5 Best Live Streaming Platforms to Increase Exposure and Influence

5 Best Live Streaming Platforms to Increase Exposure and Influence

Every brand in the market is earning huge revenues and is undergoing unscathed success with the commencement of video streams and live broadcasting features. One can be hassle free while connecting with their audience and can relate to their viewers with a high level bonding. Allotting invaluable content to the viewers keeps the audience glued to these live streaming platforms and engages them to certain activities which in return help in the funding of these live stream providers. Marketing geniuses have ascertained than the video streaming industry has overshadowed other content selling websites and has given a tough competition to them. Video streaming platforms whether be it live or recorded carries the ability to entice its audience towards them. This aids in branding purposes and engage more masses to achieve one particular goal. It is probably the best platform to grow your own brands and market them online.

There are various advantages if one is using Live Streaming videos. The benefits are irresistible if the positive yield per year is taken into consideration. Amalgamation between you and the end user is fulfilled by this procedure. The bond between live streaming providers and their customers is definitely getting sharpened day by day.

Some of the advantages gained by implementing live videos are:

Spectators will get a preposterous value for money by allocating and distributing contents, learning and demonstration videos.

Post viewing a commodity endorsement, consumers will be most likely to acquire that product with a proper payment.

Your fans can access the backdoor of your brand and investigate the content in it.

Integrity and commitment from both side is enhanced. Customers will be trustworthy as well as loyal.

Video broadcasting alone generates revenue of 1200% more shares than that of content based on documents and images.

Live streaming is crucial if you are indebted to digital marketing and your objective is solely based on improving sales alteration and adaptation rates.

Let us start discussing five live streaming platforms which will enhance exposure and influence:


A platform which has engrossed Facebook users all over the globe is none other than Facebook Live. Live Streams don’t get better than this even if you are using the best in the world. A socially connected platform where you can get millions of viewers depending on your content is basically child’s play. Real-time event sharing has become painless and straightforward. However controlling Facebook gets, its live streaming software is authoritative enough to create such software which would easily connect you to your viewers in no time. Facebook live videos can also be recaptured anytime even after they have been stopped.

Facebook Live Streaming

Initiated during the month of August in the year of 2015 Facebook users since then have been blessed with this deal using the Facebook mention application. Users are able to comment on any content real-time. January 2016 marked the beginning of this live stream feature for use among all and sundry. With admirable live video streaming software and a stellar API, this project made it viable for drones and other recording appliances to consolidate with the live streaming platforms.


Commenced in the year 2015, this ingress owned by Twitter has made live video streaming exquisite and immaculate as ever. With various options including the tweet of a link which would redirect you to a live stream triggered by Periscope itself this application has been culminating and has also given a brawny competition to applications such as Facebook Live. Accounts have stated that every day customers if combined together watches videos worth 110 years. Options between streaming a public video or a private one is susceptible. This provides a heads up to the security management of the application. Broadcasters here are also able to paralyze comments which are unethical.

Periscope Live Streaming

With impeccable live video streaming software, Periscope in 2017 is the most established among all live streaming providers. A two way ability to block each other from the side of the user and the broadcaster is enabled.


YouTube, the most established video streaming application in the world also introduced a live streaming feature back in 2008. Inaugurated by celebrities, this application is now one of the largest growing businesses in the globe. YouTube live can be coined as the most agile among all other live streaming platforms. It is commendable to use YouTube live on different platforms such as smart phones including both android and iOS devices. With enhanced and user-friendly features videos on YouTube are aired moments after the commencement of the event with a feature that allows the video to be uploaded immediately on the channel of the broadcaster. Customer and broadcaster relationship strengthens since uploaders can easily connect to the audience in between the feed. The video however stays in the channel so that it can be experienced at a later stage. With monetization options and run anywhere features YouTube live using the best live video streaming software is the sturdiest and the most symbiotic application available.

Youtube Live Streaming

YouTube being a commonplace in lives of the general masses has become one of the most dependable platforms ever. Aiding in stellar video creation and ventures which would definitely be fruitful YouTube is one of the most robust and steady podium in the live video streaming business.


