5 Powerful Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media

5 Powerful Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media

Social media is a veritable powerhouse for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to promote their products. By selecting a range of social media platforms, a social media manager has the power to transform a brand, create a brand identity, draft a social media calendar and evaluate the efficacy of a marketing rollout. Capturing local news, and staying afloat with the latest trends is a great way to infuse ingenuity into a social media campaign. Now, with video becoming an essential driver of digital footfalls, crafting a video marketing strategy for social media becomes necessary.

Here, we give you five.

Embrace the Power of Curated Videos

Did you know that YouTube features the maximum number of search queries on its platform, only second to Google?

Go Big on YouTube:

YouTube combines the advantages of a search engine and the power of visual engagement, two tools that could propel your business quickly. Plus, you could draw on trends that feature on YouTube to determine which keywords could potentially optimize your website. Then, link your YouTube base to your own custom video streaming domain. There is an array of excellent platforms in the market today, that plug directly into your website and allow you to stream directly. Streamhash, for example, is a versatile, turnkey technology that provides features at par with YouTube, for a fraction of the cost. Whats more? You get to stream live. By using the customization options and themes on Streamhash, you can make your streaming site your own.

The bottom line? Go big on YouTube!

Explore an Array of Video Initiatives:

There are various approaches you could take to drive engagement on YouTube. Here are some video marketing ideas you could consider:

  • Live Streams

Streaming live to your audience builds authenticity, and gives rise to a platform that facilitates communication both ways. We’ve already told you about the advantages of starting your own streaming website. With a platform like Streamhash, you can give your streams your own personal twist.

  • How-To Videos

How-To videos are excellent content vehicles, especially if your product is demonstrable. By capturing users attention and imaginations, youre likely to see traction in sales.

  • Webinars

Webinars are especially useful if your company caters to a large base of corporate clients. By engaging them on a digital forum and leaving room for a question-and-answer session, you could create key influencers.

  • Interviews

Interviews are always an engaging way to draw eyeballs, especially if you interview someone well-known that people would be interested to watch. Seek out about five personalities that could feature in your interviews, and release your episodes in installments, creating a sponsored campaign around each one.

Create Sponsored Promotions on Social Media:

If youre a frequenter of social media, youre probably privy to the assortment of advertisements that appear on your news feed. Social media is an excellent market vehicle for brands and is a critical element of a typical promotional mix today.

  • Identify Competition on Social Media

The trouble is, with the explosion of companies scurrying to promote their brands on social media platforms, shining through to a customer has become challenging. As a brand, youre not only vying with rivals in your own space, youre competing with brands across the board, each desperate to project their offerings.

  • Build Your Own Video Domain

Before you take social media head on, make sure that you have a dedicated domain that can support video. This will pave the way for you to make your video campaigns bigger and better in the future. Use a framework like the one provided by Streamhash to get you going. Streamhash, for instance, gets you started in just two days.

  • Conquer Social Media

The most effective method to break through the brand clutter on social media, is to create sponsored content, and what better way to do that than with a video marketing idea? Theres evidence that a video post on Facebook generates about twice the engagement of a plain, vanilla post. By creating excellent video content and refining your targeted audience, your marketing campaign can do wonders. Remember to keep your video crisp and precise, spotlighting your offerings in a quick and clever way.

Send Customised Videos for Followers:

Everybody knows that social media can be a great way to listen to customers, gauge interest levels and feel the pulse of an audience. However, most brands use social media only as a projection tool, to disburse communication in a unidirectional manner.

Make Customers Feel Special:

By using social media to interact with followers on a personal level, youre not only making them feel special, youre most likely handing them a torch to spread loyalty amongst their network. Youre making them influencers. But lets take it a step further. Imagine sending customized videos to your followers, each one tailored for a specific person. You could do this in two ways. Either you could scour social media platforms for key influencers in your space, and send them personalized videos, or you could select key customers that have contributed to your company significantly. If youre still a small enterprise, perhaps you have the wherewithal to create custom videos for all your followers.

The Example of Dell

Dell has been an iconic brand in the computer space for years, priding itself on quality and price. In the spring of 2016, the company launched a fantastic video marketing strategy on Twitter, sending personalized videos to users who had recommended a Dell product to someone else via the microblogging platform.

