Audio Streaming Software

Audio Streaming Software

StreamHash provides awesome audio streaming software services for musicians, RJs, journalists and aspiring audio streaming entrepreneurs.  If you are a journalist or musician, you can start your own audio streaming website and build your audience.  You can do this with the help of our dynamic and powerful live audio streaming software.  Are you an established or aspiring radio talk show host?  You can feature your podcasts on your very own audio streaming platform with our live audio streaming software services.  If you are a music entrepreneur, then you can start your own music app or platform and curate music of all genres from soul, rock to world music.  Whatever your ideas on audio streaming, you can feel free to discuss it with us.  We will be at your service and provide you with turnkey readymade live audio streaming software.

Live Audio Streaming Software:

Enlivens lives with your voice with our dynamic live audio streaming software services.  We can help you set up your very own live audio streaming platform in a matter of minutes.  You and your team of journalists, musicians or talk show host team can go live and broadcast to millions of listeners spread around the world in no time.  You do not have to worry about searching for a dedicated IT team to do all this.  StreamHash provides all these services and saves you precious time and money and has turnkey live audio streaming software ready.  With our live audio streaming software, you will be able to follow your passion with peace of mind, earn good remuneration and spread your voice far and wide.

The live audio streaming software that we provide makes use of Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) technology.  Wowza encompasses the audio streaming server software that we deploy.  To find out more about the audio streaming software services that we provide and to do a setup and start your own audio streaming business, do contact us, and we will be happy to be at your service.

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