Accepted by more than 80 million viewers in the planet Ustream has literally been up and running since the year 2007. Owned by American brand Ustream Inc. , this application was initiated as the first live gaming service for Play Station 4. Monetization options are widespread with Ustream. Ustream is completely a video marketing stage which incorporates the generation with supremacy and assists in capturing the live video streaming software to get subscribers without any hassle and money making advertisements. Live web seminars, drill ceremonies and online training endeavor are originated on this platform. Supporting content which is comprehensive and exclusive is a distinct but salient feature of Ustream. Webinars act as a subsidy for in-depth content which is generally educational.

Ustream Live Streaming

Revenue collection get easier and beneficial from such a platform which earns form paid ads as well as subscriptions. Watershed was a formerly accessible paid service which used to charge communicators via a pay per view basis or advertisements and endorsements. Watershed was overshadowed with the commencement of Ustream which in turn invoked easier attributes for the collection of money from live streaming. A copyright service provider called Vobile depends on the fingerprint scan procedure for the detection of monopolized material. Falsification and security breach is beyond the bounds of possibility in such a website. Payment gateways are more than 100% sure and are authenticated beyond imagination.


With an insurmountable and colossal figure of 150 million users daily Snapchat is a portal for entertainment which remains unscathed and unblemished. Permission to share instant photos and abbreviated videos is what makes Snapchat cool among smart gadget users of this generation. This application allows involvement of peers where one could easily share videos and engagement in long chat sessions with their contacts. Discount coupons and other major giveaways, live shoots for events such as fashion, musical and promotional altogether improve the effectiveness of the platform. Content uploaded by you won’t be stored anywhere and is for one time use strictly making it most effective among others when it comes to you wanting your audience to only witness the content and not plunging deep into it.

Snapchat Live Streaming

The inaccessibility to photos and videos once the live stream is over is an incredible boon and also somewhat a meager curse for the audience. Once done, you cannot share or upload the content on any platform. This might be annoying for the spectator but certainly makes the platform a more secure one. Users share billions of photos everyday among each other making Snapchat the most used application in a prolific manner. Filters, edits and effects have made Snapchat more interesting than ever. Videos can maximum go on for ten seconds. Later for the discretion of viewers Snapchat came up with yet another feature labeled as “Memories” where private videos, photos and any other media were allowed to be stored in a personalized folder to avoid discrepancy. “Voice Filters” and “Backdrop” are visage which were added earlier this year to enhance the quality and the beautification of the application. Alas, a more attractive product sells better in the market than a shabby commodity.


Stated above are only 5 applications which act as live streaming providers whereas thousands of others have been developed only with the vision of creating an interconnected planet. Live streaming platforms such as Instagram and Kanvas which has not even been mentioned also holds a high authority in the video streaming industry. Video streaming is the most widely used method to hold people millions of miles apart from each other together. These commodities can even aid your digital marketing employment scheme in launching an esteemed business strategy. A couple of years from now on the world will not only witness a change in the digital media market but also a transformation of facet is buoyant.

An Ultimate Buying Guide to Choose the Best Tripod for Live Streaming

An Ultimate Buying Guide to Choose the Best Tripod for Live Streaming

Live streaming can be a passion for a few people and in some cases, it can be their job. But whatever the situation is, live streaming equipment which includes tripod, camera, an encoder, and internet connection is must. So choosing the best tripod is a basic necessity for live streaming.

A tripod is a simple device required to hold the camera steadily. It has a set of legs and a head to give the balance as they are made for convenience and to make the live video streaming easier. For all intents and purposes, live video streaming can be hard without a tripod. The best way would be to use a tripod for your video projects for holding the camera and this should be the basic step.

Tripod can help shoot sharp images with best possible quality and a steady live video streaming. Tripod is an essential live video streaming equipment used for long exposures and for shooting in highly windy locations.

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Live streaming Equipment:

For live video streaming, one requires a few types of equipments such as:

  1. Camera: A camera of a good quality and fully functional camcorder can help to get the job done and it should be easy to use. It should be able to broadcast the video through an internet connection. A camera can be selected based on the budget of the photographer as there are many models available in the market.
  2. Encoding Device: To convert the video input into a digital format, one needs an encoding device. The format should be played back on various devices. There are two options for an encoding device: hardware encoder or a computer with software encoder. The decision depends on the need. The computer with software encoder needs a capture device and an adapter that can go between the computer and the camera.
  3. Internet: Internet used for live broadcasting should of high-speed. Various options include Wi-Fi, a 4G network, Ethernet connection or a MiFi device which again depends on the location.
  4. Tripod: One needs a tripod for live streaming, as it enhances the quality of the video as it can hold the camera at a perfect place and results in prevention of blurry videos. A good tripod is essential for the best live video streaming. 