Maximize Presence Through Social Media Stories:

As of a few weeks ago, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all feature a Stories feature, under which video content that is uploaded features in a band that sits atop followers news feeds. These stories disappear after 24 hours, allowing brands to continually reinvent themselves without flooding content onto social media. A study conducted recently revealed that users prefer Stories over conventional social media posts. Its an ideal time to maximize uploads through the Stories feature. Create concise, captivating videos and remember to include a link at the end to lead users to your website.

Capitalize on User-Generated Video Content:

Using user-generated content has endless advantages. For starters, it is one of the best means for user engagement.

Hold Contests for Innovation

Think of holding an online contest for users to send videos of themselves using your product in the most innovative way. You could even ask them to share it on a social network and tag two friends. Not only will the videos act as reviews, automatically endorsing your brand, but they will impart confidence and faith in prospective customers.

Invite Videos of Unboxing

Confused? Dont be. Watching others unbox a package can build anticipation in viewers, and its an activity that many users enjoy. Ask your customer base to record amusing videos of their children or themselves unboxing your product on arrival, and showcase the excitement on social media.

There are so many ways that you can use video vehicles to inspire customers to get to know you. Even on a small budget, video content can create a big impact!

How To Get Sponsored On YouTube For Your Channels

How To Get Sponsored On YouTube For Your Channels

Getting your YouTube channel sponsored sometimes seems like an impossible goal. Sponsorships are the main source of income for video creators as they can be highly profitable. Besides helping you earn money, getting sponsored can also help you craft qualitative content for your audience. But how do you get YouTube sponsorship if you are just starting out? How much do creators get paid for sponsoring videos?  If you’ve seen even small YouTube channels getting huge sponsorships and are wondering how to get sponsored on YouTube, worry no more. It’s decoded here in this article.

To get sponsored, you need to make sure your channel covers all aspects that the sponsors look for. Read on to know how to get your first sponsor and grow your channel big.

What are YouTube Sponsorships?

In simple words, YouTube sponsorships mean collaboration between YouTube creators and a brand where both of them reap benefits in the deal. YouTuber will get paid for sponsoring the brand and the brand gains more exposure by the promotions. For a YouTube sponsorship to be successful, both parties have to benefit from the collaboration. For example, if the audience of your channel is not relevant to a particular brand, it won’t see any value in collaborating with you. Relevance is the major aspect essential for YouTube sponsorship. There are more ways to earn YouTube sponsorships and are as follows.

Prerequisites before reaching out to sponsors:

Quality of Your Content

The most important aspect sponsors will pay attention to before collaborating with YouTubers is the content of the channel. To earn the interest of big sponsors, you need to have quality content uploaded to your channel that engages and entertains users. When you reach out to a brand for sponsorship, the first thing they will look for is relevancy and quality content in your channel so that they can assure that their promotion would also be qualitative. Contrary, if your content is not qualitative, it is a clear sign that your YouTube channel is not ready to receive sponsorships yet. Focus on creating quality content on your YouTube channel that will help and entertain your viewers.

Content quantity

Having just 5 to 6 contents in your channel won’t serve as a good portfolio to attract sponsors. To get a sponsorship, you need to have a good number of videos so that viewers get an idea of what’s going on in your channel. Having your old videos on your channel is actually a good way to show your audience how you evolved over time. It will help people to strengthen their perception of you as a hardworking and motivated creator which makes it easier to find sponsorships for your YouTube channel. Additionally, first-time viewers to your channel will want to browse through your content to decide if they want to subscribe to your channel.

Use Business e-mail on Your YouTube Channel

Even if you are starting out small, maintain a professional profile by adding a business email on your channel. Using a business e-mail address on your channel says you are open for business inquiries. Additionally, this is where you will find video comments, friend request notifications, and videos; not to forget the assault messages on your videos once you have gained a large following.

Refrain from Violating YouTube rules & Regulations

YouTube follows several policies and guidelines to maintain a safe and vibrant community. If you are a new YouTube creator, make sure that you start out by carefully reading through their policies and terms of service. If you violate the policies, there are chances of your channel getting removed or your account may be terminated as well. It is recommended reviewing the guidelines often as YouTube may revise it from time to time.

