OTT Video Streaming Trends For 2019 That Platforms Must Know

OTT Video Streaming Trends For 2019 That Platforms Must Know

The old concept of prime time has changed over time. Viewers today have a vast catalog of content to choose from, and there are certainly more places to watch the content, too.

The viewership of traditional TV is falling apart as the OTT platform is offering high-level customization to the content browsing experience. OTT refers to over-the-top devices that use the internet instead of traditional cable TV to broadcast and watch TV content. 

In 2019 alone, there are over 182 million OTT subscribers in the US. In this article, we are going to discuss eight powerful trends that have influenced the growth of video streaming. From cutting-edge business models to sophisticated video streaming technologies, we will talk about everything responsible for bringing OTT to the masses. 

Hybrid Monetization Tools

A prerequisite for sustaining an OTT platform is to generate a significant amount of revenue. There are mainly three monetization models that OTT streaming operates on: Advertising model, subscription video-on-demand model, and transactional video-on-demand model.


YouTube, one of the biggest OTT platforms works on an advertising revenue model. General YouTube users are ready to wait patiently for the Ads to finish before they can watch their favorite video. However, the advertisement model is not suitable for most new players as they don’t have a stable subscriber base to drive this model by volumes. 

The subscription model is offered by major OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix where users pay a fixed subscription fee to access unlimited content available on the platforms. The major advantage of a subscription on-demand model is that it is convenient to use and you can unsubscribe whenever you want. Transactional on-demand model, on the other hand, offers a broader viewing experience by allowing users to down the content of their choice and pay a single time fee to watch the content of their choice. 

Unlike the advertising and subscription model, the transactional on-demand model does not rely on volumes. Now, live streaming platforms have begun to experiment with hybrid content monetization models and are leveraging multiple opportunities as users are willing to pay for premium content. 

Increasing Demand For Originals


Netflix changed the game by rolling out House of cards, its first original web television series. The streaming giant has put more emphasis on its programs over the last few years with over 100 Netflix originals. Orange is the new black, American Vandal, Stranger things, Russian doll, Master of none, are some of the popular Netflix originals loved by the audience. Millennials and the new-gen audience are preferring VOD streaming platforms because of the exclusive original content. 

Mobile Surpassing TV as a Primary Content Consumption Medium

Not everyone today watches TV shows on a conventional TV screen. People prefer to watch TV shows and movies on the go on mobiles and tablets. Mobile is emerging as a dominant content consumption channel. For example, a viewer who watches Game of Thrones in his TV screen while at home, whereas streams content directly from mobile devices while traveling.

AI to Make Streaming Better

The OTT industry is expected to leverage the power of artificial intelligence through recommendation engines. The recommendation engine is nothing but an AI-driven extension that keeps a tab on user activities and recommends customized content to subscribers.  This offers your subscribers with a personalized viewing experience curated by a combination of user behaviors like content browsing trend, viewing pattern, when they prefer to watch, preference of genre, etc. 

The Growth Of Niche Services

For the past decade, the OTT market has been dominated by giants like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and soon Apple and Disney will enter the scene. Recently it’s been clear that there is a real opportunity for a niche video content market. Niche platforms are ultra-specialized video-on-demand platforms that directly aim for a targeted audience. They offer independent cinema, niche sports, documentaries, fashion, luxury, children’s animated content, and Auteur cinema, etc. Niche platforms bring together active customers of similar interests around the content that excites them. Be advised that consistency and regular renewal are the keys to success for niche services if you are planning on launching your OTT Platform

Content Goes Hand in Hand With Distribution

The OTT platforms not only focus on the content but also on the distribution side. Those who benefit from the widest distribution will have better chances of winning the stream services competition. For example, Apple plans to launch its own streaming services during fall 2019. Even if it is late to the scene, it can count on its 1.4 billion devices that are already in the market and one its final resources with avid support of Hollywood studios. 

Similarly, AT&T relies on its network of subscribers to promote its warner media services that merge the HBO channel with the turner channels. To establish in the market for long term and to consolidate the business, distribution is an important aspect for OTT platforms. 

The Cloud Revolution

Till a few years back, OTT VOD streaming was a risky affair, but thanks to the cloud revolution, new opportunities arise as cloud simplifies workflows, reduces maintenance, and seeds funding. The development of cloud solutions significantly lowered the costs associated with technical implementation. With that said, now just a 2k subscriber base is sufficient enough to cover the technical costs. This also allows broadcasters to reduce the costs and improve efficiency to a greater level. OTT platforms can be launched and grown quickly without compromising the service quality.

Being Interactive With Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality



Augmented reality and virtual reality have slowly started getting into OTT platforms and have the potential to become a new way of entertainment and engagement. In the future, we will see more live streaming platforms and OTT services depending on hardware manufacturers for the distribution of VR devices as a part of their service. 

One of the most important content segments for OTT is sports, which when combined with AR and VR will increase views. Imagine being able to watch a sports event in VR as if sitting in the stadium. VR is expected to offer an immersive experience that will elevate the brand engagement. 

To build your own OTT business, you need not have to invest too much. You can build your own OTT platform and stream videos using VOD streaming software in an affordable manner. Once the platform is ready, prepare a marketing strategy and focus on branding and promotions. As more people shift to online channels and more businesses join forces in many different ways, the challenge is to identify the opportunities to attract customers and maximize revenue. Taken as a whole, these popular trends affect the OTT ecosystems in significant ways. Where some business players see maturing the market, others see fresh opportunities in these emerging trends to transform their services based on the industry standards. 

Church Live Streaming Best Practices

Church Live Streaming Best Practices

Live streaming for churches is transforming the way congregations practice their faith. More churches are looking to live stream their services to reach their congregations around the world. With live streaming, the worship community can come together to hear the same message regardless of where they are. Some platforms like YouTube make it easier for churches to stream their Sunday morning service. However, the stream quality of the broadcast might not be as expected. That is where the relevance of Church service software comes in.

Best Practices For Streaming Church Services

Whatever method you use to be successful in broadcasting your church live streaming services, it is important to consider certain technical recommendations to make sure you offer the best streaming experience to your audience.

