Prior to the discussion based on the segregation of the best chroma key software available in the market which would assist live streaming, let us analyze closely what a chroma key is. Chroma key is a video conglomerating procedure backed by video broadcaster software. Grafting two live video streams into a sole portrait array is the principal job of this key. Interweaving two streams which are running abreast to each other can be blended into one image sequence. Also referred as color-separating overlay by BBC, this approach is one of its kinds which is dictating and will continue doing so in the world of live video broadcasting.

This combining scheme of the chroma key is basically used to locate a dynamic object adjacent to the backdrop which is totally a made up one and the object is not present at the location which appears in the scrim. Fundamentally speaking, two images of the commodity and the scenery are being merged together to create a single frame. This phenomenon can be carried out post the endeavors with the camera and also in the middle of the stream. A green screen is set up behind the object in front of the camera, for example a person might have a different background when the broadcast is appearing in front of spectators. Certain visual effects and making the imagery impeccable are being popularized. Chroma keying can be carried out with backdrop of any hue which is consistent and apparent. However, it is advisable to use colors such as blue or green since the human skin tone is nowhere close to these two pigments. Used in weather forecasts broadcasted on news channels, movies and video games the technique of chroma keying is applicable in day to day life in this era.

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Let us now discuss the chroma key software used for live streaming:

Above we have already had a detailed discussion as to what exactly is a chroma key. Since discussions about how to implement a green screen or a blue are over, thus we must advance on to the software which is being used to encode such an enthralling imagery. The back office of the chroma key implementation is exceptional and must be acknowledge without commotion. Before the advent of computers and contemporary technology even the thought of such a feature was impassable. However, with the commencement of automation, dreams turned into realty. Chroma key software abundant in the marketplace redefines the visions of broadcasters and film makers.

Let encoding software be the focal point here. Live streaming is completely dependent upon the chroma key as the key is directly subordinated by broadcaster software. Here we will also spotlight the points where the major functionality of a chroma key can be discussed. In the beginning, this procedure was matured for videos that have been preserved. The beginning takes us to the age where digital way of like was unthinkable and analog machinery was in use. Live broadcast software these days grants you the permission to use chroma key and live broadcasting spontaneously.

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Adobe being the harbinger of visual effects studio work has introduced “Adobe Flash Media Encoder” as the most widely used and primary software for encoding the live stream. Unluckily, this video broadcaster software lacks the aspect of the chroma key and live stream running side by side and is subsequently disregarded for further use. This complimentary software was last refurbished in the year 2009. But this feature is abundant in some of the other recognized encoding software such as:


In Wirecast, chroma key compositing is carried out inside the shot redactor setting. This operation can be executed in the middle of a live broadcast even when the broadcast is on air.

  • Right clicking on the point of supply of the camera would open a list which lets you select “Edit Shot” from the menu.
  • Down below flashes an icon with that of the photo of a person. From the editor list, click on this very icon which is also the chroma key features button.
  • A submenu pops up and leaves you with a critical choice of whether to add a static image or a live video broadcast as a reinstatement for the “chroma key screen”.
  • Select the “use chrome key” button and get ready to pursue the project.

With the vision of making things more appealing, in essence arrangements and a set of pragmatic templates allow you to assimilate your backdrop theme into a calculated setup for general broadcasting aspirations. These patterns add a convenient forefront in certain cases, which makes the person look as if he is standing or seated behind a counter or a platform. Every template has numerous amounts of layers which complicates the elementary chroma key operation. Click on the “Go” button once you are ready to initiate the broadcast.


OBS or Open Broadcaster Software has limited resources to offer. Premeditated designed buzzers and blares are scanty but every complicated is curtained with this encoder software.

  • Navigating to camera properties will be a priority since it is the site which contains your screen content.
  • The “Use Chroma Key” box can only be empowered by clicking on it since the default settings keep it in a semi-paralyzed state.
  • The color case; once clicked upon brings forth a list or a palette like menu from which the background color can be verified and put to effect.
  • Set the “Similarity”, “blend” and the “Spill reduction” within a range of 1-1000. Ideally, this segregation defines the spectrum of colors from the lot.

Setting the similarity at an insurmountable range such as 800 is well-considered by some users, whereas it has been factually stated that if the person behind the camera is well equipped and the photographer is adept, a similarity of 100 will be more than splendid. Experts even advocate halting the use of “eye dropper” procedure in vMix. As soon as the chroma key kicks off, the backdrop must be set up and be previewed as to how it would look in real life.


Having discussed one feature of “eye dropper” you are certainly wondering as to what exactly is vMix. vMix needs bequeathing and fidgeting but is as simple as Wirecast when being implemented. The chroma key software here introduces some steps which have to be abided by:

  • Below the primary façade you can witness a small windows screen. Clicking on the “Add Input” button for the window on the left side which will help you summate your stream on the forefront.
  • This also must incorporate the green screen. Double clicking on the portrait opens a pop of menu from where you need to select “Color Key”. Tapping on the “eye-dropper” image helps you select the accurate color.
  • “Auto Chroma Key” is also available in case someone requires a black backdrop in place of the previously set scrim.
  • To increase exquisiteness of a content calibration options are available.
  • Clicking on the “Add Input” button once again allows you to add a backdrop of your choice or even choose one from the preinstalled imagery on vMix.
  • The “Set-up” button must be clicked once background framing is complete to initiate layer selection process in a stream. The “talent” layer provides you with different camera angles and effects which would spruce up your content.


This chroma key software was designed keeping online game broadcasting in mind. Chroma key commodities suit this encoder well since the keying is crucial here.

  • Layers are relevant to set up so that the forefront broadcaster has a superior layer than the background simulcast. The lower left portion of the screen with the source illumination initiates this process.
  • A right-click on the stream which is in front and not the background brings forth a menu, which has the “Color” tab waiting to be clicked upon.
  • Clicking the radio knob mobilizes the chroma key.
  • A submenu aids in the segregation of key color, “threshold” and other aspects.


Here, the chroma key is being controlled by the addition of a development system. Capturing, recording and streaming sports events are at the tip of your hands.

  • The “Module” menu must be clicked upon initiation, followed by the selection of “Add” and then the “Effect” option must be put into use.
  • A module case is opened which contains drop downs with lists to choose from.
  • “Chroma Key” must be selected from the topmost part of the list.
  • The menu case to the left picks the forefront source while the one to the right selects the backdrop source.
  • Updates versions of VidBlaster with foolproof video broadcaster software has also incorporated an “Advanced Settings” option for the betterment of the application.

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Again, the points discussed above pertaining to the best chroma key software for live streaming is subjective. There lies other chroma key software which might capture your attention. Easy to arrange and organize, this is dependent on a lot of other factors such as the aspects and traits of the photographer and the equipments being assimilated in such a venture.