Live streaming can be a passion for a few people and in some cases, it can be their job. But whatever the situation is, live streaming equipment which includes tripod, camera, an encoder, and internet connection is must. So choosing the best tripod is a basic necessity for live streaming.

A tripod is a simple device required to hold the camera steadily. It has a set of legs and a head to give the balance as they are made for convenience and to make the live video streaming easier. For all intents and purposes, live video streaming can be hard without a tripod. The best way would be to use a tripod for your video projects for holding the camera and this should be the basic step.

Tripod can help shoot sharp images with best possible quality and a steady live video streaming. Tripod is an essential live video streaming equipment used for long exposures and for shooting in highly windy locations.

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Live streaming Equipment:

For live video streaming, one requires a few types of equipments such as:

  1. Camera: A camera of a good quality and fully functional camcorder can help to get the job done and it should be easy to use. It should be able to broadcast the video through an internet connection. A camera can be selected based on the budget of the photographer as there are many models available in the market.
  2. Encoding Device: To convert the video input into a digital format, one needs an encoding device. The format should be played back on various devices. There are two options for an encoding device: hardware encoder or a computer with software encoder. The decision depends on the need. The computer with software encoder needs a capture device and an adapter that can go between the computer and the camera.
  3. Internet: Internet used for live broadcasting should of high-speed. Various options include Wi-Fi, a 4G network, Ethernet connection or a MiFi device which again depends on the location.
  4. Tripod: One needs a tripod for live streaming, as it enhances the quality of the video as it can hold the camera at a perfect place and results in prevention of blurry videos. A good tripod is essential for the best live video streaming. 

Types of Tripods:

There are two major kinds of tripods:

  • Camera Tripods
  • Video Tripods

Camera Tripods: Camera Tripods are basically made for still cameras. They consist of a ball head which allows the camera to move at any desired orientation and angle. This can be loosened and locked as required.

Video Camera Tripods: The video camera tripods are different compared to photography tripods as they are heavier and larger. They are made heavy so as to steady the high weights of video cameras. They are provided with a spreader to connect its legs so as to increase the stability.

If Tripod is of good quality, it lasts for more than 30 years if used in a proper way. Therefore, selecting the best tripod depends on the features. As a matter of fact, tripods can affect live streaming. There are lightweight tripods as they are made of carbon fibre which is a new advancement. They have got several advantages as they absorb and dampen the vibrations which make them easier to use in cold conditions. In case the user works on portraits, then aluminium type of tripods can be used with a supportive design. In this way, it can work smoothly with faster adjustments. All these aspects affect the final quality of the video.

Few tripod bestsellers are Gitzo series 4 (long); Manfrotto’s 536, 535; iFootage Wild Bull T7.

In a situation where weight and size do not matter, one can opt for a heavy-duty tripod. These are made of aluminium. Both cheap and expensive tripods are made of aluminium. Heavy duty tripods are also stable.

Spreader attaches the legs of tripod together which helps for adding stiffness. There are two kinds of spreaders.

  • Bottom-level spreaders: They stay still on the ground and offer better stability. In case of filming being done on flat surfaces, this tripod does not suit to the situation.
  • Mid-level spreaders: They are quite versatile, as they can be used on uneven surfaces also.

Twin-leg design is a recent feature developed for tripods, where each leg of this system is composed of two poles. Due to this, there is a higher level of stability and stiffness thereby minimizing vibrations when used in high windy situations or while moving the camera during a shoot.

Manfrotto MVT502AM is a twin leg mount model which is a best-seller and for heavy duty with a bottom spreader, one can opt for Vinten 3821-3 Pozi-Loc.

Many experts have realized that they can get good results by having a good tripod there by avoiding spending their valuable time on workshop to modify and edit the video. A stable tripod helps to capture extraordinary image quality thereby reducing the struggle of photographers.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tripod:

  1. Quality of Tripod Legs: The rubber twist leg locks have to be flexible and they should be secured with extended legs that require a quick push of the thumb to lock them. Most preferably, the tripod should have four telescopic extenders with threaded grips so that setting up and stable shooting will be easier.
  2. Quality of Ball Heads: There needs to be one lever to tighten and loose for convenience, which means with just two turns, the lever can position the camera in the right position. The ball head should allow switching between portrait and landscape aspects. Selecting a high-quality tripod with good ball heads has a great impact on the quality of the videos.
  3. Quick and Easy Release: Cameras should be quickly and easily mounted on the tripod and when selecting the tripod, make sure you get a demonstration such that it is easy and quick to release the camera.
  4. Weight: The weight of the tripod depends on one’s choice and how much one can carry. It should be portable and steady and as well as light. Heavy tripods are convenient to use when shooting in strong winds. Lightweight carbon fibre tripods are convenient at normal shooting portfolios.
  5. Size: The size of the tripod should be selected based on the travel plans. A small tripod cannot withstand heavy winds and extreme weather conditions. In case the photographer is tall, they can opt for a tripod which can extend at the central column.
  6. Cost effectiveness: This is the most important thing to consider while buying a tripod. The durability, quality and the cost effectiveness are the major things to be looked in to.
  7. Speed: The tripod used to hold the camera should be fixed quickly without consuming much time so that the scenes that keep changing quickly can be captured. 

Use the Best Live Streaming Software with your Tripod: StreamNow

StreamNow is the best solution to start a live streaming business. StreamNow is one of the highly scalable live streaming software with various revenue channels which includes features to serve as an Ustream clone or Twitch. StreamNow can transmit live video and audio coverage for an event over the internet. It is available to the audience for free of cost or through payment on a monthly or per view basis.

A peer to peer comment or chat system available with StreamNow helps the user to discuss about the videos and can express their view or opinion. This can help the business to increase the brand value in a long run. The quality and continuous live streaming without any kind of technical issues made StreamNow a widely used software for live streaming.

A live streaming viewer or a user can easily follow each other. Even they will receive alerts when any of them update anything or do any activity like attending an event or going for a session. And for viewing a premium live streaming sessions, the user needs to subscribe. StreamNow has got various plans for subscription for its users. StreamNow has a robust and a dynamic admin panel which provides a wide range of features to the users. Such features include deleting videos, flagging or changing the social login configurations.

Some users may not be convenient with the subscription plans. In such a case, StreamNow gives them a feature called pay per view, where they can pay depending on the live streaming videos they watch. Search engine optimization (SEO) has an important role in digital marketing. StreamNow has implemented different strategies of SEO to get more quality visitors or traffic through an organic search. The payments are done easily by using PayPal across the world. Although, it has other convenient payment options too.

StreamNow is available as an app for Android and iOS for the users of streaming business. It helps users to sign up or login through various social media networks such as Google accounts, Facebook or Twitter.

StreamNow is a live streaming platform and a live streaming service for any business which can generate billions of dollars profit every year. This can happen through live streaming ads alone. The platform has a readymade turnkey solution which can launch live streaming solutions. The business can launch their own live streaming videos and get the users subscribed for the same. StreamNow has various social features which makes it the best live streaming solution.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. My best wishes are with you and your venture. Keep watching this space for insights on live video streaming. To learn more about live broadcasting and tripod for video camera, subscribe to our newsletter. My best wishes are with you and your live video streaming venture. Cheers!

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