Test Before Going Live


Always do a test live stream before actually going live to ensure all your equipment, both video and audio are operational. This tip is not just for first-time streamers; it is for everyone who plans to stream. Performing a test run before every service is the key to provide a quality viewing experience to all.

Limit the Access and Usage of a Computer Used for Streaming


If you use a specific computer to stream, it is recommended to limit the usage of it. Some churches that have a limited budget will use computer resources for multiple projects. Limiting the access and usage of the computer or laptop used for streaming will ensure that the software and settings commonly uses are not accidentally changed. This is one common problem that happens with most churches and results in their streaming equipment not working at the time of broadcast.

Include an Online Audience as a Part of Your Service

Most successful churches make it a practice to look at the streaming camera and acknowledge their online audience. This also includes addressing your online audience and greeting them at the beginning of the service. Promoting your live streaming services during the announcements in between the service will help in educating your church members to tune in online when they cannot attend the church.

Focus On Close Up Shots of the Church


Source: Sharefaith

Getting close-up shots of participants, especially for special events like Easter, Christmas, weddings, first communions, etc. can remarkably improve the viewership of your church live streaming services.

Use Social Media to Promote

Promote your live streaming service on social media both before and after the broadcast, as it helps in bringing in more visitors to your site. You can also add trailers and highlights for special events.   

Offer Better Production Quality


Source: Epiphan

Having better production quality is one way to make your live stream better than others. To achieve the same, choose the right camera to stream your church services. Good cameras and microphones are some essentials you must consider investing in for delivering a better streaming experience. Additionally, make sure to capture video at the highest quality possible all the time and later render it down to desirable formats.

Live Streaming Church Services With An Online Platform

Live streaming your church service from your own official video platform is the best-recommended way to broadcast as it gives you the full control over the stream. Streaming with an online video platform offers plenty of advantages, and that is why you must consider building one. Here are some of the advantages.

You Can Publish Sermon Videos

Having your own video platform will help you to publish sermon and testimony videos along with live broadcasting. This means you can create a video library on your church website. Considering the fact that believers look up a church’s website before visiting live stream, it is a great idea to have some video content on your website.

Streaming Integrations

Online platform for church integrates seamlessly with church streaming software, which allows your church to stream sermons and other events. Your audience can play pre-recorded videos, but its live streaming capacity also means that you can share live sermons and events while they happen.

Next Event Countdown Timer

Church’s online platform allows you to include a countdown timer until your next broadcast. The countdown timer functionality helps the audience to know when to join the next event.

Social Sharing

A church with an active social media presence shows that it can keep its ministry at the forefront of people’s minds. With the click of a button, social media accounts make it easy for your church to stay active on different social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Strengthens Community

An online platform for your church facilitates communication and connection. This allows you to connect with your members and for them to connect easily with fellow members. Both the church website and social media helps connecting communities who are serious about building a community and strengthening roots in the community. With an effective live streaming strategy, you can build a powerful online presence to spread your message, influence, and reach out to your congregation and connect with other believers.

Improves Accessibility

Over 81% of the population has at least one social media profile. So if you want to reach out to your audience wherever they are, you have to meet them online. As more people seek convenient ways to build their spirituality, they are searching for connections to follow over the Internet. Consequently, there is a growing opportunity to reach out to your new members with a live streaming platform. Live video, prayer group, or bible studies can be streamed on your websites and social platforms using church streaming software.

Watch From Any Device

Half of the online video content is now consumed on mobile. Church members who are unable to sit down and watch the live broadcast can watch on their mobile devices. Church live streaming allows you to stream your church services to tablets and mobiles.


One of the common myths of live streaming is its costs. People consider live-streaming a costly affair. Live streaming can actually be affordable with affordable church streaming software. It is more cost-effective than buying a broadcast time on TV. Most churches broadcast live on TV, but now everyone is shifting to online solutions due to its affordability. Live streaming is quite affordable considering the convenience and reachability to a broad audience.


Churches can embrace technology to use it to spread their ministry. By implementing church live streaming services, you are no longer bound by geographical limitations to grow your community. Why not try live broadcasting to help your church enter the digital era? Moreover, it helps you to reach a younger audience. To approach young audiences, you must communicate in a language they understand. For today’s youth, it is technology and the Internet. It is time for churches to embrace change for good. Not through messages, but through the way the message is delivered.

Why You Need to Start Live Sports Streaming Platform?

Why You Need to Start Live Sports Streaming Platform?

Live streaming is an interactive way to engage with your audience and establish your presence. For instance, live sports coverage is a big draw for cable network subscribers, but you can also get the same content or even more from a dedicated sport streaming service. After all, what is the point of watching your favorite sport if you aren’t watching it live?

Given the increased popularity of mobile technologies and the internet, it has become easier than ever to stream live sports to audience around the world.

Live Sports Streaming- An Expanding Industry


Today, sports are by far the most prominently broadcasted video programs, whether on TV networks or online. Interestingly, the number of online viewership is on the complete rise. However, it was to like this in the past. When it all started, live streaming was a complicated process, and the opportunities were quite limited. Making a great live video was a hard-hitting task. The lower video quality and poor impact results didn’t defend the big investments in such a complex process.

However, now live streaming has become more approachable and relevant, and the quality has improved exponentially. Live streaming sports content was never this easy until the modern infrastructure and steadfast sports streaming software solutions came to existence.

For over 50 years, Television dominated media. However, today, it’s losing the ground to streaming media services like Amazon and Netflix. Similarly, set-top streaming media boxes like Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. are replacing traditional cable subscriptions.

Sports have always been a major component of TV shows, constituting over 40% of the entire TV viewing. In the past decade, many sports organizations, and sports leagues have started streaming sports online through their own live-streaming platforms. Why? Because on-demand sports streaming is the current trend, and it offers excellent revenue opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at why live sports streaming is on the rise?

A Reach to the Global Audience

Even with widespread syndication, reaching a broad global audience with TV broadcasts is not practically possible. However, with live streaming, you can reach a worldwide audience base and access viewership more directly.  It makes reaching out to a broader audience possible without hefty expenses and negotiations with multiple partners and distributors.