Unauthorized music, nude photos, and videos, excessive criticism of users drive away sponsors. Check the Resource section of YouTube for a link to their rules & regulations and make sure you stick to it.

Different types of YouTube sponsorships

YouTube business model is an advertisement based model that allows you to earn a share of ad revenues. Sponsorships are another alternate way for video content creators to earn money. There are different types of YouTube sponsorships and are as follows.

Affiliate Sponsorships

Affiliate sponsorships are the easiest way to get sponsorships from brands, especially if your channel is small. You have to place the link given by brands in the description section of your videos and every time a sale is made through the link, you earn a commission.

Alternatively, the brand will also give a discount code that your subscribers can use when making a purchase. Depending on the number of sales generated by your channel, you get a specific amount of money. While affiliate sponsorships are the least profitable type of sponsorships, they are a great way to start with when you are just beginning with YouTube and has less viewership and subscribers.

Product Sponsorships

Another way to get YouTube sponsorships is to receive free products in exchange for promotion. Brands will send you products to do unboxing videos, reviews or tutorials about how to use the products. Though you won’t receive money, you will get free products which can be quite useful. Before reaching out to sponsors, you need to make sure that the products you are looking for sponsorship fit your channel and what you are trying to do with it. Your audience can get put off due to mismatch, and your sponsor will not get the kind of value they expect. Product sponsorship for small YouTubers could be a little difficult because the sponsor has to trust them to promote their product with the limited following they have. If you aim to get product sponsorships, get started with reviews and tutorial videos that are not sponsored. Once you build an audience centered on a particular type of products, the chances of brands involved in the same niche contacting you for sponsorship increases.

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Paid sponsorships

Paid sponsorships are the most wanted type of sponsorships any YouTuber looks for as it gives you direct money. Sponsors pay an amount to advertise their business in your videos or to endorse their products by doing videos for their brand on their channel. Getting paid YouTube sponsorships can be tough if you have a small user base. To get paid sponsorships, you have to grow your channel and build a vast base of subscribers. You at least need to have 10k-100k subscribers for companies to approach you for sponsorships. While paid sponsorships come with all bells and whistles, one thing to keep in mind is that – they don’t come free. When a brand is paying you, they will have certain demands and will give instructions on how the videos should be.

When you are a small channel, start out by trying to get an affiliate and product sponsorships. From there, try creating a portfolio of collaboration which you can leverage later when you will start with paid sponsorships. Once your channel is big enough, you will start seeing sponsors approaching you for promotions.

How much you can earn from YouTube sponsorships?

Now that you know the different types of sponsorships, you might be wondering how much do brands pay for sponsorships and how much money you can make. To be honest, there is no exact answer to this question. The money you can earn from a sponsorship varies between $50 and a couple of thousand dollars. However, the money you make can vary and it depends on a variety of factors.

  • The number of subscribers and views

As said earlier, the bigger your channel is, the better the pay. This is because the bigger your channel and subscriber list are views will also increase and hence the chance of your channel generating sales goes higher as well. The number of views of the relevant videos also counts.

  • The value you can bring to the brand

While the number of subscribers and views matter, what really matters is the kind of value you can bring to the brand that sponsors you. Your subscribers must engage with the products you promote. You must be able to prove the number of sales generated in your previous collaborations to prove yourself. A successful sponsorship in the past serves as a living proof that you have the potential to take their sales to new heights.

  • Where you place the ads

As YouTube business model allows placing ads, it is easy to endorse a brand but the placement matters. Normally, YouTubers advertise sponsorships either at the beginning or at the end of their videos. The rates for each placement differs as well.

  • The type of promotion

You can promote the brand by mentioning it in your normal videos or do a tutorial on their products, do review videos, or actually do a video on their profile exclusively for them. Each type comes with a different time frame to create the videos and the effort also differs for each. Depending on the type of promotion you do and how you do it make up the price tag and each of them comes with a different price.

  • Resources needed for the promotion

If you are doing a tutorial video or a product review, you might need some resources and certain props. Maybe at times, you have to shoot videos in a particular environment. Depending on the complexity associated with videos according to the sponsor’s requirement, the pay will also increase.

