Live streaming is taking the world by storm. And how. Companies of all sizes are clamouring to add live streaming tools to their interfaces, allowing users to connect more deeply and to experience products up close. From Alibabas e-commerce offerings to cosmetics brands like Lancôme, Maybelline and Elle, live streaming is being explored as an advertising medium. Live advertising encourages digital entrepreneurs to sell and advertise in real-time, and companies centred on this new brand of marketing are quickly sprouting up, thanks to the tremendous demand that the medium holds. The potential in live streaming, and more so, live advertising is enormous. If youve been chasing the entrepreneurial dream, theres no better sector than this.

When youre about to launch a business, youre bound to be bombarded by a million questions. But the most important one will probably be which technology to use to capture your video streams. Luckily, there are several live video streaming software in the E-market, that will plug right into your existing technology. Heres a list of the 5 best live streaming tools out there:

Open Broadcaster Software:

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free, open source software that lets users stream, both real-time and archived videos. The software is compatible with an array of operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux, and is especially useful for those who are in the spheres of gaming, art and entertainment. OBS can connect to any RTMP-enabled platform; some big names include Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion and Hitbox. If youre still zeroing in on an RTMP framework, think of Streamhash. Streamhash is a cost-effective, powerful turnkey technology equipped with diverse customisation options that will fit perfectly with OBS. OBS is also aligned to Intels Quick Sync, an encryption technology that holds a candle to x264, in terms of speed, quality and compression ratio. Quick Sync plays a pivotal role in swifter, more effective video processing and buffering, and is licensed under GPLv2.

Key Features

OBS boasts of custom transitions that let you toggle among several scenes while maintaining superior quality in live video and audio captures and blends. It comes equipped with an instinctual audio mixer featuring per-source filters, including noise gate, noise suppression and gain. OBS also allows lucidity between a variety of profiles and a settings panel that allows for the lightning-fast configuration of broadcasts and recordings. The appearance and personalization attributes are composed of filters, colour correction, chroma keying, light and dark themes and more. All in all, OBS is convenient and powerful.


FFSplit is a lightweight freeware live video streaming software that allows you to record activities ensuing on your desktop in various high-quality video formats. Then, once the sequence is saved, FFSplit lets you upload it onto social media platforms and websites of your choice using a streaming software. Alternatively, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, think of linking FFSplit to a platform of your own, using Streamhash. This will give you a distinct virtual identity, without having to rely on third-party video platforms like YouTube to drive your growth.

Key Features

FFSplit offers unique features, some of which are hotkeys, webcam functionalities and overlays to stitch your videos together in a more precise, professional and engaging manner. The FFSplit development community is growing, with users helping to augment the interface, enhance features and improve the programme.


XSplit is a minimalistic, yet effective live streaming tool that fuels video streams and archived recordings. It specialises in creating uber-luxe, immersive content that meshes with video games. Essentially split into two verticals, XSplits broadcasting arm, XSplit Broadcaster goes hand in hand with its gaming arm, XSplit Gamecaster. Gamecaster helps users record the console games on their screens.

Key Features

XSplits streaming and gaming solutions are compatible with a host of capture card brands, such as Elgato, AverMedia, Hauppauge and Magewell. The platform also provides a plethora of webcam options that let you add, resize and reposition your camera, regardless of which XSplit feature you are using. The Chroma Key function augments a broadcast by lending it a green screen transparency effect. Professional production features and multimedia sources underpin XSplit Broadcaster, letting users add an assortment of multimedia, including videos, music and guests who have connected via Skype. XSplits superlative audio features offer enhanced sound quality. Custom plugins are fed into XSplit through its plugin store. The plugins featured let users personalise their stream with baubles like donation alerts and music requests. And if theres something you want that isnt featured in the store, XSplit lets you build it yourself. In addition, editing videos are easier with XSplit, allowing users to tweak videos easily with the inbuilt editing tool. XSplit beats other platforms when it comes to keeping up with followers on a spectrum of networks. Apart from its own chat function, it also enables users to stream to Facebook and Twitter directly.


Wirecast is a streaming tool designed to let you capture an infinite number of content pieces, across cameras, desktops and web feed. Wirecasts media comes with a certain sheen, thanks to its myriad editing features, and the platform is used across sectors like entertainment, sports, worship, education and gaming.

Key Features

Wirecast lets you add animated titles, transitions and lower thirds to video content. Plus, with its capacity to support multi-format coding, it marries streaming services with CDNs like Periscope and Facebook Live. The platform also offers users a feature to produce and automate playlists, even during a live run. It does this by altering the duration of each frame, to match the music with the video. Wirecast also extends this feature to capture highlights for replays following a live session. Twin this with Streamhash, and youll have a special product. Streamhash will augment the features offered by Wirecast, with its unique dual server, customisation options and immersive display.

Airparrot 2

Airparrot 2 is a wireless beaming software that sends a screen or media files to logged in recipients. The platform detects users who have tapped into your network and employs Quick Connect to link to any device powered by Reflector 2. Airparrot allows for the sharing of videos, audio and presentations, amongst other media.

Key Features

Airparrot is equipped to transmit content wirelessly to multiple receivers, across a variety of devices. The platform even allows you to beam audio and video around your own house to AirPlay-enabled devices or speakers. The content streamed by Airparrot is supplied through 5.1 surround sound, creating a cinematic experience in the comfort of ones home or office. For businesses, the most important feature that Airparrot provides is mirroring, which is possible by using a Reflector to mirror your screen on any other device. Airparrot enables compatibility among all devices. The application of AirParrot extends from pint-sized schools to multi-million dollar corporations.

With those five options, we think we’ve got you sorted to take your first step into live streaming. Your live streaming ecosystem is already ready and waiting. All you must do is tap it.