Lower Barriers to Getting Started

While getting a slot on television is difficult, it’s more accessible only to big organizations with big budgets. However, live streaming is a more accessible and a completely different arena. It doesn’t involve competing for limited space, and for the same reason, the prices are much lower. Other factors responsible for lower prices is the increasing ubiquity of internet connections and the declining cost of high-quality camera equipment.

Multi-Device Streaming

Smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices are becoming more widespread displacing the popularity of televisions. While there are people who don’t have televisions, it is difficult to spot people without mobile devices. Live sports streaming via the internet allows you to tap into a wide audience wherever they are on their smartphones and laptops. In fact, even televisions these days are coming with inbuilt streaming applications, enabling traditional TV sets to keep up with the changing demand for media devices.

Smart Live Broadcasts


Source: Sportslatam

Unlike TV broadcasts, live sports streaming offers amazing advantages in terms of broadcast.  Some organizations broadcast multiple camera angles of the same game, which gives audience vantage points to choose from, giving them a greater control. With a bit of customer programming, you can bring in multiple viewing options for live streams as well. For instance, you can build an app that lets your viewers watch 2 games at the same time side by side. You can also overlay scores of other games, integrate live commentary in the middle of live broadcasts, and much more. This allows your audience to engage with the game and your live streaming service in a completely adaptable way.

Generate Revenue

With sports streaming software, you can bring a worldwide audience to your sport and club. This is an excellent way to make money while streaming entertainment. Creating amazing sports live experiences along with the ability to instantly replay, live playback, pause capabilities, are what help in generating steady revenue. There are several other revenue models for sports live streaming as well, while the subscription model is the most popular one. Pay-per-view sports is also another eminent revenue model. When executed in the right way, live streaming sports can generate significant and steady sales.

How to Live Stream Sports Successfully?

The increasing availability and less complexity have turned live sports streaming into a booming industry. While broadcasting sports content is easier than before, understanding how on-demand sport streaming works will make getting started easy.

Achieving Video and Streaming Quality


When it comes to live streaming sports, it is different compared to streaming other events. The major challenge with live sports streaming is movement and the elements. As sports events often take place in outdoors, the weather is a common concern. If you want to learn how to make a sports streaming website, taking efforts to improve the video and audio quality of your stream is eminently critical.

Some of the important factors contributing to great streaming quality are the right equipment, resolution, autofocus, zoom, multiple cameras, frame rate, etc. The camera you choose for online sports training must function well in low light, it is better to look for a 4k camera with a wide aperture.

Another important thing to consider is to check video buffering as they can totally ruin important moments in the streams. To avoid buffering, you must ensure that there is enough bandwidth to upload the video. You must also make sure that you stream the sport in multiple quality options with automatic bitrate switching so that your viewers have the best-suited version for their respective internet speed.

Mixing Software and Encoding

The master feed is delivered to a dedicated live stream encoder or an encoding device that encodes the stream to a suitable format ideal for transmission over the internet. Generally, encoding software will have the essential features as build-ins. Regardless of the encoding approach, switching between different cameras is essential and a multi-source camera encoder or a capture device helps in achieving this.

Another important factor to consider is the speed at which action occurs. At times, it can be really fast for the human eye to follow. In such cases, slow motion and instant replay let you play important scenes again. Most high-end switching/mixing software or encoders allow for easy instant replays. Some of the additional features you can implement via an encoder software includes- titles and transition, on-screen statistics, studio commentary, simultaneous recording of live streams, prerecorded pictures, and videos.

Monetizing Live Streaming


If you are interested in how to make a sports streaming website that generates revenue, you have a number of monetization models to choose from. You can either follow an advertising model, pay per view or subscription model. While adverting model is the most common one, unless you are attracting a very large viewer base, it can be difficult to generate a good amount of income merely from Ads alone.

However, if your audience is very specific, niche business might offer you more to reach out to them, even if the number of audience is small. Pay-per-view is another monetization model to earn money from live sports streaming. When priced correctly, a game that generates a couple of hundred views can earn thousands of dollars. When you stream events that are very popular, revenue can be even greater.

The subscription model is the best-suited one for live sports streaming. This allows true fans to subscribe to your live streaming platform. More like purchasing the tickets for a whole tournament or a whole season in bulk.

Post-Game Follow-Through

The best live sports streaming events continue to interact with their audience base even after the event. Highlight videos, video analysis, polling audience, are a part of the follow-through after the live stream as it is vital to retain a loyal audience. Proper follow-through has several benefits. It not only ensures that your viewers will show up for the next match, but the loyalty will also make sure your future games are a success as well.

The Future of Sports Live Streaming?

With more and more people doing away with cable subscriptions and moving to streaming services, live streaming certainly represents a bright future. The youth of today are much less likely to choose TV programs and more likely to use on-demand services.

Increasing, live streaming businesses are catching on, too. In short, the trend is clear. Live streaming is the future of media and sports entertainment. While the trend is still in its early stages, early adopters tend to reap more benefits. So, what are you waiting for? To make the most out of your live sports broadcast endeavors, it is highly recommended to use a dedicated live streaming platform. If you need assistance in how to make a sports streaming website, you came to the right place. We will get you started and streaming live in a matter of minutes. Just drop a word, and we will be right back to you.  

How to Get Paid to Play Video Games on Twitch

How to Get Paid to Play Video Games on Twitch


Does anyone sit and watch people playing video games all day? Yes, millions of people actually do. Over 15 million viewers daily visit live streaming sites like Twitch to watch games, tournaments, talk shows, casual solo sessions, and more. Just like YouTubers, Twitch streamers are a new breed of online celebrities with legions of dedicated fans who tune in to the platform to watch their favourite streamers. Many of these personalities have reputed sponsors and millions of fans in both Twitch and social media. While not all make it to the NFL and NBA, anyone with a modern game console and passion of gaming, can be a Twitch streamer.

