Live streaming is a process of sending multimedia encoded content, especially video or audio across the network so that users and followers can view it immediately as per as their requirement. Users can download the entire media file if they feel the need of it. The process is simple, first the video buffers for a while and as soon as the buffering gets completed, it is played by the media player. The video streaming apps help to play this content as per as the user’s convenience. There are various live streaming services available today. Here is a list of the top 8 video streaming services of 2017:


Netflix is one of the leading networks of internet television which is accessed by more than 189 countries and 103 million users around the world. Netflix provides its users unlimited streaming of feature films, TV shows, movies, original programs, comedy specials and documentaries on a subscription basis. The subscription fee for one month for one standard definition streaming is $7.99, and for the new members, the subscription charge is $9.99 for two concurrent HD streams. And guess what, users get four parallel streams with a single subscription. Users can create up to five different profiles. Netflix is accessible on various devices such as PC and tablet. Now users can also download content for watching it later in offline mode. This is one of the best video streaming services available and is well-known for its good quality and performance. On almost any Internet connected screen, the user can watch as much as he/she wants anytime from any given place.




If the users want to stay updated with the latest TV shows, but they do not want to invest in HD antenna or cable subscription, then Hulu is the best video streaming solution for them. This is one of the video Streaming Platforms which offers popular as well as latest shows. For Classic and current TV series, along with the full season of original content, the user needs to pay $ 7.99 as a monthly subscription fee. The user can also get Show timings for the whole month at $8.99 charges through Hulu bundle and thus save $2 per month. An advertisement free tier costs $11.99 per month. It is supported on various devices, but they can stream only from one device at a particular session. At present Hulu has 12 million users. Recently Hulu released live TV for their user and simply named it Hulu with Live TV and its monthly subscription fee plans starts from $39.99.

Amazon Video:

Amazon Prime - Netflix Alternatives

Amazon Video is an on demand internet video service which is operated, developed and owned by This Video Streaming service provides movies, television shows and much more. For $ 99 per year, the user also gets two days shipping on each purchase. Kindle book is free every month, using which a user can access Amazon Prime Unlimited Instant Video and Amazon Music both. Video streaming labels are around 40,000 trophies in Amazon stream, but only a fraction of Prime Streaming is included. Amazon also allows offline downloads. If someone has not finished watching all the HBO shows, then they can access and download the unseen videos whenever they want. Amazon launched their streaming partners program in the year 2015. At present Amazon has nearly 66 million Prime members. This streaming service does not work on Google Chrome, but it is accessible on Roku along with Amazon’s smart TVs, Fire TV devices and much more.

PlayStation Vue:

PlayStation Vue

If someone likes to have wireless devices along with living TV at the same place, then PlayStation Vue is the best option for them. PlayStation started its journey as a primarily designed service for gaming consoles in the month of March 2015. But since, then there were many changes in the service offered by this organization. They have more than 1 million users. New channels were introduced, the prices have changed, the list of features got bigger, and supported streaming devices have also increased. To help customers choose among Vue and its competitors such as DirecTV and Sueley TV Now, they have made a full guide of Internet TV service. This outlines Vue’s numerous channel pricing and packages, as well as observing the supporting devices and reviews according to various users. This online video platform is available on a variety of systems; this is Sony’s first initiative to deliver live TV to its customers. They provide primary channels to their customers at a subscription rate of $50/ month and also $55, $75 and $65 subscriptions fee are available for various other packages.

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the most popular online video platform which provides live TV streaming, but it is still limited to New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. If anyone stays in these cities, then they can get cloud DVR storage which is unlimited. YouTube TV will save the recording for nine months, and users can stream their content from any place in the US if they are connected to the internet. Monthly subscription charges are $35 along with the facility to cancel the subscription anytime. One subscription supports more than six accounts so that the members can share their subscription with friends or family. The users can operate from three accounts at the same time. YouTube TV provides live streaming from most popular cable networks and ABC, NBC CBS, FOX. Per day more than 30 million visitors visit YouTube. The total number of YouTube users stands at 1,300,000,000. For your information, this number is bound to become bigger.

Sling TV:

Sling TV

If someone prefers the idea of a cable subscription which gives access to numerous genres of content but is still hesitant to go for anything expensive, then Sling TV is the best option that he/she can get. Get thirty real-time channels with a monthly subscription fee which is way cheaper than other services available. Also, there is no fee for set-top box and there is no contract either. Sling Tv is mainly for sports lovers as it offers a variety of sports channels. And to everybody’s delight, it enables sports lovers to go wireless. Apart from sports channels, it also has Food Network, CNN, BBC America, TBS and Cartoon Network. The user will get the multi-stream option if he or she signs up in Sling Blue. The combo subscription fee is $40 per month. The user can record from this live streaming services and will be able to watch on Android, Roku, Amazon and Xbox One devices.

HBO Now:

The content of this online video platform is available online through HBO GO, but a user needs to pay for logging in and watch HBO TV. For many years, HBO did not agree to tie up with cable partners, but upon many requests from its fans, they have launched this Video Streaming Platforms named HBO NOW. The user can get a free trial via Google Play, App Store, and Amazon and also can add HBO NOW channel with their Roku player. Users may add their HBO NOW on their web package if they have internet service from Google Fiber, Frontier, Optimum, Liberty, Verizon and Service Electric. The live shows telecasted on HBO channel, are also shown on the HBO NOW at the same time. More than 2 million subscribers have subscribed for this app, and once users complete their subscription, they can watch it from their desktops, tablets, etc. The subscription fee of HBO NOW is $14.99 per month.


CBS All Access is one of the best user-friendly online video platforms that users can use to watch “The Good Wife” which is a spin-off of the popular show “The Good Fight”. Its users can also watch NFL games including the Football match that telecast on every Thursday night. In comparison to Hulu, $9.99 is the subscription fee for CBS All Access which is free from commercials. In addition, the user can select from an array of live shows. The user can watch this live streaming service on their mobile device, Android TV, and PC or via Apple TV, Xbox One Amazon Fire TV or PS4. Till date, about 1.5 million subscribers have subscribed to this apps.

If you have enough video content which can impress audiences in large numbers, you should definitely start your own on-demand video streaming business. Rather than building a site like Netflix or Amazon Prime from scratch, you should leverage turnkey software like StreamView. StreamView has multiple monetization channels, ranging from subscription plans, banner ads to pay –per-view schemes. Very often, video enthusiasts face trouble uploading videos. StreamView addresses this problem through a measure of multiple upload channels: Amazon S3 buckets, YouTube link, normal uploads and website link. This platform is search engine friendly. Admins can ban users if users do not adhere to your rules and guidelines. Users can report videos for abuse/violence and admin has the full authority to delete videos. To know more about its features, head on to StreamView now.