Types of Tripods:

There are two major kinds of tripods:

  • Camera Tripods
  • Video Tripods

Camera Tripods: Camera Tripods are basically made for still cameras. They consist of a ball head which allows the camera to move at any desired orientation and angle. This can be loosened and locked as required.

Video Camera Tripods: The video camera tripods are different compared to photography tripods as they are heavier and larger. They are made heavy so as to steady the high weights of video cameras. They are provided with a spreader to connect its legs so as to increase the stability.

If Tripod is of good quality, it lasts for more than 30 years if used in a proper way. Therefore, selecting the best tripod depends on the features. As a matter of fact, tripods can affect live streaming. There are lightweight tripods as they are made of carbon fibre which is a new advancement. They have got several advantages as they absorb and dampen the vibrations which make them easier to use in cold conditions. In case the user works on portraits, then aluminium type of tripods can be used with a supportive design. In this way, it can work smoothly with faster adjustments. All these aspects affect the final quality of the video.

Few tripod bestsellers are Gitzo series 4 (long); Manfrotto’s 536, 535; iFootage Wild Bull T7.

In a situation where weight and size do not matter, one can opt for a heavy-duty tripod. These are made of aluminium. Both cheap and expensive tripods are made of aluminium. Heavy duty tripods are also stable.

Spreader attaches the legs of tripod together which helps for adding stiffness. There are two kinds of spreaders.

  • Bottom-level spreaders: They stay still on the ground and offer better stability. In case of filming being done on flat surfaces, this tripod does not suit to the situation.
  • Mid-level spreaders: They are quite versatile, as they can be used on uneven surfaces also.

Twin-leg design is a recent feature developed for tripods, where each leg of this system is composed of two poles. Due to this, there is a higher level of stability and stiffness thereby minimizing vibrations when used in high windy situations or while moving the camera during a shoot.

Manfrotto MVT502AM is a twin leg mount model which is a best-seller and for heavy duty with a bottom spreader, one can opt for Vinten 3821-3 Pozi-Loc.

Many experts have realized that they can get good results by having a good tripod there by avoiding spending their valuable time on workshop to modify and edit the video. A stable tripod helps to capture extraordinary image quality thereby reducing the struggle of photographers.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tripod:

  1. Quality of Tripod Legs: The rubber twist leg locks have to be flexible and they should be secured with extended legs that require a quick push of the thumb to lock them. Most preferably, the tripod should have four telescopic extenders with threaded grips so that setting up and stable shooting will be easier.
  2. Quality of Ball Heads: There needs to be one lever to tighten and loose for convenience, which means with just two turns, the lever can position the camera in the right position. The ball head should allow switching between portrait and landscape aspects. Selecting a high-quality tripod with good ball heads has a great impact on the quality of the videos.
  3. Quick and Easy Release: Cameras should be quickly and easily mounted on the tripod and when selecting the tripod, make sure you get a demonstration such that it is easy and quick to release the camera.
  4. Weight: The weight of the tripod depends on one’s choice and how much one can carry. It should be portable and steady and as well as light. Heavy tripods are convenient to use when shooting in strong winds. Lightweight carbon fibre tripods are convenient at normal shooting portfolios.
  5. Size: The size of the tripod should be selected based on the travel plans. A small tripod cannot withstand heavy winds and extreme weather conditions. In case the photographer is tall, they can opt for a tripod which can extend at the central column.
  6. Cost effectiveness: This is the most important thing to consider while buying a tripod. The durability, quality and the cost effectiveness are the major things to be looked in to.
  7. Speed: The tripod used to hold the camera should be fixed quickly without consuming much time so that the scenes that keep changing quickly can be captured. 

Use the Best Live Streaming Software with your Tripod: StreamNow

StreamNow is the best solution to start a live streaming business. StreamNow is one of the highly scalable live streaming software with various revenue channels which includes features to serve as an Ustream clone or Twitch. StreamNow can transmit live video and audio coverage for an event over the internet. It is available to the audience for free of cost or through payment on a monthly or per view basis.