What is the best thing about being a Twitch streamer? Of course, you are doing what you love and you have the celebrity status. Is that all enough? Twitch streaming is not just for entertainment; it is an excellent way to earn money online. If you are addicted to gaming and have a combination of other skills like good communication, business skills and enough time to spare, you are all eligible to start making money on Twitch.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is the leading live streaming platform in the world, mainly for gamers. It was launched as in 2007 by Justin Kan and Emmett Seahr as a general streaming site with different channels. But games became the major focus and soon they spun off the gaming content to a dedicated service- Twitch TV on June 2011.

In August 2014, Twitch was purchased by Amazon and since then it has continued to grow to add more participatory features and to provide exciting offers to its Amazon Prime subscribers. As the services expanded, it attracted large partnerships too with the latest one being a 2-year deal with Blizzard entertainment. Twitch is now the exclusive broadcaster of its eSports events. If you want to make money streaming video games, there is no other better place than Twitch. The streaming service boasts over 2 million unique streamers every month and thousands of them are already making a good amount of earnings through the Twitch partner programs.

How to Set Up on Twitch?

If you are looking for how to earn money on Twitch, there are few things you need to do to set up on the platform. You have to start with creating a profile in Twitch followed by setting up equipment and so on. The first step is to create an account on Twitch. You can create an account for free, by visiting Twitch and clicking the Signup button. You can register using your email or your Facebook or Google account. The next step is that you need to have the proper equipment- You will need to have either a PC or a gaming console. If you are opting for a gaming console, you must purchase a capture card to live stream your games.  If you are planning to stream via a PC or laptop, you will have to meet the requirements for the output you expect.

The minimum recommended specs Twitch offers are-

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 or AMD Equivalent
  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

Streaming Software

The streaming software is the most essential addition of any streaming tool kit if you plan streaming games for money. Streaming software comes with many significant features that make your broadcast stand out. With real-time video, audio mixing, switching between transitions, they offer everything you need to pull off a dynamic stream with ease. While some software is free, some live streaming software comes with a paid subscription that offers lots of customizations to personalize your streaming software. Regardless of what software you choose, setting up your live stream involves same steps- picking your equipment, designing a layout on how they will appear to viewers and finally synchronizing your Twitch profile and actually going live.

Microphone and Camera

When you want to make money streaming on Twitch, the quality of your stream should be top-notch. You need to have a dedicated microphone and a webcam.  Though you have a gaming headset, having a good microphone will ensure that your viewers can hear you clearly. Go for a good quality microphone that offers crisp audio and adjustable pickup modes. Check out for the webcams that have sharp visual and offers a built-in ring light to brighten your face.

Streaming from Consoles

If you want to become a Twitch streamer and earn money while playing games, without owning any fancy hardware, it is recommended to use either PS4 or Xbox One. This allows you to stream directly from your console without the need for any additional software or devices. Xbox One allows you to go live from the Twitch app and on PS4, you can go live straight from the system’s share menu.

If you use Xbox, you can also stream directly to the Microsoft mixer platform that is relatively easy to set up. While you won’t be able to customize your stream as you can from your PC, console streaming is a great way to start with. If you want to stream from your console like Nintendo Switch but need more control, you can get a capture card which records your console gameplay to your PC.

Building an Audience: Gaining Followers

Twitch is currently the most popular online platform to stream games. The number of concurrent streamers and viewers are overwhelming. That is a double-edged sword. If you want to be a Twitch streamer, that’s great as the potential audience is enormous. At the same time, competition is also quite high. In short, you have to stand out from the crowd to gain more followers and build a community. Let’s see the easy to follow and practical tips to build an audience on Twitch. Hang on to learn how to earn money on Twitch.

Find Your Niche: How do you stand out among Twitch’s 2 million streamers?

If you are serious about becoming an active live streamer and look forward to making money on Twitch, it is important to claim a niche. Where most streamers go wrong is that they try imitating top streamers without adding their own style element. This might work to an extent, but it is not easy to establish yourself as a top streamer by copying others. To choose a niche, you can share your talents or even lack of talents. People love talent shows like X-Factor and American Idol. If you have got a talent, don’t hide it from the world. Sing, dance, play your favorite instrument or showcase your DIY skills while you stream. Streams like ASMR and Mukbang attracts a huge audience even though they seem to be strange trends. Find your talent and run with it.

Build your channel, Be Consistent

Consistency is critical when it comes to building your channel on Twitch. Just like people tune in to their favorite shows at the same time each night, they would like to know exactly when you would go live on Twitch. And if you promise, you have to keep your word to earn their trust. Whether you broadcast in the morning or in the afternoon, stick onto a schedule and let your followers know about it. Make sure your broadcast time is clearly specified in your Twitch profile and social media.

If you choose to stream at random schedules, it becomes difficult to get the same viewers. Basically, you are training your viewers to come back at a specific time of every week by putting up a schedule. Don’t be afraid to start small if you can’t stream every 7 days. Commit to at least one or two streams a week and stick to it. Obviously, the more content you are able to provide, the better. But it’s not always about the frequency, it’s about the consistency, especially when you begin with. While building your channel, prepare it for sponsorships as well. If you are a streamer who is considering the idea of how to get sponsored on Twitch, customize your channel in an impressing way starting with offering a professional info section.

Grow your Community

What differentiates Twitch from other streaming platforms is that the audience is kept as a key part of the experience. Building a community is essential if streaming games for money is what you are looking for. All Twitch streamers have access to chat rooms that allows streamers to directly connect with users who follows them. This also helps in building a community on the platform. The more you make viewers feel like they are with you while you play, the better chances you have at building a loyal community.

Streamers have been taking different routes to keep their actions interactive. If you have ever tried how to get sponsored on Twitch, you know the significance of nurturing a community to get noticed by sponsors. Listing to your followers is also a great way to build relationships. If no one is watching your streams and engaging, ask yourself what would be the reason and try to cater to the content they want.

Social Media

Promote yourself on social media and interact with your followers there as well like on Twitch. Social media is a great platform to start with building a community. If you really want to see a noticeable positive difference in your viewership, start using social media to strengthen relationships. If you can do promos of the upcoming streams and put up a notification each time you go live, the better. The possibilities of social are almost limitless for streamers, it’s one of the most effective tools to nurture your personal brand. This is essential if you want to gain more followers and you are seriously looking for effective ways on how to make money on Twitch. On top of branding, social media also helps you to earn more sponsorships from big brands.