How to get sponsors for your YouTube channel

Establish a relevant audience base

Only when you know your audience, you’ll know which types of brands are approachable for sponsorship. Knowing the age group of your audience, the fashion trends they follow, where they shop, which brands they love, and, what products they are interested in purchasing helps. Partnering with the brands that your audience can connect gives your sponsor great exposure, good reviews, and of course, purchases. For this, you are rewarded either with cash or products. A successful partnership means repeat partnership, which again brings in more money to the table.

Know What You Can Offer to your Sponsors

In-video shout-outs or mentions and product reviews are two ways to market your sponsor on your channel. When you approach any brand, they will want to know what you can offer them and how you will be marketing their brand. YouTubers usually set up several tiers of sponsorships, like, reviewing products in exchange to get those products for free from the brand. It is wise to not guarantee any positive review if the product doesn’t work the way it’s advertised. Another tie-up could be to exclusively give the exposure of their products on your videos and social media pages. Similarly, you can create different sponsorship plans at different price points that provide value, where every plan will have a different method of promotion.

Learn about sponsors

Once a brand approaches you or you choose a brand to approach, take your time to research on those brands. Your target can be both startups and top names as long as their products are relevant to promote to your customers. Also, ask the question like whether they are interested in widening their reach to other demographics as it will be useful while making a proposal for sponsorships.

Craft Quality Sponsorship Proposals

Most Youtubers get the sponsorship proposals wrong as they fail to establish a connection, don’t establish fit and relevant or get more self-centered. Make sure your proposal is properly structured and have the right information that helps the sponsors to make the right decision.

Majority of creators create a proposal template and use it for every proposal by just changing the name of the sponsors. This approach doesn’t work well. Make sure you draft a personalized proposal letter and this will get the attention of the sponsors you are planning to reach out. Your proposal letter should have your introduction, description of your content and how sponsoring your channel will benefit them. The more specific you are, the easier it is for them to know how much you can relate to their brand and what they can get from their partnership with you.

Different ways of reaching out to sponsors

Now that you know How To Get Sponsored On YouTube, it’s time to send YouTube sponsorship application to the sponsors on your list. There are several ways to reach out to sponsors.

Reach out directly

You can reach out to them through their website contact page or through social media. You can also use your personal connections with popular YouTubers to reach out to the brands.

Reach out through sponsorship platforms

There are several sponsorship marketplaces for YouTube creators like Famebit by Youtube and GrapeVine. They are marketplaces of affiliate and product sponsorships so it’s easy to make those first few connections. There is no harm for major content creators to make use of these sites as they are known to fetch good results.

However, such platforms come with some prerequisites that vary from platform to platform. Some websites require you to have a minimum of 5,000 or 10,000 subscribers to join the platform.

Build your channel and they will come

Quality content breeds traffic and traffic breeds attention from sponsors. Once you grow your channel really big and become a popular YouTube influencer, you will start receiving emails from brands expressing their interest in collaborating with you. If you wonder How To Get Sponsored On YouTube, a good channel with great content and a community is what attracts sponsors.

Important sponsorship tips for video content creators


Brand collaborations on YouTube aren’t easy. You might already know that even if you get sponsorships easily, presenting it to your community is not going to be that easy. At least initially. The most coveted thing on YouTube is a genuine fan who loves your work and religiously follows and share your videos. So here are some tips to get the sponsorships right.

  • Tell them how the sponsorship will benefit their brand. Highlight the relevance to make them understand you are a good fit for the collaboration.
  • Don’t sell yourself short just because you want a sponsorship immediately. Remember, you have a following and you create quality content. So you can partner with a brand to give them exposure to their audience.
  • Don’t give up if your first few proposals don’t get you a sponsorship. Keep creating awesome content for your channel that will increase your following. And the bigger the following, the easier it is to find sponsorships.
  • If you have had any successful partnership stories in the past, share it with the new brands.
  • Ensure that you remain authentic to the style that made you popular. Never try to deviate far from your core content as it won’t bring in the engagement you got in the past.


Hope this article gave you a clear idea on how to get sponsored on YouTube. Now you can work towards getting sponsorships and monetize your channel. When you get sponsorship, being open and honest about it will garner appreciation from your viewers and build your channel for transparency. In addition, try to be as honest as possible with your reviews and opinions about the products you endorse. Before jumping into getting sponsorships, focus on building a good amount of quality content on your channel. The key to getting sponsorships and collaborations is by keeping your audience happy.