A peer to peer comment or chat system available with StreamNow helps the user to discuss about the videos and can express their view or opinion. This can help the business to increase the brand value in a long run. The quality and continuous live streaming without any kind of technical issues made StreamNow a widely used software for live streaming.

A live streaming viewer or a user can easily follow each other. Even they will receive alerts when any of them update anything or do any activity like attending an event or going for a session. And for viewing a premium live streaming sessions, the user needs to subscribe. StreamNow has got various plans for subscription for its users. StreamNow has a robust and a dynamic admin panel which provides a wide range of features to the users. Such features include deleting videos, flagging or changing the social login configurations.

Some users may not be convenient with the subscription plans. In such a case, StreamNow gives them a feature called pay per view, where they can pay depending on the live streaming videos they watch. Search engine optimization (SEO) has an important role in digital marketing. StreamNow has implemented different strategies of SEO to get more quality visitors or traffic through an organic search. The payments are done easily by using PayPal across the world. Although, it has other convenient payment options too.

StreamNow is available as an app for Android and iOS for the users of streaming business. It helps users to sign up or login through various social media networks such as Google accounts, Facebook or Twitter.

StreamNow is a live streaming platform and a live streaming service for any business which can generate billions of dollars profit every year. This can happen through live streaming ads alone. The platform has a readymade turnkey solution which can launch live streaming solutions. The business can launch their own live streaming videos and get the users subscribed for the same. StreamNow has various social features which makes it the best live streaming solution.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. My best wishes are with you and your venture. Keep watching this space for insights on live video streaming. To learn more about live broadcasting and tripod for video camera, subscribe to our newsletter. My best wishes are with you and your live video streaming venture. Cheers!

A Beginner’s Guide to Start Live Streaming

A Beginner’s Guide to Start Live Streaming

Live streaming videos are quite trendy in today’s time. To start a live stream, one needs an internet connection, a smart phone, and live streaming software. This simple setup is enough for starting a low scale streaming. However, if you are planning for a high quality streaming, then you require a camera, a capturing device, a software encoder or hardware encoder, and a video streaming host.

The process of live streaming which involves broadcasting the video over the internet in real-time, has become seamlessly easy. The technology on which live streaming works is quite easily accessible and anyone can leverage it to the fullest. With best in class reliability and superior internet bandwidth, you can stream the video in HD. StreamNow is a live streaming software, which has made streaming quite easier.

How to Live Stream?

Here is a quick run-down on the equipment required to live stream:

  • Camera:

The most important thing for starting a live stream is a camera. You have various options to choose from: smartphone or a tablet camera to a Digital SLR (DSLR) camera. The best option would be using a USB connected webcam which can produce HD quality videos. USB can also simplify the process of live streaming through the computer on the internet. Irrespective of the camera you use, make sure that it can shoot full HD i.e. 1080p video and can give output through a HDMI.

  • Capture Device:

These are used to take the video input from the camera and transmit it to the computer or to send it directly to the live stream. There is a wide range of choices available in the market for encoding devices. Quite a few are available as cards or as plug-ins between computers and cameras. There are few encoders which can help one do away with computers.

  • Software and Hardware Encoders:

Encoders play an important role in video streaming as the cameras can only record the videos in a format that is suitable only for recording. For live streaming the same, one needs an encoder which can import videos from the capture device or USB and subsequently transcode it.

The price varies to a great extent between open-source options and free ones. Examples of open-source encoders are Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast Pro, and VidBlasterX. After choosing an encoder, the user has to download and install the software to explore the features. Subsequently, he / she is required to set the settings. One can become proficient after the usage progressively. There are various high-end encoders which can be opted if you don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks.

  • Internet Connection:

For live streaming, the internet is an essential requirement. It is easier to connect with a cell phone or a webcam and if a video camera is used, one can connect to the internet using a laptop connected to a transcoding device. A Wi-Fi connection is suggested as video files are large and a slow connection may not be useful.

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  • Video Streaming Host:

Video streaming host is the last but not the least requirement for a live streaming. For all intents and purposes, a video streaming host is an online platform which has enough bandwidth and is configured to take video inputs from all the viewers across the world. The hardware or the encoding software should be connected to the video streaming host. Download the video streaming host and signup to create a hosting account and provide a password or URL provided by the streaming host to the encoder. This way, the streaming host can broadcast the videos.