Don’t Stress About Your Gear (At First)

Just because popular streamers had a top-quality webcam and fancy screens with over 3 PC’s doesn’t mean that you also got to start the same way. How do gamers make money without investment? Have they invested so much in Tech gears? Not really. Interestingly, most of the popular streamers started small with probably an old laptop. The system requirements of Twitch are lenient, which means you must focus on growing an audience before spending thousands of dollars to build an impressive studio. Even if it is an old laptop that you have, start with it. As your channel grows, you can upgrade to better gaming set up.

How to make money on Twitch?

If you are wondering about can you make money on Twitch, Twitch streamers have a lot of ways to earn money and have enough support base for the same. If you have a real intention to make money with Twitch, you have to start aiming to become a Twitch affiliate. From there you can reach the level to become a partner by meeting the required criteria. To make good earnings from Twitch, streamers have to improve their skills and build up a fan base before considering making consistent

Twitch Affiliates and Partners

Have you ever wondered how to make money gaming on Twitch? Affiliates and partnerships are the way to earn more in Twitch. Twitch affiliates and partners can earn from monthly subscriptions from viewers. Each subscription cost $4.99 and for every subscription, the streamer receives 50% of that revenue. There are some statistical requirements to become an affiliate and then a partner. Once you become eligible for the affiliate program, Twitch sends an invitation via email to the streamer to be a part of the program. Once you qualify as an affiliate, you can start earning by collecting bits or when people subscribe to your channel.

How much do Twitch partners make? Again, that differs considerably as it depends on a lot of other factors. Twitch affiliates also have the opportunity to earn in-game products and game sales that originate from your channel. When you make it as a Twitch partner, you will get the benefits offered to Twitch affiliates and live chat privileges, emoticons and exclusive perks in addition.

Both Twitch Affiliates and Partners Can Earn Twitch Bits

Bits is the official donation system of Twitch and it is available only to Twitch affiliates and partners. But bits are not just as easy as getting money with just the push of a button. Bits are digital currencies that can be purchased from Twitch with real cash using Amazon payments. Streamers in Twitch earn special badges for using their bits. The more bits they use; the more badges they earn. A Twitch game streamer earns $1 for every 100 bits used during the stream.

Twitch Subscriptions

If you are looking for ways on how to make money playing games, Twitch subscriptions are a great way to earn a recurring income. Twitch subscriptions are loved by streamers. When a streamer buys a monthly subscription, the money the platform collects is divided between Twitch and the Twitch partner. Both affiliates and partners are eligible to earn revenue from subscriptions.

Video Ads

If have tried different ways on how to make money on YouTube gaming, you know one of the main revenue sources is video ads. Similarly, Twitch also allows streamers to earn through ads. Revenue earned from ads is one of the popular monetization tools available only to Twitch partners. Streamers can activate their commercial button and the viewers receive video ads. Twitch monitors the number of views for every ad and keep track of the numbers. Streamers are paid a fixed amount of money per 1000 views and it is referred to as cost per mile (CPM). CPM rates are not just on the quantity, quality outweighs the numbers. Generally, the CPM rate ranges between $1-$10.


Most new streamers are eager to learn how to get donations on Twitch. Once you sign up as a streamer on Twitch, you can immediately add a donation button in your channel that allows your users to send their contributions. Another way to accept donations is through PayPal. Accepting donations on Twitch is a common practice. Initially, donations might seem like a less relevant monetization option but imagine having millions of followers and all of them decide to donate a dollar every month. You can be a millionaire just from donations.

Affiliate Links

For people who ask can you make money off Twitch, affiliate links are the answer. Joining different affiliate programs is an excellent way to earn income. Yes, this is different from the Twitch affiliate program. Twitch streamers can sign in to any affiliate networks and thereby earn a percentage of money when your followers spend on the company’s products.

As Twitch is a product of amazon, it has added an affiliate marketing feature to Twitch. This feature allows you to showcase different products as a widget on their profile. When their followers click on the widget, they are redirected to the relevant Amazon sales page. If a streamer buys a product through the link, the broadcaster receives a share of the total sale revenue.

Selling Games and in Game Items

Twitch allows Twitch partners to sell games and in-game products from their profile and receive 5% of the total revenue. When you stream a game that Twitch sells or that has in-game products which you can sell, a sales box automatically appears on your profile.

If a follower clicks on the box and makes a purchase, you will receive the 5% share of it if you are a Twitch partner. This is an automatic process and doesn’t require an affiliate partner to do anything. The sales box automatically appears on the profile of streamers who play relevant games, but only Twitch partners would receive a share of the sale.

Selling Merchandise

Once you build a brand and becomes popular on Twitch, you can see your followers being willing to pay for your custom merchandise. At this stage, you can place a link on your Twitch profile that direct fans to your online store. You can use your online store to sell goodies like coffee mugs, T-shirts, books or other fanboy products for your followers to purchase.

Brands have now discovered how relevant Twitch is for gamers, and have found that it may be an excellent place to set up sponsorship deals. Obviously, gaming companies benefit from sponsoring the elite players of their game. If a company sells a product to “gamer-type people,” they will benefit from engaging in Twitch sponsorship. It is common to see sponsorship deals from companies that sell computer hardware, accessories, phones, websites, food, drinks, takeaways, fashion labels, and much more.

How Much Can You Actually Make on Twitch?

Do people make money on Twitch? Yes. But, how much? To be honest, there is no way to give accurate numbers. Even if you have just 300 subscribers and you get around 100 views, depending on how active your followers are how much money can you make streaming on Twitch varies.

Imagine many of your followers offer you gifts and donations, the money you make out of Twitch would be more. If you are someone who have already tried how to make money playing video games on YouTube, you know how important is to gain more subscribers to earn more money. However, Twitch offers you many different monetization ways other than number of views or subscriptions.

Most followed streamers on Twitch



Shroud is one of the famous Twitch streamer, popular for his game performances like Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Shroud also streams videos of other games like Lord of the rings, Fortnite, Fallout 76, etc. and has over 6.7 million fans on Twitch. He streames for over 60 hours every week and has brand collaborations with many brands like HYPERX and Madrinas Coffee. Madrinas Coffee even has a product on his name- Shroud’s Insane Cappuccino.