Have you tried getting YouTube sponsorships or are you already working with top brands? If you have tips worth mentioning, feel free to share with us in the comment section. We love to hear your thoughts.

Best 10 Subscription Based Video Streaming Services You Should Know

Best 10 Subscription Based Video Streaming Services You Should Know

A few days ago, I happened to host a Q&A (Question & & Answer) session by using a live video streaming solution. All the attendees seemed to be highly excited. They bombarded me with genuine questions- some were funny, some were insightful and of course, some were absolutely thought provocative. Live video streaming software services are being leveraged by each and every company to connect with their respective target audiences and subsequently boost engagement. As an intrinsic part of their cultural ethos, organizations have started sharing live events. Stories can be created and important announcements can be made.

One of the important 7Ps of the marketing mix is People. Live video streaming software helps you establish a nexus between people and product. It not only keeps the audiences engaged but also converts them into avid learners. Thanks to several tangible and intangible benefits that a live video streaming software offers, organizations are keenly looking forward to a completely integrated video solution. 

A completely integrated video solution contains features such as:

  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Hardware and Software
  • Dedicated Support
  • Production Solutions

To develop a fully functional integrated video solution, one requires expertise in web programming stack such as LARAVEL, MEAN (Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS) etc. Expertise in server programming is mandatory. A few years ago, organizations used to hire web development teams and shell out a good deal of money to get their video streaming software designed. Today, the scenario is different in its entirety. There are various live video streaming solutions available. Organizations can choose any one particular video solution from the enlisted top 10:


Live Streaming Software

Livestream is a video streaming service solution founded in 2007 with a mission to enable organizations to share experiences through live video, unlock the world where every event is available live online. From being a channel based software solution to an event based streaming solution, Livestream has come a long way. As far as the Broadcaster setup is concerned, Livestream has done an amazing job. Livestream services are available on App store, Google play and ROKU TV set-top box. As far as the subscription plan is concerned, there are two plans available: Basic and Premium. The basic plan starts at $42 per month while the premium plan is priced at $249 per month. You may visit Livestream here.


Ustream Clone

In January 2016, Ustream was acquired by IBM. This live video streaming software claims to be powering more than 2 million broadcasts every month. Ustream is integrated with analytics software. It allows you to track audiences and gain valuable insights into their viewing habits. Apart from providing customer insights and best-in-class support, Ustream allows you to craft great video campaigns, capture as many leads as possible and export to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module. Mobile support, social sharing, live broadcasts and VOD (Video on Demand) services are also available. PRO plans range from $99 to $999. If you are an enterprise, you should contact the ustream staff for pricing. You may visit Ustream here.


Game streaming software

This live video streaming solution broadcasts user-generated gaming video content. As a user, you can follow channels that you enjoy watching. Users get instant notifications when the channels go live. There is a feature in which users can chat with fellow viewers, send and receive direct messages. Of course, you are also entitled to start your own broadcast.  Viewers need not register to watch the broadcasts. However, to start your own broadcast, you should register as a member. To know more about the plans and pricing slabs, visit Twitch.



Bambuser is a leading mobile video streaming solution for organizations and app developers. It is integrated with various features such as online storage, geo-location, and tagging etc. This streaming platform allows users to live stream videos not only from smartphones but also from computer webcams and DV cameras. It goes without saying that this service is completely social media friendly. It is perfectly possible to stream live mobile videos on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. You may visit Bambuser here.

Skype QIK:

Business Chat Tool

Skype has always been the hot favorite of businesses. Skype is known to facilitate team collaboration, instant messaging, file sharing, team conferences etc. In 2014, the developers of Skype launched Skype QIK, a robust mobile video messaging app to help people share moments with their peers. Skype QIK has all the provisions for video embedding and social sharing.


Live TV Platform

This live social TV platform enables users to broadcast videos through mobile phones and webcams. There is also a video-chat feature that helps you connect live with talented broadcasters. It is available as an Android app on Google Play. You may visit YouNow here.


