Every brand in the market is earning huge revenues and is undergoing unscathed success with the commencement of video streams and live broadcasting features. One can be hassle free while connecting with their audience and can relate to their viewers with a high level bonding. Allotting invaluable content to the viewers keeps the audience glued to these live streaming platforms and engages them to certain activities which in return help in the funding of these live stream providers. Marketing geniuses have ascertained than the video streaming industry has overshadowed other content selling websites and has given a tough competition to them. Video streaming platforms whether be it live or recorded carries the ability to entice its audience towards them. This aids in branding purposes and engage more masses to achieve one particular goal. It is probably the best platform to grow your own brands and market them online.

There are various advantages if one is using Live Streaming videos. The benefits are irresistible if the positive yield per year is taken into consideration. Amalgamation between you and the end user is fulfilled by this procedure. The bond between live streaming providers and their customers is definitely getting sharpened day by day.

Some of the advantages gained by implementing live videos are:

Spectators will get a preposterous value for money by allocating and distributing contents, learning and demonstration videos.

Post viewing a commodity endorsement, consumers will be most likely to acquire that product with a proper payment.

Your fans can access the backdoor of your brand and investigate the content in it.

Integrity and commitment from both side is enhanced. Customers will be trustworthy as well as loyal.

Video broadcasting alone generates revenue of 1200% more shares than that of content based on documents and images.

Live streaming is crucial if you are indebted to digital marketing and your objective is solely based on improving sales alteration and adaptation rates.

Let us start discussing five live streaming platforms which will enhance exposure and influence:


A platform which has engrossed Facebook users all over the globe is none other than Facebook Live. Live Streams don’t get better than this even if you are using the best in the world. A socially connected platform where you can get millions of viewers depending on your content is basically child’s play. Real-time event sharing has become painless and straightforward. However controlling Facebook gets, its live streaming software is authoritative enough to create such software which would easily connect you to your viewers in no time. Facebook live videos can also be recaptured anytime even after they have been stopped.

Facebook Live Streaming

Initiated during the month of August in the year of 2015 Facebook users since then have been blessed with this deal using the Facebook mention application. Users are able to comment on any content real-time. January 2016 marked the beginning of this live stream feature for use among all and sundry. With admirable live video streaming software and a stellar API, this project made it viable for drones and other recording appliances to consolidate with the live streaming platforms.


Commenced in the year 2015, this ingress owned by Twitter has made live video streaming exquisite and immaculate as ever. With various options including the tweet of a link which would redirect you to a live stream triggered by Periscope itself this application has been culminating and has also given a brawny competition to applications such as Facebook Live. Accounts have stated that every day customers if combined together watches videos worth 110 years. Options between streaming a public video or a private one is susceptible. This provides a heads up to the security management of the application. Broadcasters here are also able to paralyze comments which are unethical.

Periscope Live Streaming

With impeccable live video streaming software, Periscope in 2017 is the most established among all live streaming providers. A two way ability to block each other from the side of the user and the broadcaster is enabled.


YouTube, the most established video streaming application in the world also introduced a live streaming feature back in 2008. Inaugurated by celebrities, this application is now one of the largest growing businesses in the globe. YouTube live can be coined as the most agile among all other live streaming platforms. It is commendable to use YouTube live on different platforms such as smart phones including both android and iOS devices. With enhanced and user-friendly features videos on YouTube are aired moments after the commencement of the event with a feature that allows the video to be uploaded immediately on the channel of the broadcaster. Customer and broadcaster relationship strengthens since uploaders can easily connect to the audience in between the feed. The video however stays in the channel so that it can be experienced at a later stage. With monetization options and run anywhere features YouTube live using the best live video streaming software is the sturdiest and the most symbiotic application available.

Youtube Live Streaming

YouTube being a commonplace in lives of the general masses has become one of the most dependable platforms ever. Aiding in stellar video creation and ventures which would definitely be fruitful YouTube is one of the most robust and steady podium in the live video streaming business.


Accepted by more than 80 million viewers in the planet Ustream has literally been up and running since the year 2007. Owned by American brand Ustream Inc. , this application was initiated as the first live gaming service for Play Station 4. Monetization options are widespread with Ustream. Ustream is completely a video marketing stage which incorporates the generation with supremacy and assists in capturing the live video streaming software to get subscribers without any hassle and money making advertisements. Live web seminars, drill ceremonies and online training endeavor are originated on this platform. Supporting content which is comprehensive and exclusive is a distinct but salient feature of Ustream. Webinars act as a subsidy for in-depth content which is generally educational.

Ustream Live Streaming

Revenue collection get easier and beneficial from such a platform which earns form paid ads as well as subscriptions. Watershed was a formerly accessible paid service which used to charge communicators via a pay per view basis or advertisements and endorsements. Watershed was overshadowed with the commencement of Ustream which in turn invoked easier attributes for the collection of money from live streaming. A copyright service provider called Vobile depends on the fingerprint scan procedure for the detection of monopolized material. Falsification and security breach is beyond the bounds of possibility in such a website. Payment gateways are more than 100% sure and are authenticated beyond imagination.


With an insurmountable and colossal figure of 150 million users daily Snapchat is a portal for entertainment which remains unscathed and unblemished. Permission to share instant photos and abbreviated videos is what makes Snapchat cool among smart gadget users of this generation. This application allows involvement of peers where one could easily share videos and engagement in long chat sessions with their contacts. Discount coupons and other major giveaways, live shoots for events such as fashion, musical and promotional altogether improve the effectiveness of the platform. Content uploaded by you won’t be stored anywhere and is for one time use strictly making it most effective among others when it comes to you wanting your audience to only witness the content and not plunging deep into it.

Snapchat Live Streaming

The inaccessibility to photos and videos once the live stream is over is an incredible boon and also somewhat a meager curse for the audience. Once done, you cannot share or upload the content on any platform. This might be annoying for the spectator but certainly makes the platform a more secure one. Users share billions of photos everyday among each other making Snapchat the most used application in a prolific manner. Filters, edits and effects have made Snapchat more interesting than ever. Videos can maximum go on for ten seconds. Later for the discretion of viewers Snapchat came up with yet another feature labeled as “Memories” where private videos, photos and any other media were allowed to be stored in a personalized folder to avoid discrepancy. “Voice Filters” and “Backdrop” are visage which were added earlier this year to enhance the quality and the beautification of the application. Alas, a more attractive product sells better in the market than a shabby commodity.


Stated above are only 5 applications which act as live streaming providers whereas thousands of others have been developed only with the vision of creating an interconnected planet. Live streaming platforms such as Instagram and Kanvas which has not even been mentioned also holds a high authority in the video streaming industry. Video streaming is the most widely used method to hold people millions of miles apart from each other together. These commodities can even aid your digital marketing employment scheme in launching an esteemed business strategy. A couple of years from now on the world will not only witness a change in the digital media market but also a transformation of facet is buoyant.