With over 5 million subscribers in Twitch, 6.8 million followers on Instagram and 4.3 million followers on YouTube, TSM_Myth is another popular Twitch streamer renowned for his Fortnite game performances. He is a part of Team Solo Mid or TSM Premiere ESports team based in the US and has multiple brand partnership with brands like HTC, Logitech, and Geico.



Tfue is yet another most watched Twitch streamer having over 6 million followers on Twitch and 11 million in YouTube. With just 236 videos, he owns one of the fastest-growing Twitch channels overall. He mostly plays Fortnite and streams 70 hours in Twitch every week.



Summit1g is another popular streamer with over 3.9 million followers who is famous for his videos on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. He also plays other games like Counterstrike, Ring of Elysium and Fortnite for almost 60-70 hours every week. He collaborates with several brands like Audio-Technica, monster energy cyber PowerPC and Corsair.

Riot Games


Riot Games is another popular Twitch channel dedicated to League of Legends game performances. He has over 3 million followers and is a participator in tournaments at LoleSports.

Who’s Ninja, the “Trump” of the Streaming World?


Yes, we have kept the first for the last! Ninja a.k.a Tyler Blevins is a 27-year-old gamer who raised to fame when he live streamed himself playing the globally popular game Fortnite with rapper Drake. He not only trended on Twitch, he even made to BBC news. With over 22 million YouTube subscribers, Ninja is a star in both social media and Twitch where he is pulling over $560,000 per month just by streaming games. Ninja successfully made a name in the professional gaming industry by taking part in Halo competition. Later he left e-sports to pursue his streaming career and is currently having over 14 million fans on Twitch.

Does Fortnite, Model the Future?Fortnite-streamhash

The massive multiplayer online Fortnite Battle Royal has become a worldwide sensation since its launch. Released by epic games, the game is free for users on Xbox One, PC, PS4, and all apple devices. There is a popular paid-for version of it called Fortnite: Save the world too,

One of the main reasons it became popular is because it is free. Players don’t have to spend any money to battle against their friends. This makes the game more accessible than other multi-player title variants. Another reason is that the game is cross-platform meaning both PS4 and Xbox players can play against one another. The game is also less violent than other fighting titles making it interesting to both casual and professional video games. Equally appealing is that one of the players of Fortnite is the rapper drake who frequently live stream his online matches.

For both players and developers, Fortnite is special as players are willingly pouring out money into a game which is available for free. While the basic model of the game is a freemium one, it allows micro-transactions where players can purchase virtual goods with micropayments. It is not mandatory to follow Fortnite business model. It is true that different game has different expectations and the business model might

Twitch Streamers Reveal Their Number One Tips for a New Twitch Channel

Streaming games for a live audience has emerged as one of the ways to attain heights of popularity and make real money. You will be surprised to know how much money streamers make just by streaming games. If you take some of the popular Twitch streamers their dedication to what they do has convinced many to take up Twitch streaming as mainstream. However, it is not an easy career than most people would assume. Though your potential audience is quite enormous, so is the competition you have to face.

While there is no easy road to achieve it, yes there are some tips that will make you a popular streamer. Rather than beginning to create a channel without any knowledge about Twitch and game streaming, take it from the Twitch celebrities itself. Here are some of the tips by popular streamers if you are going to start a Twitch channel.

Futureman Gaming

Futureman Gaming stresses the importance of building a community but he also points out that it is not going to happen overnight. You have to work hard, learn from your mistakes and have fun to differentiate yourself so that you can grow a community.

Jeffrey Shih

Jeffrey Shih an American Hearthstone player says his number of tips for newbies is to simply stream.

Vinny from VineSauce

Vinny from VineSauce says never overreact to the audience. If you are a quiet person, let that aura follow. Always try to be charismatic and never sacrifice your personality. He also explains the significance of finding out fun themes to stream and edit some highlight videos to attract the audience.


Ari “TRIPLEWRECK” SMITH, one of the top destiny streamer suggest watching your own streams and make changes in the way it is appealing to the audience. He says if you won’t enjoy your stream, how could your viewers be enjoying it.


NICK28T, a FIFA ultimate team player has this advice for new streamers- Be consistent. Act like you have thousands of audience even if you just have 1 or 2.

Twitch Launches Creator Camp Channel to Help Its Users Become Better Streamers


Twitch launched a creator camp which is basically a website where streamers can get the useful information they need to grow and improve their streams.  No matter you are a first-time streamer or streamer who want to try out new strategies, Twitch creator camp has something for you. It features some of the successful Twitch partners who will share tips and advises that will be helpful for your streaming journey. Creator camp also hosts live sessions with partners to dive deep into the subjects that matter the most to streamers.

Hosting a good game is not easy. Most of the streamers spend quite a lot of time searching for advice on effective tools and techniques to make their broadcast more engaging and to grow their community. However, Twitch creator camp makes things simpler by creating a centralized platform where you can access all relevant information to a streamers success and learn about how to make money on Twitch.

Twitch vs YouTube


If you want to know about how to make money playing video games on YouTube, there are a lot of other general things you must be aware of. First of all, Twitch is largely game focused whereas on YouTube it is not very easy for gamers to find their stream. If done through android smart devices or PS4, or your PC, YouTube finds the best stream resolution but if you chose to stream from the PC it needs an encoder. However, with Twitch, you can directly stream to the site from the Xbox One game console.

When it comes to earning money, with YouTube it all starts with ad revenue. Once you have over 10,000-lifetime views and you became a YouTube partner, you can start earning from ads. Another way to earn is through donations from subscribers and viewers through fan funding card option. Whereas making money on Twitch is possible through a partner program, ads and Twitch gives you the potential to earn much more than YouTube gaming.

Take Away

The most active streamers make a living through a combination of monetization technique like Bits, donations, paid subscriptions, and influencer marketing. As with any type of success in the social platform, making money on Twitch also takes a lot of hard work and patience.