Live streaming Services

Freedocast allows you to capture all wonderful things in life, share the captured beautiful moments with friends and family members. It is available as an easy to use app on Android and iOS devices. It has quite a great reputation in UK and European markets. Apart from broadcasting videos, you can add effects to videos and chat with fellow users. Freedocast is integrated with flash video encoder which provides state-of-the-art quality streaming. You may visit Freedocast here.

Move Networks:

Move Networks provides a complete solution package built using adaptive streaming technology. This package contains DRM- Digital Rights Management software, subscription packaging, middleware, billing and other modules. Apart from facilitating revenue generation through subscription based services, revenue through enhanced advertising solutions is also provisioned. Move Networks promises quality viewing experience. There shall be a little delay and wait timing is close to zilch. You may visit Move Networks here. 


TiVo stands for Television in Video Out. It is a unified entertainment Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that lets you watch all your favorite stuff from Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. Watching commercials can be frustrating at times. Thanks to the built-in SkipMode, you can skip all the commercials and resume your show sans any interruption. This way, you can save a lot of time. Undoubtedly, TiVo works with any fancy and every non-fancy TV. It works with 4K TVs as well. You may visit TiVo here.

Vaughn Live:

Live Video Streaming Script

Vaughn Live is a controversial social broadcasting site which aims to foster an interactive social environment.  You are liberty to choose any niche- News & Technology, Nature, Miscellaneous, Lifestyles, Creative, etc. Apart from the featured content, this site allows users to telecast their own videos. However, this social broadcasting site is not monitored. As a result, teens under 18 should be granted supervised access only. This social broadcasting site was recently in news for its racist content. Most of the viewers opine that this channel encourages antisemitism. 

You may visit Vaughn Live here.

If you are eager to start your own live video streaming service, you should definitely try Streamhash. This turnkey video sharing script lets you build your own Netflix clone and YouTube clone website. It comes with three incredible themes. To know more about its features, please click here.

If you have any concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. My best wishes are with you and your live video streaming venture. Cheers!

5 Best Live Streaming Tools in the E-Market You Should Know

5 Best Live Streaming Tools in the E-Market You Should Know

Live streaming is taking the world by storm. And how. Companies of all sizes are clamouring to add live streaming tools to their interfaces, allowing users to connect more deeply and to experience products up close. From Alibabas e-commerce offerings to cosmetics brands like Lancôme, Maybelline and Elle, live streaming is being explored as an advertising medium. Live advertising encourages digital entrepreneurs to sell and advertise in real-time, and companies centred on this new brand of marketing are quickly sprouting up, thanks to the tremendous demand that the medium holds. The potential in live streaming, and more so, live advertising is enormous. If youve been chasing the entrepreneurial dream, theres no better sector than this.

When youre about to launch a business, youre bound to be bombarded by a million questions. But the most important one will probably be which technology to use to capture your video streams. Luckily, there are several live video streaming software in the E-market, that will plug right into your existing technology. Heres a list of the 5 best live streaming tools out there:

Open Broadcaster Software:

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free, open source software that lets users stream, both real-time and archived videos. The software is compatible with an array of operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux, and is especially useful for those who are in the spheres of gaming, art and entertainment. OBS can connect to any RTMP-enabled platform; some big names include Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion and Hitbox. If youre still zeroing in on an RTMP framework, think of Streamhash. Streamhash is a cost-effective, powerful turnkey technology equipped with diverse customisation options that will fit perfectly with OBS. OBS is also aligned to Intels Quick Sync, an encryption technology that holds a candle to x264, in terms of speed, quality and compression ratio. Quick Sync plays a pivotal role in swifter, more effective video processing and buffering, and is licensed under GPLv2.

Key Features

OBS boasts of custom transitions that let you toggle among several scenes while maintaining superior quality in live video and audio captures and blends. It comes equipped with an instinctual audio mixer featuring per-source filters, including noise gate, noise suppression and gain. OBS also allows lucidity between a variety of profiles and a settings panel that allows for the lightning-fast configuration of broadcasts and recordings. The appearance and personalization attributes are composed of filters, colour correction, chroma keying, light and dark themes and more. All in all, OBS is convenient and powerful.


FFSplit is a lightweight freeware live video streaming software that allows you to record activities ensuing on your desktop in various high-quality video formats. Then, once the sequence is saved, FFSplit lets you upload it onto social media platforms and websites of your choice using a streaming software. Alternatively, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, think of linking FFSplit to a platform of your own, using Streamhash. This will give you a distinct virtual identity, without having to rely on third-party video platforms like YouTube to drive your growth.