How to Start Streaming?

To start live streaming, you need to keep the entire equipment ready. Once you have the equipment, connect to the internet and begin live streaming. The most important step is to get the live stream available for the viewers and for this, copy the URL on your video streaming host website and share it with your viewers. Now, connect all the devices and start live streaming. The video shall be broadcast to all your target audiences.

Live Streaming Guide:

Live streaming is a great option to get the first impression for an organization. Live streaming software is a powerful means to facilitate live streaming. This could be the first point of contact with an organization. First impression is always hard to reserve and hence, a company having live streaming could make a better progress compared to the one without it. Live streaming can also generate revenue, thus making its contribution all the more pivotal for the overall success of your organization. Live streaming software is said to be the best if it provides excellent branding, superior viewing experience and messaging, support and monetization options.

Few important things to consider while live streaming are:

Planning the production

Acquisition of source

Preparing content


Interfacing audience experience

A pre-event page has to be created in advance so as to avoid confusion to the viewers and to make everything clear. Therefore, before planning a live video streaming, you need to create a web page showing the date of the event and through that, you can manage the viewership of the live feed. Another way is to create a template. Through this, you can reduce not only time but also effort. You can even think of pre-event promotions and other creative ways to increase the number of viewers.

The live streaming environment need to be responsive to mobile and it should have a high quality. The best way is to make the video compatible to be broadcasted on iOS, Android devices, and the web. This is because many videos are watched on mobile phones.

A huge amount of effort and time will be spent in making, promoting and executing videos; so one has to make sure that videos garners enough eyeballs both during and after broadcasting.

There are various ways of increasing the number of viewers for live video streaming, such as the following:

  • Blogs: Create blogs and mention the details about the videos. Transcribe the video content and create summaries.
  • Emails: Draft emails having the information and details about the videos or about the speakers in the video. Send the emails to groups and cover as many people as you can.
  • Website: Build a webpage as an event resource and a hub so that the next upcoming videos can also be published monthly, quarterly or annually. People who have an intention to attend can learn through the website.
  • Social Media: Social media is one of the best ways to advertise about the video stream and when correctly targeted, the video can generate a great brand experience. The live video feeds can be clipped on online video platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Multiple sets can be created for multiple usages. 

Video Streaming For Dummies:

For people who have got no experience, video streaming is a big challenge. Here are few ways of video streaming for dummies which can help a beginner to stream a video.

  • Computer: Get a firewire cable which is faster than a normal USB cable. Firewire cables are compatible with MacBook Pros. For a beginner, they are the best options.
  • Camera: A DSLR camera or a webcam fixed laptop can be convenient to use. The firewire can be plugged in to the camera and MacBook for swift streaming.
  • Microphone: A camera microphone can do the job but, using a handy recorder can improve the sound quality to a great extent.
  • Internet: Having Wi-Fi connection helps to upload huge video files faster rather than a mobile data connection.
  • Finding a Platform: StreamNow is a live streaming software which can transmit the live video and audio coverage for an event over the internet. One can download it and it is available to the audience for free of cost or through payment on a monthly or per view basis. It is also available as an app for Android and iOS for streaming the videos. You may sign-up or login through various social media networks such as Google accounts, Facebook or Twitter whichever is convenient to use.
  • Marketing: You can create your own blog or website to create an idea about the video streaming. Using social media can also help in marketing. Social media networks include Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Evangelize: Make simple events to create awareness about the videos and in this way, they can catch up the live streaming when it gets broadcasted.

Use the Best Live Streaming Software – StreamNow:

StreamNow Live Streaming

StreamNow is the best solution to start live streaming of the videos as compared to any other platform. StreamNow is a highly scalable live streaming software. It has many revenue channels, many features and is extremely easy to use. All its features make StreamNow a perfect platform to design either a Ustream clone or a Twitch clone. StreamNow transmits the live video and audio coverage for an event over the internet. It has an inbuilt chat system which helps the users to discuss about the videos and can express their views or opinions. Superior video quality and continuous live streaming without any sort of technical issues make SteamNow the popular global software for live streaming.

StreamNow has got various subscription plans for its users.