If you are streaming games for money alone, you will struggle for the first few months. Your passion and interest in gaming are what will drive you to be patient and that is what will pay off in the end. Even if you have 30 views or 3000 views, people are choosing to watch you playing games. In the end, it is important to remember that you are still playing games. Whether it’s just a hobby or something you plan to take up as a career, streaming must be fun. The more you enjoy playing games, the more everyone will watch you and the more money you can earn.

Stop Uploading Your Video on YouTube for Free. Start Connecting with Video-On-Demand Platform

Stop Uploading Your Video on YouTube for Free. Start Connecting with Video-On-Demand Platform

YouTube is a powerful video-sharing platform and the most effective way to showcase your creation as it gives better exposure to your videos. There is no denying the fact. As a google affiliated with over a billion users, YouTube is the largest search engine, second to google. However, is it very helpful in making a profit by uploading your videos? When it comes to making a profit, YouTube lacks a lot of things. In this scenario, uploading your videos on Live streaming platform is a great idea to generate more revenue. Instead of uploading your videos on sites like YouTube, you have to take advantage of technology to establish a professional online presence. If you have a live video streaming platform on your own, you can upload your videos without any restrictions from third-party.

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Video content providers, here is why you have to create your video on demand platform instead of uploading your video on YouTube for free.

Own Your Creative Work


Uploading your videos on YouTube will have restrictions on your creatives. What does a video on demand platform mean to Streaming Video Content providers? It must give the creator adequate freedom to decide how the videos must be showcased to users. On your own video platform, no one will remove your videos without letting you know.

You can also decide whether you want to sell video content online for free or for a price. A video on demand website of your own is just like a platform where you have full control of the feel, design, audio, and behavior completely. This is your place where you can invite your audience to create a brand identity by customizing things from header to footer.

Spread Your Influence

If you wonder how to sell video content online, a video on demand platform is a website that allows your audience to buy your creations. You can also integrate your social media profiles on the website which enable you to spread your influence even further. You can take a step to further spread your influence through forums or your website blog. The video-on-demand platform serves as an opportunity to present your creations and people know about your brand even more in detail.

Offer Exclusive Content

If you are a good Video-on-demand content provider, never do it for free. Because you can actually make good revenue from it and offer exclusive content to entice your target audience. For example, if you are a video creator offering fitness content, you can post a preview video of your new workout series. On YouTube, it is possible to offer the initial session of your workout videos as a free demo.

Whereas, on your website, you can sell the entire workout series for a given price. You can also sync the content from your social media on your website. The best part? You can double the benefits by increasing your website reach and video views on your site and on the Live streaming platform as well. Once you have your content forever on your site, it helps in turning your casual visitors to a devoted audience.

Engage With Your Audience

Even the most popular YouTube celebrities have their own website to keep their audience updated. Use your website to engage your audience as the popular influencers do. On your website, you can interact with your audience by keeping them informed about your upcoming events, ticket sales, exciting discounts, tours, etc.

Grow Your Business Potential

A Live streaming platform is the best place to promote your business. Unlike YouTube, if you have your website, you can create newsletters. Through this, your community can receive the first look of your videos and they would always be updated and informed. Additionally, your video platform will help you grow an email subscription list of valuable contacts by adding the info of every user who signs up.


Leo Laporte has a YouTube channel and now he is a part of the Drupal-powered, an internet podcast network. When you have your own platform, the choices are endless and there are plenty of ways to promote yourself as a brand. No matter what your requirements are- An online portfolio, film trailer site or a production blog, you will have a place to direct your audience too.

How To Implement Video On Demand?

With on-demand platforms, the number of videos and the duration of videos allowed is unlimited. As bandwidth and viewing are unlimited, you don’t have to worry about the costs involved for bandwidth. While the reach of YouTube videos is quite broad considering its popularity, your own video on demand platform allows you to deliver videos to a global market along with a variety of other features. Beyond all, video on demand platforms can allow video content creators to set up their storefront in any language from the landing page to the billing page. It also allows subtitles and closed captioning in any language.

Designing Your Video-On-Demand Platform

Once you have the right foundation, you can start by designing your video-on-demand platform. Consider this as the user experience part of the whole process. You have to design and build all the parts of your website that your customers will come in contact with or see through your marketing strategies. You can add in features like images, layouts, logos and have to stick to the coding framework. Here are some essential features for designing your video-on-demand platform.

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Video Focused Platform

When you design an on-demand platform to showcase your videos, the website has to be well equipped to focus on displaying and categorizing your videos.

Mobile Responsive

Your website has to be mobile friendly with responsive themes which adapts to smartphones and tablets.

Static Landing Pages

Create pages on your website for people to subscribe to your mailing list and purchase your products.

SEO Ready

Your website theme must also allow the pages to be SEO ready.


Video on demand is expanding from a marketing strategy and evolving into a business model. Popular video-on-demand platforms like YouTube has a built-in audience, but if you want to generate good income selling videos online, hosting your video on demand platform is the ideal way. Having a video platform facilitates Streaming Video Content providers to keep the viewers informed about the new updates and additions, which is an excellent selling point. On-demand streaming platforms are not only evolving as a significant part of business models, but they are also actually the foundations of most businesses. It is a great way to create a solid user base while making a good ROI by sharing your video creations.

How Live Streaming Platform Dominates the Social Media Landscape

How Live Streaming Platform Dominates the Social Media Landscape

Finding new tactics to grow your business is a daunting task, especially when your competitors do the exact same things. In this scenario, you need to make yourself different. The old marketing strategies won’t help you. The best way to attract your audience is to use new platforms where they engage often. That’s where live streaming comes into the picture. It’s no secret that videos generate lots of traffic, views, and engagement. Though slowly, but surely a live video is getting established as the future of online video marketing,

Live Streaming on Social Media

It all began in 2011 with You Now, a live streaming app started streaming for the first time. Later in 2014, we saw the launch of Snapchat. A year later, Twitter integrated Periscope, a live streaming app into their social platform. Later in 2016, Facebook launched Facebook live and many social media giants including YouTube and Instagram followed it.

