website. For this, you’d have to upgrade to a more expensive plan. Small churches couldn’t possibly afford this price tag, making it an automatic no-no. Livestream does offer an on-demand facility that lets you archive your live content. It also works on a content delivery network, keeping your stream functioning at its best, even with a large number of viewers.

Key Features

Livestream offers four tiers of pricing ranging from $42 all the way up to $1199 per month. Features included in the more high-end plans include cloud input, lead capture, live embedding, tracking and analytics, telephone customer support, white labelling and password protected events.

Before picking a live streaming framework, consider the needs of your church, its propensity to spend and its community spread. Every church has a unique need; it’s up to you to decide which live streaming route to take.