Key Features

FFSplit offers unique features, some of which are hotkeys, webcam functionalities and overlays to stitch your videos together in a more precise, professional and engaging manner. The FFSplit development community is growing, with users helping to augment the interface, enhance features and improve the programme.


XSplit is a minimalistic, yet effective live streaming tool that fuels video streams and archived recordings. It specialises in creating uber-luxe, immersive content that meshes with video games. Essentially split into two verticals, XSplits broadcasting arm, XSplit Broadcaster goes hand in hand with its gaming arm, XSplit Gamecaster. Gamecaster helps users record the console games on their screens.

Key Features

XSplits streaming and gaming solutions are compatible with a host of capture card brands, such as Elgato, AverMedia, Hauppauge and Magewell. The platform also provides a plethora of webcam options that let you add, resize and reposition your camera, regardless of which XSplit feature you are using. The Chroma Key function augments a broadcast by lending it a green screen transparency effect. Professional production features and multimedia sources underpin XSplit Broadcaster, letting users add an assortment of multimedia, including videos, music and guests who have connected via Skype. XSplits superlative audio features offer enhanced sound quality. Custom plugins are fed into XSplit through its plugin store. The plugins featured let users personalise their stream with baubles like donation alerts and music requests. And if theres something you want that isnt featured in the store, XSplit lets you build it yourself. In addition, editing videos are easier with XSplit, allowing users to tweak videos easily with the inbuilt editing tool. XSplit beats other platforms when it comes to keeping up with followers on a spectrum of networks. Apart from its own chat function, it also enables users to stream to Facebook and Twitter directly.


Wirecast is a streaming tool designed to let you capture an infinite number of content pieces, across cameras, desktops and web feed. Wirecasts media comes with a certain sheen, thanks to its myriad editing features, and the platform is used across sectors like entertainment, sports, worship, education and gaming.

Key Features

Wirecast lets you add animated titles, transitions and lower thirds to video content. Plus, with its capacity to support multi-format coding, it marries streaming services with CDNs like Periscope and Facebook Live. The platform also offers users a feature to produce and automate playlists, even during a live run. It does this by altering the duration of each frame, to match the music with the video. Wirecast also extends this feature to capture highlights for replays following a live session. Twin this with Streamhash, and youll have a special product. Streamhash will augment the features offered by Wirecast, with its unique dual server, customisation options and immersive display.

Airparrot 2

Airparrot 2 is a wireless beaming software that sends a screen or media files to logged in recipients. The platform detects users who have tapped into your network and employs Quick Connect to link to any device powered by Reflector 2. Airparrot allows for the sharing of videos, audio and presentations, amongst other media.

Key Features

Airparrot is equipped to transmit content wirelessly to multiple receivers, across a variety of devices. The platform even allows you to beam audio and video around your own house to AirPlay-enabled devices or speakers. The content streamed by Airparrot is supplied through 5.1 surround sound, creating a cinematic experience in the comfort of ones home or office. For businesses, the most important feature that Airparrot provides is mirroring, which is possible by using a Reflector to mirror your screen on any other device. Airparrot enables compatibility among all devices. The application of AirParrot extends from pint-sized schools to multi-million dollar corporations.

With those five options, we think we’ve got you sorted to take your first step into live streaming. Your live streaming ecosystem is already ready and waiting. All you must do is tap it.

Myths About How Live Streaming Is Transforming Twitter

Myths About How Live Streaming Is Transforming Twitter

In December 2016, Twitter launched its live streaming feature, a move it had long been contemplating. Twitter has always been a nimble platform, debatably more so than its social media counterparts. It was important for the network to introduce a live feature that could make communication even swifter, eliminating the lag between broadcasters and viewers. In a statement that Twitter released on its blog on the day of the launch, the company encapsulated its objective well.

Live video is the most immersive way to experience whats happening around the world. From protests and monumental moments to celebrations and things that make us LOL, were making it easier for you to broadcast live video – straight from Twitter, it stated. It was all so simple.