Video Grabs More Attention

80% of online users prefer watching a video than reading the content. The number of people staying tuned to live streaming content is increasing too. Popular video content marketers state that they drive 41% traffic higher than others. It reaches 100% more audience than a photo post. All these shows and constant growth in the popularity of live streaming among internet users. Considering the previous year, 2019 will be an even bigger year considering both audience and brands have settled into the format now.

Why Social Media

The majority of brands choose social media as the Live Streaming Platform to host videos for several reasons, as mentioned below.

Social Media Platforms are Free

You need not invest any money for live streaming on any of the social media platforms. Having a smartphone with a good camera, and an internet connection, the mobile app is just enough to start with live streaming. However, if you want a professional grade streaming quality, you can go for professional live streaming applications like Ustream.

It’s Interactive



While live streaming itself is a great engagement booster, social media platforms combine an array of interactive features like live commenting, sharing, stickers and donations. Add it to your profile and users can take part in discussions even after the event is finished. If you are representing a brand, you can also conduct live streams in the form of a chat session or Q & A session to interact with your audience.

Live Video Content Shows to Dominate Social Media Feed



Facebook live and Instagram live has received a high uptake. Therefore in social media feeds, in the coming years, we expect to see more video content. Social media uses text and images to express opinions and feelings. With the introduction of live video content on social media, both people and brands prefer video content to express their feelings. Therefore, it is one of the biggest social media trends that are here to stay for long.

With the introduction of a live broadcast on Facebook and Instagram, this trend is gaining traction across all Live Streaming Platforms. Brands have also been using live video content in their marketing campaigns.

Masters of Storytelling Will Dominate Live Streaming

We have been seeing many brands utilizing live streaming to market their products and services. However, the more engaging content is, the chances are high for it to create an impact. We will soon see social media dominated by storytellers.

Wondering how to start a live streaming business? The secret to reaping success with live streaming is sharing stories in a unique way that your users feel the appeal. While individuals take advantage of features like Instagram or Facebook live to share personal stories, the brand will move towards investing in advanced technology like Facebook watch to broadcast their stories through shows.

The Challenges and Drawbacks of Live Video

The most prominent challenge that businesses face with live video content is that they are live. The live content demands authenticity in a way that is not easy for businesses to deal with.

Consider this example- A small business goes live to show the new collections in their store. In the background, you hear noises and disturbances that make it difficult to what is being spoken. Along with such things, live streaming also poses the challenges of unexpected interruptions. Maybe it can be any technical difficulty or interruptions like the phone starts ringing or something else. Or simply, an unexpected disruption comes in the form of you slip up and say something incorrect or even stumble.

With live video, things always happen in live and you can’t go back to re-record the video to make it perfect. This can bring in pressure, but if you follow best practices, you can take care of this.

Live Video Streaming Best Practices

All the live video content best practices come down to preparation. Though it’s live and at the moment, you have to be prepared for it as it would be any client interaction. You have to represent your business well and make a good impression.

Some of the best practices include:

Actually Practicing

Have an idea of what you want to present in the live streaming ahead of time. Go through the content until you are comfortable with it. This makes you comfortable with what you have to present and the chances are less to go blank when you go live.

Have Notecards Handy

Though you have practiced the content and got familiar with it, it is better to keep notecards handy. Have your content written in bullet points so that you can quickly go through what you want to talk in the live video.

Make Sure the Location is Brightly Lit

Choose a location that is quiet and doesn’t have background noises. Similarly, the location must be well lit and free of any possible interruptions.

Announce That You are Going Live Ahead of Time

If you want to improve the views and engagements, let your users know when you are going live before you actually do. For example, Facebook makes it easy with their scheduling features, but even on other social media platforms, you can post a day or so in above. There are facilities to remind users an hour before. Ensure that you cross-promote on other social media platforms, too.

Choose Strong Headline and Descriptions

This helps you stand out and get more viewers. It also keeps users to have an idea about what you will present in your video. As you will have viewers entering and exiting throughout the video, it is recommended to have a clear headline and description so that people understand the essence of your video. The only exception is Instagram, which doesn’t have the option to create descriptions.

Share the Video Later

It is a great idea to save and share your video alter with your users. This maximizes the reach of the video and allows users who couldn’t actually watch you live to listen to your content. You can share the video on other platforms if it meets the time requirements.

How Successful Brands Get Results with Live Streaming in Social Media?

Have a Plan

Live streaming is not about the produced video. It is not a place for polished talks. Start it casually, ask questions to your followers, and have them talk to you. People want to see who you are in real. Live streaming is a real kind of two-way exchange. There is always a market for polished and produced video, but a Live Streaming Platform is not meant for that.

Viewers will have questions and they won’t be ready to wait till you finish. Have a clear strategy on how you will pull it off. When your plan isn’t working, adopt spontaneity by ditching the script. Plan, change, adjust, let go and have fun interacting with your audience.

Let Your Audience Know You Value Them

Once you start the live streaming, welcome your audience and thank them. Tell them how much you care and value them. Use these conversations to make your content strong. Brands who can establish a strong connection with the audience are likely to succeed with their live streaming efforts. This connection makes your viewers believe you. Another great thing with engaging your audience is discovering their needs and using it to sharpen your marketing strategy.

Be Ready to Trust People and Take Risks

Investing in ideas and people are much more important than technology. Invest in and empower your best storytellers. Popular brands conduct short Q&A sessions before a show or match and use live streaming to weigh in behind the scenes or the actual show. The key to finding success with live streaming is to collaborate with others and explore new things. You need not do it alone, you can invite others to extend the reach of your brand to their networks. This requires trusting people.

Demonstrate Business Value for Your Audience

Use the live streaming to initiate conversations, offer your customers significant information, highlight employees and fans. Sharing the behind-the-scenes clips with your audience is yet another way to thank them and help share your brand story. When done right, this gives returns in terms of downloads, publicity, customer engagement, lead generation, and influencer marketing.


The world of live streaming and social media is constantly undergoing changes and deriving new ways to reach customers. Thanks to technological advancements and improvements in networks and connectivity, we can now watch our favorite personalities in real time. Live streaming can cover a large number of topics from video games to sports. Social networking applications and live streaming platforms have introduced new features, giving users a genuine way to connect with brands and celebrities.