StreamNow’s admin panel is robust and dynamic which provides a wide range of options to its users. Some options include deleting videos, flagging or changing the social login configurations, etc.


Viewers and users can follow one another and get alerts whenever any update is made by the person. For viewing a premium live streaming sessions, the users are required to subscribe


Search engine optimization (SEO) has an important role in digital marketing. StreamNow has implemented different strategies of SEO to get more quality visitors or traffic through organic search.


A few users may not be okay with subscription based plans. StreamNow has a feature called pay per view, where they can pay depending on the live streaming videos they watch.


Payments can be done through PayPal. More often than not, payments are facilitated without any chaos and one can also explore other payments options.


StreamNow is a live streaming platform which provides outstanding live streaming services for any firm to help them in generating billions of dollars profit every year. This can happen through live streaming ads alone.


StreamNow is a ready-made turnkey solution where you can launch live streaming events. Thanks to its built-in growth hacking features, you can get users subscribed for your video based events. It has various social features which made it the best live streaming solution.


StreamNow is available as an app for Android and iOS for the users of streaming business. It helps users to sign up or login through various social media networks such as Google accounts, Facebook or Twitter.

StreamNow is an easy live streaming platform and it doesn’t require much technical knowledge. This makes it readily available for all the users to engage in live streaming.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space to learn more about live streaming and live streaming software. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of live streaming best practices. Our best wishes are with you and your live streaming venture. Cheers!


A Guide to use StreamView to Simulate Netflix Business Model

A Guide to use StreamView to Simulate Netflix Business Model

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a well known American Entertainment Company. It is a leading company in the field of providing streaming and video on demand services- both online and DVD by mail. On 29th August, 1997, Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in California. Though it started its business with DVD sales and Blu-ray rental services, it ventured into vod services in 2007. In 2017, this vod platform explored into the content-producing industry with “House of Cards” being its debut series. Since then, it has released more than 126 original movies and television series under its banner “Netflix Original”.

Netflix has emerged as the largest video on demand platform in the entertainment industry. Streaming on Netflix is available in 190 countries, which clearly shows its wide reach. As of July 2017, Netflix had a whopping subscriber base of 103.95 million worldwide, which includes 51.92 million in the United States only. As of 2016, revenue generated by Netflix is around $8.83 billion, and its net income is at $187 million.

Netflix Business Model:

The highlight of Netflix Business Model is that it categorizes its users based on psychographics and not on demographics.

Users have been segmented into 3 basic groups in terms of psychographics:

Users who are busy and don’t want to go out for movies

Users who love watching movies and rent them to watch

Users who want to save their money and want to have the best

The Netflix Business Model is based on the following points:

  • The initial step is to purchase the commercial rights or acquire a license of the streaming content from their original production houses.
  • Managing and maintaining a smooth platform which can be used to broadcast the acquired content seamlessly.
  • Offering various kinds of attractive offers such as a free one-month subscription to lure new users to join.
  • Providing satisfying service to the users so that the new users convert into paid subscribers, and existing users become recurring subscribers.
  • Updating the platform with new and exciting content regularly so as to maintain the subscriber base.

How Netflix makes Money:

For the video on demand business, Netflix offers 3 different membership plans for the subscription which is based on streaming quality and screen count for accessing the content concurrently:

Standard Definition Plan: It allows streaming of content in standard definition quality on a single screen at a time.

High Definition Plan: It allows streaming of content in High Definition quality on two screens concurrently.

Ultra-high Definition Plan: It allows streaming of content in Ultra High Definition quality on four screens concurrently.

The subscription fee for these plans varies from country to country.

In the DVD rental services, the membership plans differ by the number of DVDs a subscriber possess during a specific time and number of discs per month. In order to enjoy streaming on high definition Blu-ray discs, in addition to the standard definition, subscribers have to pay additional amount.

Cost incurred by Netflix:

The profit generated by Netflix cannot solely be assessed by considering the membership plans. For that, various expenses incurred by Netflix have to be considered. These are explained below:

  • Licensing Cost:

In order to achieve a legalized platform for streaming series and movies, Netflix has to invest to acquire license and content which varies for different content.

