A few days ago, I happened to host a Q&A (Question & & Answer) session by using a live video streaming solution. All the attendees seemed to be highly excited. They bombarded me with genuine questions- some were funny, some were insightful and of course, some were absolutely thought provocative. Live video streaming software services are being leveraged by each and every company to connect with their respective target audiences and subsequently boost engagement. As an intrinsic part of their cultural ethos, organizations have started sharing live events. Stories can be created and important announcements can be made.

One of the important 7Ps of the marketing mix is People. Live video streaming software helps you establish a nexus between people and product. It not only keeps the audiences engaged but also converts them into avid learners. Thanks to several tangible and intangible benefits that a live video streaming software offers, organizations are keenly looking forward to a completely integrated video solution. 

A completely integrated video solution contains features such as:

  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Hardware and Software
  • Dedicated Support
  • Production Solutions

To develop a fully functional integrated video solution, one requires expertise in web programming stack such as LARAVEL, MEAN (Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS) etc. Expertise in server programming is mandatory. A few years ago, organizations used to hire web development teams and shell out a good deal of money to get their video streaming software designed. Today, the scenario is different in its entirety. There are various live video streaming solutions available. Organizations can choose any one particular video solution from the enlisted top 10:


Live Streaming Software

Livestream is a video streaming service solution founded in 2007 with a mission to enable organizations to share experiences through live video, unlock the world where every event is available live online. From being a channel based software solution to an event based streaming solution, Livestream has come a long way. As far as the Broadcaster setup is concerned, Livestream has done an amazing job. Livestream services are available on App store, Google play and ROKU TV set-top box. As far as the subscription plan is concerned, there are two plans available: Basic and Premium. The basic plan starts at $42 per month while the premium plan is priced at $249 per month. You may visit Livestream here.


Ustream Clone

In January 2016, Ustream was acquired by IBM. This live video streaming software claims to be powering more than 2 million broadcasts every month. Ustream is integrated with analytics software. It allows you to track audiences and gain valuable insights into their viewing habits. Apart from providing customer insights and best-in-class support, Ustream allows you to craft great video campaigns, capture as many leads as possible and export to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module. Mobile support, social sharing, live broadcasts and VOD (Video on Demand) services are also available. PRO plans range from $99 to $999. If you are an enterprise, you should contact the ustream staff for pricing. You may visit Ustream here.


Game streaming software

This live video streaming solution broadcasts user-generated gaming video content. As a user, you can follow channels that you enjoy watching. Users get instant notifications when the channels go live. There is a feature in which users can chat with fellow viewers, send and receive direct messages. Of course, you are also entitled to start your own broadcast.  Viewers need not register to watch the broadcasts. However, to start your own broadcast, you should register as a member. To know more about the plans and pricing slabs, visit Twitch.



Bambuser is a leading mobile video streaming solution for organizations and app developers. It is integrated with various features such as online storage, geo-location, and tagging etc. This streaming platform allows users to live stream videos not only from smartphones but also from computer webcams and DV cameras. It goes without saying that this service is completely social media friendly. It is perfectly possible to stream live mobile videos on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. You may visit Bambuser here.

Skype QIK:

Business Chat Tool

Skype has always been the hot favorite of businesses. Skype is known to facilitate team collaboration, instant messaging, file sharing, team conferences etc. In 2014, the developers of Skype launched Skype QIK, a robust mobile video messaging app to help people share moments with their peers. Skype QIK has all the provisions for video embedding and social sharing.


Live TV Platform

This live social TV platform enables users to broadcast videos through mobile phones and webcams. There is also a video-chat feature that helps you connect live with talented broadcasters. It is available as an Android app on Google Play. You may visit YouNow here.


Live streaming Services

Freedocast allows you to capture all wonderful things in life, share the captured beautiful moments with friends and family members. It is available as an easy to use app on Android and iOS devices. It has quite a great reputation in UK and European markets. Apart from broadcasting videos, you can add effects to videos and chat with fellow users. Freedocast is integrated with flash video encoder which provides state-of-the-art quality streaming. You may visit Freedocast here.

Move Networks:

Move Networks provides a complete solution package built using adaptive streaming technology. This package contains DRM- Digital Rights Management software, subscription packaging, middleware, billing and other modules. Apart from facilitating revenue generation through subscription based services, revenue through enhanced advertising solutions is also provisioned. Move Networks promises quality viewing experience. There shall be a little delay and wait timing is close to zilch. You may visit Move Networks here. 


TiVo stands for Television in Video Out. It is a unified entertainment Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that lets you watch all your favorite stuff from Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. Watching commercials can be frustrating at times. Thanks to the built-in SkipMode, you can skip all the commercials and resume your show sans any interruption. This way, you can save a lot of time. Undoubtedly, TiVo works with any fancy and every non-fancy TV. It works with 4K TVs as well. You may visit TiVo here.

Vaughn Live:

Live Video Streaming Script

Vaughn Live is a controversial social broadcasting site which aims to foster an interactive social environment.  You are liberty to choose any niche- News & Technology, Nature, Miscellaneous, Lifestyles, Creative, etc. Apart from the featured content, this site allows users to telecast their own videos. However, this social broadcasting site is not monitored. As a result, teens under 18 should be granted supervised access only. This social broadcasting site was recently in news for its racist content. Most of the viewers opine that this channel encourages antisemitism. 

You may visit Vaughn Live here.

If you are eager to start your own live video streaming service, you should definitely try Streamhash. This turnkey video sharing script lets you build your own Netflix clone and YouTube clone website. It comes with three incredible themes. To know more about its features, please click here.

If you have any concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. My best wishes are with you and your live video streaming venture. Cheers!