The Launch of Twitter Live

Twitter’s live streaming platform was born much before Twitter knew it. It started off as Periscope, a live streaming app developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein in 2013. The pair was inspired to create a live streaming service when they were stranded in Istanbul, following protests in Taksim Square. When they logged into Twitter, they found that though there was a steady stream of tweets being posted, there was no way to witness the protests visually. Little did they know that life would come full circle for them, for in January 2015, Periscope was acquired by Twitter even before Beykpour and Bernstein had gone live with their platform. In December 2016, select features from Periscope were added to the Twitter interface, allowing Twitter users to broadcast live.

Twitters story isnt unique. Very often, a business who wants to add live streaming to its platform doesnt have the wherewithal to develop superior technology in-house. Extend that philosophy to smaller businesses and youll see a bouquet of solutions. Streamhash, for example, is the Periscope of small and medium enterprises. All a company needs to do is buy the reasonably-priced framework, and plug it into their website. Streamhash gets you started within just a couple of days, a huge plus for businesses that are hustling to capture digital mindshare.

The Addition of 360-Degree Live Streaming

Its a competitive landscape out there for social media players, each one trying to outwit another. Not long after the acquisition of Periscope, Twitter added another feather to its cap: 360-degree live streaming via Periscope. The feature allows just about anyone to view a 360-degree video, using their fingers to swivel around a video landscape. The broadcasting of 360-degree videos is restricted to a select set of partners for the time being. However, Twitter might open the feature to all users soon, considering the rate at which live video content is being consumed on other networks like Facebook. The viewing of 360-degree videos is available for all users.

Twitter’s Live Streaming Business Model

In a strategy geared towards effective penetration, Twitter didnt start with a monetization model in place when it launched Periscope. Live broadcasts were free for broadcasters and viewers. Now, two years since the inception of Periscope, Twitter has taken its first step towards monetization, by introducing ads on its live streaming platform.

Monetization Tools

To begin with, the company plans on introducing pre-roll ads for both live and recorded videos. The move looks promising for Twitter, who will benefit from the untapped potential of large broadcasters on Periscope. Twitters inbuilt advertising feature has seen a downslide in the past few years, and monetising Periscope seems to be an ideal strategy to offset the decline in advertising revenues. The icing on the cake, however, is that video advertising rates trump those of other formats. This May, the company plans to pitch its video advertising feature at an event called NewFronts, a forum that brings digital media companies together. Twitters monetization strategy has been used successfully by many brands, big and small. YouTube, for instance, has proved time and again, that ads are a great commercialisation technique. But this approach isnt limited to large brands. Even small brands who set up a live streaming interface with a platform like Streamhash, can profit from pre-roll advertising, leaving users to enjoy content for free.

Flexibility for Users

Twitter senses the risk of making such a big move. As an initial acid test, the company plans to run ads before only popular live videos, including sports games and fashion shows. Twitter plans to induct potential advertisers into a program called Amplify which will team them with large live video broadcasters. Twitter also intends to add an option for users to be able to skip longer ads, to ease them into an advertising ecosystem.

The Evolution of Twitter Live

Twitter is opening its doors to media firms, by allowing them to post live streams directly onto the platform. It plans to do this by opening its Application Programming Interface (API) to these firms, in turn, allowing broadcast firms to connect to its live software, instantly. It will also give these companies valuable information about its collaborations with firms that underpin its backend services for live streaming.

In the past, media firms have typically been expected to establish partnerships and frame elaborate plans before going live on Periscope. With this new move, however, these firms can broadcast content without any prior partnerships or collaborations.

The Technology Behind Periscope

Periscope is a deftly crafted platform from various threads of technology. Essentially comprising Wowza Media Systems for streaming, PubNub for the chatroom and Algoria for the search and index options, Periscopes technology stack is ever-evolving as the brand adds more features to its kitty. Smaller platforms like Streamhash parallel Periscope in many ways. For example, Streamhash uses the Wowza Streaming Engine to support its streams, the same technology employed by Periscope, giving users the same superior experience employed by big-ticket streaming services. Plus, with its array of inbuilt features, small business owners can transform their interface quickly and easily, even without prior technical knowledge.

As live streaming sees traction across industries, it is becoming an increasingly necessary centerpiece for many businesses to draw users and generate revenue. Now, make it yours.