  • Content Acquisition Cost:

Content Acquisition is an essential component for vod business in case of Netflix. This involves procuring streaming and DVD content from distributors, studios, and other mediums, which are done through direct purchases, revenue sharing agreements, and license agreements. For delivery of streaming content, Netflix takes the help of its own content delivery network (known as Open Connect) and third party content delivery networks. For delivery of Discs in the United States, there is a network of shipping centers for delivery and returns of DVDs which are also managed by Netflix.

  • Production Cost:

In 2013, Netflix started its own online library of films and television series under the brand name “Netflix Originals”. This strategy not only helped Netflix to promote its own exclusive streaming content but also helped it to evade licensing costs. However, the production cost for the Netflix Originals content requires very high expenditure.

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  • Marketing Cost:

With the emergence and acceptance of vod services, many more video streaming players have joined the bandwagon. This has increased the competition and there are major players as well as new players who are giving Netflix a tough competition, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. To get the edge over its competitors, Netflix has to invest a huge amount for its marketing. The marketing cost involves payments to affiliates, expense on advertisements and expense incurred on device partners. Besides that, the company has to also bear the first month expenses for every new subscriber as the first-month subscription is free for new users.

  • Research and Development Cost:

Research and development sector is an essential sector of any industry, and this is applicable to Netflix also. This department is responsible for determining the growth of an industry in the future. Netflix invests a high amount of money in ‘Netflix Inc. Research and Development’ department.  Netflix Inc.’s research and development for the three months ended in Jun. 2017 was $267 million. Its research and development for the trailing twelve months (TTM) ended in Jun. 2017 which was $965 million.

  • Technology and development Cost:

Netflix has a huge subscriber base of millions and they may stream content on Netflix at the same time, which will increase the traffic on its server. So, in order to provide hassle-free and smooth streaming experience, Netflix has collaboration with many ISPs to reduce the load on its own server, by using the embedded deployments of Open Connect Appliance. The company has to bear heavy costs for the collaboration. Technology and development costs also include expenses involved in designing the application for all the latest devices or updating the application for the existing devices, streaming delivery technology costs, and other infrastructural costs.

  • General and Administrative Cost

These costs include payroll and other expenses for the corporate personnel. These also include professional and partnership fees related to administration of the company.

  • Miscellaneous Cost

Besides the above-mentioned costs, Netflix has to bear other costs such as payment processing fees, the cost for dispatching of discs, and distribution of costs for the streaming content library, etc.

How StreamView can be used to replicate Netflix

StreamView Netflix

Streamview is one of the best movie streaming softwares. With the help of Streamview, one can easily launch a Netflix-like venture. You will get Netflix clone script which will help you in starting your own video streaming site. Streamview will provide you video on demand platform which is highly scalable and can easily be customized as per your needs and requirements. You can modify the UI, add features to the mobile app, and modify its front end and do much more. Apart from this, you will get all the features you are getting from Netflix and the executives will work with you so that you can make all the changes you want in the design, development, hosting, deployment, and maintenance.

Features of StreamView:

Have a look at its amazing features

  • Nginx Server: Stremview will convert the HTTP format into RTMP and HLS format for your website, iOS, and Android. This will enable the user to watch the video without waiting for the buffer time. You will feel the difference yourself.
  • Upload Videos: You can easily upload unlimited number of videos and can use any channel to do so. Some of the channels supported are Amazon S3 Bucket, YouTube link, Website Link or Normal uploads. Steamview supports all.
  • Subscription: You can upload trailers for your videos. Allow users to watch them without any fee but to watch the whole video let them subscribe to your platform or let them pay for it. It is the best way to earn.
  • Pay Per View: Some users might not be willing to pay for the whole month as they are surfing other channels as well. So, with Streamview, you can allow them to pay one time for the video. Use the Pay per view feature of Streamview, which you won’t get anywhere else.
  • SEO Optimized: Streamview provides the best digital marketing features. You will get all SEO settings which you can set as per your need from the admin panel. It will help you in getting higher ranking in the search results.
  • Banner Videos: You can use featured videos on the banners to get more clicks and to make more money. You will get more subscriptions via this feature.

Streamview has some of the amazing features which you won’t get anywhere else. That is the reason it’s getting such a high demand in such a short time. Use it to witness the difference yourself.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for insights on video on demand services. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about various VOD business models. My best wishes are with you and your video streaming venture. Cheers!